The Midland readers and home lesson books, Boek 1


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Pagina 23 - ... all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and all play and no work makes it impossible for Jack to get on.
Pagina 58 - I am glad to see you : it is a long time since we met. If you like we will keep to-geth-er in search of a break-fast" With all my heart,
Pagina 7 - LARK, lark, sing-ing so high, Lost in the sun, up, up in the sky, You I can hear, but you I can't see ; Lark, lark, where can you be ? Ah ! now I see you, hap-py up there, Right in the white clouds, up in the air. Lark, lark, why, oh, now why...
Pagina 34 - But God is just, and what He does is for the best.

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