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Austerlitz, ib. His return to and reAbbas, the Great, of Persia, 346.

ception at Moscow, ib. Adelgitha, a tragedy, reviewed, 104. Baku, city of, and place of fire, 275. Advertisement for a wife, 131.

Barrow and lord Rochester, anecdote of, Africans, character of, 330.

353. Agriculture, communication to the board Banneker, Benjamin, death of, 138. of-see Sheep Merino.

Barrington, Sir Jonah, anecdote of, 132. Agricultural Society of Philadelphia, me Bay of Bengal, water spouts in, 2.

moirs of, reviewed, 253. Society form Beau Nasty, ridiculed by Cook, 416.
ed 1785, 254. Merino Sheep, ib. Ac Bees, natural history of-see Huber.
count of butter from a dairy of 20 cows, Bencoolen, unhealthy climate of, 4. Cure
255. Manures, 256. Compost heap, 257. of fevers by repeated effusions of cold
Diseases of wheat, ib. Live fences,

water, ib. 258. Statistical account of the Schuyl. Bottineau, Mons. account of his art of kill permanent bridge, 259. Outlines of discovering ships at a great distance, a plan for forming the society, 259. 410. Alligator, etymology of, 110.

Bridge, Schuylkill permanent, 259. Alphabetical sounds, plan for recording, Brotherton, John, death of, 138. 57.

Buchanan's, Francis, journey from MaArmy, the French, how numerous, 386, dras, through Mysore, Canano and Ma

labar, reviewed. Character of the work, Ann of Russia, anecdote of, 153.

81,82. Establishment of the Christian re. Anecdotes, 131, 207, 352, 424.

ligion in India, 83. Tippoo Saib's palace Animals, Dr. Gall's method of ascertaining and military character, 83, 84. Account the dispositions of, 274.

of the pepper trade, 84. Objects of the Ancient Times, a drama, reviewed, 185. journey, 85. Account of the Brahmans, Antiochus, the Great, death of, 177.

86, 87. Division of produce in HindooArcheus, the genius of the stomach, ac stan, 87. Account of the Niadis, 89. count of, 224.

Of Garuda-giri, 145. Of the Goalas, ib. Ash mountain, bearing pears, 432.

Of the elephant, 147. Of the cochineal,

148. Pepper plant, 149. Betel leaf, ib. B

Rice, 150 Palm, ib. Bagration, Prince Peter Ivonitch, memoirs Buffon, anecdote of, 354. of

, 60. His early education, 61. Makes Burns, his Tam O'Shanter, 347. An oriSuworoff his model, ib. Enrolled under ginal song by, 351. his command, ib., Accompanies him to Bender, Belgrade, Ismael, Warsaw and

с Italy, 62, 63. To Switzerland, 66. Ap. Calder, sir Robert, treated with great lipointed general, 63. Campaign in Italy, berality by lord Nelson, 406. ib. In Switzerland, 66. Returns to St. Calomel, new process of producing, 355. Petersburgh,67. Affected by Suworoff's Carter, Mrs. Elizabeth, memoirs of, reviewdeath, 68. Retires to Moscow, ib. Ac ed, 91. Her restraint upon Punch at a companies the emperour Alexander to puppet-show, ib. Her excursion to Spa




and Holland, 92. Attachment to her Deaf and dumb, institution of, at Vienna, country, 94, 95. Her opinion of Hume, 122. 95. Account of her life, studies and Deaths-Col. Pollen, 137. John Brother. attachments, 97, 98.

ton, 138. Benjamin Banneker, ib. Mi Cannay, magnetick mountain of, 431. riam Gratz, 210. Thomas Percy, ib. Catterpillars, how to destroy, 432.

Lord viscount Royston, ib. William Chapone, Mrs. memoirs of, reviewed, 159. Cloyd, ib. Henry Wilson, 212. John

Her studies, ib. Attachment to Richard Rice, ib. son, ib. Marriage, 160. Account of her Dhuboy, a Hindoo city, 53. Sketch of life and and studies, ib. Letter to Mrs. it, ib. Origin of it, 54. ('arter, ib. Interview with the abbé de Dog, remarkable sagacity of, 284.

