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his blood in the field. It seems to me the tower and its bold projections and pillars. Spirit of God animates the assembly no longer, Surrounded by a strong wall, protected by a and their doings are vain. Many men, many drawbridge, and covered by ramparts and minds. They lack a firm will, of which we other fortifications, it resembled a small forhave need at this juncture. Essex and Fairfax tress, well calculated to withstand even a nuare not the men to achieve our great under- merous force during a protracted siege. Alice taking. The Lord will choose another servant Egerton had lived here for several years by to reveal His will. Whosoever he may be, the side of her husband. After Milton's dehe will take a heavy burden upon his shoulders, parture, the excellent girl had yielded to the a task which only the best are able to accom- persistent suit of the noble and brave Sir plish. But the will of the Lord be done on Robert Carbury, and accompanied bim as his earth as it is in heaven.”

wife to his native country. She had no reason The moon illuminated the form of the pray- to regret the choice she had made, as her husing general. His devotion was soon inter- band was one of the best men she had ever rupted by the arrival of a squad of mounted known, and tried to fulfil her every wish even men headed by old Henderson, whose wound before she had uttered it. Nevertheless, she had been carefully dressed.

was not able to efface the memory of Milton "Behold the instrument of the Lord, the entirely from her heart. There were bours chosen leader of Israel !” exclaimed the fanat- when his dear image appeared to her again ical Puritan, pointing to the kneeling general. and again, although, actuated by a stern sepse

The soldiers greeted their commander re- of duty, she strenuously resisted all such spectfully. He seemed to awake from a pro- temptations. Like many distinguished ladies found dream, and looked around wonderingly, she preserved the ideal of an early love in her as though he had not noticed them before. heart, without thereby violating the faith she

“Go," he said to them, “and do your duty. had plighted to her husband. She loved CarPursue the enemy, and give him no quarter bury only the more, and sought to indemnify wherever you meet him. I shall pray for you him by the most devoted tenderness and selfwhile you are fighting."

denial for these recollections which stole upon her in spite of herself. She had borne to him a son, who drew still closer the ties uniting his

father and mother. To-day she was seated in CHAPTER XX.

the castle-garden, and by her side stood the

cradle in which her little son was slumbering. LADY ALICE CARBURY-THE CASTLE BESIEGED.

A Bible, the constant companion of the truly Amid the mountains of Wales lay a green pious Alice, 'ay open before her; but, while shady valley, through which flowed a limpid she was reading, the eyes of the tender mother rivulet. The whole landscape resembled a wandered from the pages to the rosy babe. large romantic park; a somewhat precipitous A sweet smile played round the lips of the hill was surmounted by an imposing castle, little one, and the mother bent over him, not which evidently dated from the commence- daring to kiss him, for fear of awakening the ment of the Wars of the Roses, but had since child. Her eyes feasted in an ecstasy of debeen greatly extended and improved. It had light on the dear being, and she hearkened retained its original Gothic style, and looked with reverence to the light breathing of the imperiously down from its hills with its high delicate breast which rose and fell with rhyth

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mical regularity. While she was thus enjoy- | happen to us,” replied Carbury evasively, ing this delightful spectacle, she suddenly felt “ but will make all necessary dispositions for two vigorous arms encircling her.

an emergency. When our enemies perceive “Alice, my dear sweet wife," whispered the that we are sufficiently prepared to receive well-known voice of her husband.

them, they will not lose their time by entering She turned and bebeld Carbury, attended by upon a useless siege, by which, at the best, his worthy chaplain. Her husband was in his they can gain little or nothing." travelling-dress, and his face, notwithstanding “And my brother Thomas is to lead the the forced smile illuminating it, wore an almost reënforcements to us? It is a long time since solemn expression.

I have heard any thing of him and the other “You are going away ? " she asked, in sur members of my family." prise.

“He was a long time in the service of the Only for a short time. I trust I shall be queen; but after she left England and escaped back to-morrow. Our worthy doctor will stay to France, he joined the king's army, in which with you in the mean time.”

he has already distinguished himself on more So saying, she pointed to the clergyman, than one occasion." whose gentle and intellectual face could not “How glad I shall be to meet him, even but inspire confidence. Nevertheless, Alice though the cause of his visit is not very cheer. was greatly alarmed by this sudden departure. ing."

