I had no knowledge of him till one night when I had been earnest in prayer to God, to guide me in the way of peace. During my sleep, I dreamt of this same man,

and was directed to him by name, which was Samuel Pierce. The dream made so strong an impression on my mind, that next moroing I inquired if there was such a person in the regiment, and was greatly astonished to find him. I told him my dream, with which he was much pleased. We soon contracted a strong friendship, and he was pleased to explain to me the amazing love of God in giving his son Jesus Christ to bleed and die for mankind; he unfolded to me the mysteries of salvation, the nature of the new birth, and the great necessity of holiness of heart and life; in short, he became my spiritual father, and to him, under God, I owe all the good I am acquainted with. My dear love, I wish thce to become acquainted with this blessed

way of life.

Soon after we landed, God was pleased to speak peace to my soul. Oh! The bliss, the unutterable joy that I then felt, through the blood of the Lamb! How I longed to tell the whole world what Jesus had done for me! But how did I long, yea burn, to have thee, my dear love, to taste and know the love of God in Christ Jesus! I would have given the world to have becn with thee, to have informed thee of the pearl of great price. . My dear love, as we shall nerer meet more in this vale of tears, let me impose this last, this dying obligation upon thee; and, if I was ever dear to thee, let me intreat thee not to neglect the last advice of thy departing husband; which is, that thou may. est give thyself up to God, read the Bible and good books, and frequent the preaching of the people called metho. dists; and the Lord will guide thee in his way. And oh,

endeavor to bring up the dear little ones in the fear of God. Oh, never fix thine heart upon the vain and unsub. stantial things of this world. Heaven and the love of God are the only things that demand our hearts, or are worthy of engrossing them. Thou art yet, young, nor can I wish thee not to enter again into the marriage state, when I am cold and in the dust. But let me give thee some advice; warry with no one however handsome or rich he may be, unless he fears and loves God. That is the only thing need. ful. During the four years we cohabited together, many thiogs occurred which I forbear mentioning; but, as I have obtained pardon of God, my awful judge, for all I have done, I most humbly bey of thee, that thou wilt pardon me wherein soever I have offended thee; and I most heartily acquit thee of any thing thou hast done to disoblige me. I have been a worthless husband to thee, and an undati. ful son to my parents, and a vile rebel against my God. O God, be merciful to me a sinner! I die in peace with all the world. I die in a full assurance of eternal glory. A few moments, and my soul shall be ranged amongst the disembodied spirits in the general assembly of the church of the firstborn, who are written in heaven. Oh, my love; I beg of thee, I beseech thee, I charge thee, to meet me in the realms of glory! Oh, fly to the arms of the once bleeding Jesus! Oh, cry to him, day and night, and he will bear and bless thee!

And you, my dear infants, though you have not the perfect knowledge of your worthless father, I beg you to pray to meet me in the realms of bliss. The God who blessed Jacob and Joseph will bless you. Seek him,

and he will be found of you; call upon him, and he will hear and bless you. What is the world but sin and sorrow.

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The rich are oppressed with their wealth; the poor are groaning for the want of that which others are burdened with. The men of power are afflicted with holding the reins, and guiding the helm; the governed are oppressed with real or imaginary evils. The life of a soldier is blood and cruelty; that of sailor dangers and death. A city life is full of confusion and strife; a country life is loaded with toil and labor But the greatest of all evils flows from our own'sinful nature. Wherever we are, we may be happy; we carry the key of bliss in our breast. The world itself never yet made any one happy. God alone is the bliss of a reasonable soul; and he is every where present, and we have every where free access to him. Learn, then, my dear children, when you grow up, to seek for permanent happiness in God, through a crucified Redeemer.

My dear love, shonld the spirits of the departed have any knowledge of things here below, and at the same time any intercourse with them, though unseen, how shall I rejoice to be thy guardian angel, to attend thee, and smile to see thee combat sin, conquer the world, and subdue the flesh; but if not, how shall I smile to meet thee on the bright frontiers of heaven. These hands shall weave for thee, with joy, thy triumphant crown. I first will hail thee to thy native mansions. I first will guide thy conquering feet to the celestial city, and introduce thee to the jubilant throng who tread the streets of the New Jerusalem. I first will lead thee to the sacred throne of our God, where we will together bow, transported, at the sublime seat of the ever adorable Jesus. Then, then will we strike our melodious harps of gold, in te most

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exalted strains of harmony and love. Then shall our lose be consummated, refined, and eternalized.

The world recedes, it disappears;
Heaven opens on my eyes; my ears,

With sounds seraphic, ring:
Lend, lend your wings; I mount, I fly!
O grave, where is thy victory?

O death, where is thy sting?

Dear love, more would I say, but life ebbs out apace. My senses cease to perform their office. Bright angels stand around the gory turf on which I lie, ready to es. sort me to the arms of my Jesus. Bending saints reveal my shining crown, and beckon me away. Yea, methinks, my Jesus bids me come. Adieu! Adieu! Adieu, dear love.



The law sheweth us our sin; the gospel sheweth us our remedy. The law sheweth us our condemnation; the gos. pel our redemption.

The law is the word of anger; the gospel is the word of grace. The law is the word of despair; the gospel is the word of comfort. The law is the word of heari. hess; the gospel is the word of peace.

The law saith, “Pay thy debt;" the gospel saith, "Christ hath paid it.” The law saith, “Thou art a sin. ner, and shall be damned;" the gospel saith, "Thy sins are forgiven thee; be of good comfort.” The law saith, “God the Father of heaven is angry with thee;" the gospel saith, “Cbrist hath pacified him with his blood.” The


law saith, “ Where is thy righteousness?The gospel saith, "Christ is thy righteousness.” The law saith, “Thou art bound to me, to satan, and to hell;” the gospel saith,

Christ hath delivered thee from them all."

In order that you may enjoy the comfort of this sweet gospel, pray for evangelical faith and repentance; and if you eat the honey and milk of the gospel from day to day, the world's Mayflowers cannot run away with your heart. "To them that believe he is precious.”


The Rev. Mr D. when asked on his death bed, how he found himself, answered, "I have taken my good deeds, and bad deeds, and thrown them together in a heap, and fled from both to Christ, and in him I have peace.”



" Tell me my soul, can this be death?"

I ask when thus a saint can die;
Would I, like him, resign my breath?
Like him, to Jesus I would fly.

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