Raynal, 162. Letter to Richardson, 163. Donat, Mrs. and Mrs. Hepburn, their Charles I. anecdote of, 133. Executed by new practice of cookery, 220. gir George Stair, 410.

Douce, Francis, his illustrations of Shak. Chinese method of propagating fruit trees, speare, reviewed, 105, remarks upon 433.

former commentators, 106. Clarkson's history of the abolition of Dreams, the theory of, reviewed, 341.

the slave trade, reviewed, 315. Causes Dresden, an account of, 363. which led him to oppose it, 322. His Dry rot in buildings, 156. perseverance and zeal, 324. His journey Dryden and Tonson, anecdote of, 132. to France, 327. His loss of health, 328. Duel, a metaphysical, 193. His success, 329.

Dumourier, anecdote of, and lord Nelson, Clock, a water, constructed by sir Isaac 405.

Newton, 425. Congreve, verses by, 354. Conscription, French code of, reviewed, Education, Lancaster's plan of—see Lax

Earthquake off Lisbon, 11. 369. Character of it, 370. Analysis of it, 371. First published, ib. Substitu- Elizabeth, or the Exiles of Siberia, re. tion rarely permitted, 373. Immoderate rigour in the execution, 374, note.

viewed, 289. Siberian scenery, 290.

Character of women, 291. Story of, Punishment for violating the law of

294. Moral of, 297. conscription, 375. Informers, 375. Compared with British impressment, 377.

Epigrams, 430. Consternation occasioned by a new levy,

F 378. Festivals to divert the publick, Farrier, the complete, reviewed, 365. Ad. 380. Activity of the soldiery, 382. vice and directions with respect to the Origin of the marshals of the empire, purchase of a horse, 366. 384. Character of the generals, 385. Fielding, Henry, anecdote of, 135.

Number of French troops, 386, note. Fir built ships, 356. Cook, the performer, anecdotes of, 415. Fire, place of, near Baku, 276. Used by Cookery, new practice of, and'Famulatrix the inhabitants for domestick purposes,

Culina Medecinæ, reviewed, 220. Lu 277. dicrous comparison of the two works, Fools and their wit, 346. 221. Errata, 223. Chymical process of Foote, anecdotes of, 131. cookery, 221. Archeus, the genius of Fox, Charles James, opposes the slave the stomach, 224.

trade, 323 Coronation of Napoleon, a picture by Franklin,Dr. letterfrom, to lord Kames, 167. David, 418.

Fruit trees, rapid cultivation of, 433. Cottin, Madame, author of Elizabeth, or the Exiles of Siberia, 289.

G Cow-dung, used for fuel by the Hindoos, Gall's theory to ascertain the disposition 89.

of animals by the external conformation Courtship, Lapland, account of, 129. Spe. of their heads, 274. cimen of, at Madras, 130.

Galvanism, its effects on vegetation, 206. Cowper, poetry by, 70.

Gaming, lord Nelson vindicated against Cromwell, Oliver, anecdotes of, 309. His the charge of, 402. government, 310.

Garnerin's nocturnal aërial ascensions, 124. Crouzas, madame, and Gibbon, anecdote Garrick, anecdote of, 208. of, 428.

Germain, lord George, anecdote of, 353. Curran, anecdote of, 428.

Gillies's history of the world, reviewed, Czar, Peter, of Russia, anecdote of, 151. 169. Battle of Sellacia, 176. Death of

Antiochus, the Great, 177. Macedonia, D

181. State of its armies, ib. Society, David's grand picture, 418

182. Political vigour, 183.

Made go

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Gibbon, anecdote of, 428.

swarm led by the old queen, 237. Young Glasses, how to restore the lustre of, 432. queens conducting the swarms leave Glazing for Pottery, 357.

the hive in a virgin state, 237. Instinct Gordon, George, poetry by, 209.

of bees, 238. Effects of mutilating the Grant's, Mrs. letters from the Mountains, bodies of queens, ib. On the economireviewed, 217.

cal treatment of bees, 238, 239. The Grant, Mr. account of his death, 219.

author blind, 239. Gravity, the law of, explained by Le Sage, Hutchinson, colonel, memoirs of, review. on the principle of impulse, 247.

ed, 299. Character of landed proprie. Gretna Green, marriage manufactory at, tors in England, ib. Of women, 301.