“I can certainly,” she said, "wish for no “Never fear, my sweet wife. I hope that better protection, nor more agreeable com- the storm will blow over this time also.” pany, than that afforded to me by Doctor Tay "God grant it!” added the pious and lor's presence; and yet your resolve surprises learned chaplain, with clasped hands. me the more as it is taken at a time when Sir Robert Carbury took the most affectiondangers are menacing us from all quarters. ate leave of his wife, and imprinted a kiss on You know that the army of the Parliament the lips of his slumbering son, who, aroused has invaded Wales, and is stationed only a from his sleep, started up weeping, and few miles from our castle. Your sentiments stretched out his tiny hands toward his mother. and loyalty to the king are generally known.” | Alice quieted the crying babe by singing a

“This is the very cause of my departure. lullaby to it, and soon the small blue eyes, I have been informed that a coup de main is which resembled those of the mother, closed in contemplation against us. The garrison of again. The chaplain accompanied Carbury to our castle is too weak to stand a vigorous and the gate, and then returned to stay with the protracted siege. I therefore applied to the lady of the house. He found her occupied king for reënforcements, and although he him with reading the Bible. After a short time self is hard pressed on all sides, he has prom- she laid the book aside. ised to send me the necessary troops. Your “Is it not strange," she said, “that the own brother is to lead them to me, and I am same book which to me is a source of peace now going to meet them, because their fail- and consolation, should so violently inflame ure to arrive before this time fills me with .so many people ? Catholics and Protestants, uneasiness.”

Independents and Presbyterians, as well as “Then you look for a regular attack on the Episcopal Church, claim the Bible as auour castle ?” asked Alice, anxiously.

thority for their tenets, and fight in its name." "I do not think any thing very serious will “Blessed are the peacemakers,” replied the

chaplain. “True believers may be known by they brought the rents of their holdings, the charity and toleration with which they which Alice received and carefully entered in treat those who differ from them. When a book. Almost all of them complained of Abraham, according to the ancient legend, was hard times, and demanded large or small reseated at the door of his tent to invite, as he ductions in the amounts they owed. Alice was in the habit of doing, weary travellers to granted willingly all she could, and, by her come in, he beheld an old man, who, weighed kindness, increased the number of the friends down by his years and the fatigues of his jour- and faithful adherents of the house, who, if ney, approached wearily. Abraham received need be, were ready to die for their landlord. him kindly, washed his feet, and invited him Toward evening she went, attended by the to sit down and partake of his food. But on chaplain and her faithful maid, to the cottages noticing that the old man prayed neither be of the poor and sick, spreading everywhere fore nor after the meal, he asked him why he consolation and elief, and greeted by the did not worship God in heaven. The old man blessings of those to whom she was an aftold him that he was a fire-worshipper and did fectionate mother. After kissing her babe not recognize any other. God. This reply once more, she took from a private drawer of made Abraham so angry that he drove the old her bureau, which was neatly inlaid with ivory man from his tent and exposed him to the in- and silver, a book, to which she was in the clemency of the night and the dangers of the habit of confiding her most secret thoughts, desert. After the old man was gone, God sentiments, feelings, and adventures. For called Abrabam, and asked him where the years past she had given to herself a strict acstranger was. He replied, “I drove him away count of her doings and ideas; she examined because he did not worship Thee.' But God herself in so doing, and these carefully-presaid to him: 'I bave borne for a hundred served pages were a mirror of her soul. Here years with his neglect, and couldst thou not she had also noted down the sweetest secret, tolerate it a single night, although he did not her first love for Milton. Now she wrote the offend thee in the least ?' Then Abraham following words, which bore witness to her perceived that he had done wrong, hastened purity and amiability: after the old man, begged his pardon, and “September 15th.-My lord set out early took him bumbly back to his tent!”

this morning to make inquiries concerning the “And we will do so, too,” said Alice, rising enemy, who is said to be only fifteen miles from the bench.

from our castle. He hopes to return with my "I know many an excellent man who differs brother and some royal troops. When he left with me so far as religious matters are con me I grieved sorely, and took up the Bible to cerned, and yet I would not hate him for it. console myself. The chapter which I hapHe who seeks for truth shall remain our pened to open caused me to feel in the most friend, even though he should pursue another vivid manner the goodness of God toward Elis path than ours. All the virtuous and good weak and ignorant children. Thank God, no will meet at the goal.”

learning and talents are required to underAlice passed her day, like all others, in stand the Gospel ! I believe that poor simple faithfully discharging her duties. She had to women often entertain better and healthier attend to manifold household cares, and to di- views of life than we with all our knowledge. rect and superintend the labors of a large I rarely see blind old Betty, whose cottage I number of servants. Tenants came and went; I visited again yesterday, without learning a

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