Johnny Begoode

Virtualbookworm Publishing, 2003 - 248 pagina's
Johnny Begoode has an idyllic life as an expatriate English teacher in the South of France: a country home, a loving wife and children, financial security. But then news of the death of his mother coincides with the arrival in class of a new student-the beautiful, mysterious and seductive Angelique. These two events constitute a potent emotional cocktail that provokes a mid-life crisis which threatens Johnny's sanity and even his very existence. While Johnny's relationship with the girl is developing and turning sexual, through a series of flashbacks he relives some of the seminal events of his life: early separation axiety, an erotic infatuation with a nun, sexual abuse by a nun and a priest, a turbulant adolescence fueled by alcohol, and an incarceration. His later success in life and his spiritual search now clouded by the threat of a mental breakdown, the novel culminates in a grisly massacre. Or does it? It's up to the reader to decide.

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Over de auteur (2003)

John Long was born in Chicago in 1941 and grew up in the suburbs. He graduated from the University of WisconsinMadison in 1963 and went on to study law at Stanford. In 1972 he moved to France with his wife Mary, and over the next 30 years they reared three children and restored four old houses, including two manors, for which they have won numerous awards. He received his Masters degree from the University of Angers, France, and was awarded a Doctorate in literature with high honors from the Sorbonne in 1981. His specialty is the Beat Generation. He and his family raise sheep on a large domain in the South of France. He is head of the English Department at the Albi campus of the University of Toulouse where he teaches English literature and American civilization.

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