116. Language, ib. The priest, 117. Character of Mrs. Hutchinson, ib. His fees, ib. De officiis et beneficiis, His courtship of her, 304. Changes

&c. 118. Of certain prejudices, &c. 119. which took place on the accession of Grotto, a new: mephitick, discovery of, James and Charles, 306. Burghers and 284.

private gentlemen of Nottingham, 307.

Oliver Cromwell, 309. Marriage of H

colonel Hutchinson, 306. Hamilton, lady, instigated lord Nelson to vernour of the castle at Nottingham, take the command of the expedition 312. Member of parliament, 313. His off Trafalgar, 405.

speech there, ib. Pardoned, 314. Com. Harriott's struggles through life,reviewed, mitted to the tower, ib. His death, ib.

1. His adventures at New York, ib. Hutchinson, Mrs. her memoirs of colonel
In India, 2, 12. At Acheen, 3. In En. Hutchinson, reviewed, 299.
gland, 4. Originates the Thames po- Hutchinson, Rev. Julius, editor of the me.
lice, 9.

moirs of colonel Hutchinson, 299. Harrison's life of lord Nelson, reviewed, Hydrocephalus, 158. Cure of it, 158.

399. See Nelson. Henley, orator, anecdote of, 207.

I Hebpurn, Mrs. and Mrs. Donat's new sys. Ida of Athens, reviewed, 394. tem of cookery, reviewed, 220.

Ignotus's Culina Famulatrix Medicinæ, re. Hodgdon, John, poetry by, 209.

viewed, 220. Holt, lord chief justice, anecdote of, 134. Impressment, British, compared with Home, Henry, lord Kames, memoirs of French conscription, 377.

and early studies, reviewed, 164. His Indian customs, remarks on, 82.
correspondence with Baxter, ib. Con- Infidelity, not the result of admiration of
troversy with Dr. Clark, ib. Called to heathen philosophers, 95.
the bar, ib. His publications, 165, 166. Instinct of sheep, 195.
domestick life, 165. Appointed a judge Intelligence, philosophical and economi.
of the court of sessions, 166. Letter cal, 216, 355, 430.
to him from Dr. Franklin, 167.

His Iron, extracted from the eye by a magnet, death, 169.

431. Horse, directions for the purchase of a,

J 366.

Jervis, sir John, his private letter respect: Horse racing in Italy, 347.

ing the battle off St. Vincent's, 403. Huber's natural history of bees, review. Johnson, Dr. anecdote of, 354. His cha

ed, 225. Queen bee, office of, 226. Im. racter of Robert Levett, 414.
pregnation of the queen, opinions on Jones's, sir William, translation of a Per-
the subject, 227, 228. Huber's proof sian ode, 430.
that it takes place in the upper regions
of the air, 228. Singular consequences

of retarding the impregnation, 228, 229. Kotzbue's Leontine de Blondheim re-
Working bees not neuter, but female, viewed, 397.
230. Queens formed from the larvæ of
workers, 230. Mode of accomplishing

L it, 231. Common working bees capable Lamb, Honourable G. comick opera by, of laying eggs, 232. Rendered fertile

185. by partaking of the food intended for Lancaster, Joseph, his plan of education, the queen, 233. Combats of queens, reviewed. The method of, 73. Number of ib. Conduct of the workers upon per pupils, 74. Prizes, the reward of merit, ceiving two queens in a hive, 234. Upon 75. Monitors, their number and employ. the loss of their queen, ib. Massacre ment, 75. Cheapness of his system, 76. of drones, 235. Formation of swarms, Rapidity of teaching, 77. Benefits of 236. Led by a single queen, ib. First education to the poor, 78, 79,

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Lapland manners and courtship, 127. Of Alexandria, ib. Return to England, Leontine de Blondheim, by Kotzbue, re 344. Commands the Kentish district, viewed, 397.

ib. Goes to Sweden, ib. Goes to Spain, Le Sage, life of, reviewed, 241. Defec ib. Commander in chief, ib. His retreat,

tive memory, ib. His experiment to 345. His death at Corunna, ib. ascertain whether the Author of Nature Mordaunt, lieutenant colonel John, me. rests upon the Sabbath, 242. Devotes moirs of, 186. His early life ib. Goes himself to the study of mathematicks, to India, 188. Appointed aid-de-camp and Philosophy, 242, 3. Account of his to Azoph ui Dowlah, 189. Anecdotes ' writings, 245. His death, and a sketch of of, 190, 1. Skill at cards 191. Me. his intellectual character, 246. His in taphysical duel, 193. His death, 195. genious system to explain the law of Morland George, life of, reviewed, 40. gravity by the principle of impulse, His education, ib. His extravagan. 247, 8. Objections to it, 249. Teleo cies, 41. 43. Copies Dutch and Fle.

logy, or system of final causes, 251. mish artists, 42. Goes to France, 43. Lessons for young persons, reviewed, 407. Demand for his pictures, ib. Anecdote Letters from the Mountains, reviewed, 217. of, 44. His habits and irregularities,

Account of the death of Mac Pherson, 45. His mode of painting, 45. 46.
218. Of Mr. Grant's death, 219. A Mountain, magnetick, 431.
poem written at Bristol, ib.

Mountain Ash bearing pears, 432. Levett Robert, memoir of, 413. Dr. John- Munnich, Count de, memoirs of, reviewed, son's character of, 414.

151. Intrusted with the direction of the Lewis, M. G. his Adelgitha, 104. His Ladoga Canal, 152. Effects a revolution

Venoni, or Novice of St. Mark, 419. in Russia, 153. Exiled to Siberia, 155.
His pair of dungeons, 421.

Employment there, ib. Recalled, ib.
Lisbon, earthquake off, 11.

Devoted to Peter III. ib. Acquiesces Literary intelligence, 71, 138, 212, 286, in the authority of Catharine, 156. His 357, 433

death, ib.
Lord Mayor of London, donation from,


Nanscopy, account of, 410.
Macedonia, its armies, 181. State of so Nelson, lord, the Life of, by Harrison,
ciety, 182. Political vigour, 183.

reviewed, 399. His disposition and MʻPherson's death, account of, 213.

character, ib. Hatred of the French, Madras, review of Buchanan's journey 400. Liberality, 400. Political discernfrom, 81.

Specimen of court ment, 401. Domestick character faulty, ship at, 130.

402. His adopted daughter, ib. InnoMagnet, singular application of, 431. cent of the charge of gaming, ib. His Malays, a ferocious people, 3. Their conduct in the battle off St. Vincents, punishment, ib.

403. Letter from the mouth of the Manneis, Lapland, account of, 127. Nile, ib. Inscribed his name in a pa. Marmion, reviewed, 13. 37. Story of, 15. rochial bible, 404. Singular interview

38. Objections to it, 18. Improbability with a wine merchant at Ilamburgh, ib. of its incidents, 19. Characters of it Treatment of Dumourier, 405, Inter: worthless, 20. Discrepancy between view with major Semple, the noted the title and substance of it, 21. Ex swindler, ib. Persuaded by lady Hatracts from, 32 to 39. Poetical beauties milton to take the command of the es of it 33. Poetical defects, ib.

pedition which terminated in the battle Marshals of the empire of France, account of Trafalgar and his own death, ib. of their origin, 38-4--Noie.

His liberality to sir Robert Calder, 406. Memory, uncommon strength of Dr. Por Presentiment of his death, 406. son's, 268.

Newton, Sir Isaac, anecdotes of, 424. His Mirror dramatick, reviewed, 263.

wind-mill, ib. Water clock 425. Ha. Moore, Sir John, memoirs of, 312. Born hits at school, ib. Kites, lanterns, and

at Glasgow, ib. Accompanies his father sun-dials, ib. His drawings, 436. His on a tour through Europe, ib. Enters dislike tó and neglect of agricultural the army, ib. Rapid promotion, ib. At business, 426, 7. the evacuation of Tulon, ib. At the Newtonian theory of gravitation opposed capture of Coisica, ib. Goes to the by Le Sage, 247 et seq. West Indies, 343. Goes into parlia Niadis, an outcast tribe in Malabar, 89. ment, ib. Campaign in Holland, ib. Nocturnal aèrial ascension by Garnerin, Goes to Jaffa, ib. To Egypt, ib. Bat 124. tle of Aboukir, ib. Sicge of Cairo, ib. Nosegay, a poem, 429.


Q Oil, mountain, near Baku, 275.

Quail-fighting, account of, 109. Ornithology, Wilson's American, review. Queen Hoo-Hall, a romance, 185.

ed, 48. Blue jay, 50. Baltimore bird, 51. Wood thrush, ib. Robin, 52.

R Woodpecker, 52. Blue bird, 110. Or- Raphael, a painting by, discovered, 427. chard oriole, 111. The great American Raynal, abbé de, sketch of, 162. shrike, or butcher bird, 111. The wren, Religion, Christian, establishment of in 112. Woodpeckers, 114.

India, 82 Osborn's method of proving swords, -71.

and Morality, the duties of, reOtaheite, letters from the king of, 417. viewed, 261. Owenson, Miss, her Woman, or Ida of Rhodolph, emperour of Germany, anec

Athens reviewed, 394. Rapidity of her dote of, 352. composition, 396.

Rifle-shooting by the Swiss, 273. Ode of Jami, in the Persian form and Rifle-corps of France, account of the, 278. measure, 430.

Ryeland Sheep crossed with the Merino,

392. P Parry C. H. his essay on Merino sheep

S reviewed, 387.

Sabbath, not a day of rest to the Author Paley's Sermons reviewed, 47.

of nature, or a curious experiment by Paris, state of during the levy of the con Le Sage, 242 scripts of 1807, 379.

Salt mines of Saltzburgh, described, 363. Pasley, the priest of Gretna Green, ac School for Authors, a new drama, 422.

count of, 117. His ability in drinking, Scripture, investigation of certain pas118.

sages of, 198, 279. Peters Richard, his outlines of a plan Sellacia, battle of, 176.

for establishing the Philadelphia Agri. Semple, major, the noted swindler, recultural Society, 259.

lieved by lord Nelson, 405. Pigeons, remarkable instinct of, 278. Shakspeare, Douce's illustrations of, 105. Picture of the coronation of Napoleon, Sheep, diseases of, 159. Instinct of, 195. by David, 418.

Sheep Merino, an essay on the nature of, Pitt, William opposes the slave trade, produce, &c. reviewed, 387. Quantity 323.

of Spanish wool imported into England, Platina, its superiority for making the ib. Description of the Merino sheep, pendulum spring of watches, 355.

388. Spanish mode of treating the Poetry, 70, 136, 20, 285, 354, 429. flocks, 389. Different kinds of wool, Poland, travels through by a Livonian, re. 390. Origin of the breed, 391. Breed

viewed, 361. Account of a noble fa improved in France, 392. Mixture of mily of Warsaw, 361. Account of Dres the Merino with the English Ryeland, den, 363. Description of the salt mines 392. of Saltzburgh, 363.

Sheridan, anecdote nf, 354. Pomare, king of Otaheite, letters from, Ships, built of fir, 356. 417.

the art of discovering at a great Pombal, Marquis de, Memoirs of, 201. distance, 410.

His studies, ib. Sent on secret Simile for reviewers, a poem by Sterne, mission to Vienna, ib. Appointed se 429. cretary of foreign affairs, ib. His pow Skarlotz, anecdote of, 352. er and influence, ib. His avarice and Slave trade, history of the abolition of the, wealth, 203. His disgrace and retire reviewed, 315. Character of, 315, et ment, 205. Death and character, ib. seq. Abolitionists, 320. Character of Pollock’s patent stove, description of, the work, 332. 123.

Smith, Charlotte, a poem by, 137. PoetPollen, Colonel death of, 138

ry by, 285.
Porson, Memoirs of, 264. Progress in Soap, manufacture of, 357.

learning, 265. Elected Greek profes- Sporting Tour, reviewed, 99.
sor at Cambridge, 266. Marriage, ib. Stair, lord, singular account of, 408.
Uncommon memory, 268. Method of Steel, remarkable property of, 357.

acquiring it, 26'), Anecdote of, 353. Steele, sir Richard, anecdote of, 133. Pretender the, anecdote of, 132.

Steevens, George, his memoir of Robert Pully M. discovered a new mephitick Levett the inmate of Dr. Johnson, 413. grotto near Naples, 284.

Stings cured by salt, 432.


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