A Memoir of Charles Louis Sand: Including a Narrative of the Circumstances Attending the Death of Augustus Von Kotzebue ; Also, A Defence of the German Universities

G. & W.B. Whittaker, 1819 - 92 pagina's
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Pagina xxii - Between the acting of a dreadful thing And the first motion, all the interim is Like a phantasma, or a hideous dream : The genius, and the mortal instruments, Are then in council; and the state of man, Like to a little kingdom, suffers then The nature of an insurrection.
Pagina xl - ... power in such hands, it is doubly bound in common sense, and for common safety, so to conduct itself that the people may not find an interest in public confusions. They will always suffer much and long before they are effectually roused ; nothing, therefore, can kindle the flame but such oppressions of some classes or order in the society as give able men the opportunity...
Pagina 7 - Konigsberg; and afterwards, in 1816, by connecting him with the department of foreign affairs, as counsellor of state. In 1817, he received a commission to go to Germany, in order to send reports directly to the Emperor Alexander on the state of literature and public opinion in Germany. He settled for this purpose at Weimar, where he published, at the same time, a Literary Journal, in which he constituted himself judge of all...
Pagina xxvii - ... to require some discretion in its application to actual conduct. A Timoleon, a Scaevola, a Brutus, if they teach any thing, teach that an invasion of public liberty is a private wrong, which every individual is called upon by the noblest principles of his nature to redress by his own right hand ; and, lest the example of the patriot should be thought too weak for the encouragement of such virtue, the precepts of the sage and of the lawgiver add fresh incitement to the aspiring student.
Pagina 48 - Un gouvernement ne saurait prétendre à dérober à une grande nation la connaissance de l'esprit qui règne dans son siècle; cet esprit renferme des éléments de force et de grandeur , dont on peut user avec succès quand on ne craint pas d'aborder hardiment toutes les questions : on trouve alors dans les vérités éternelles des ressources contre les erreurs passagères, et dans la liberté même le maintien de l'ordre et l'accroissement de la puissance.
Pagina xl - They will always suffer much and long, before they are effectually roused ; nothing, therefore, can kindle the flame, but such oppressions of some classes or order in the society, as give able men the opportunity of seconding the general mass ; discontent will soon diffuse itself around ; and if the government take not warning in time, it is alone answerable for all the burnings, and plunderings, and devastation, and blood that follow.
Pagina vii - has observed the extraordinary sen sation created by the fate of M. Kotzebue, and has been very forcibly struck by the great degree of involuntary sympathy every where so eagerly manifested in favour of the perpetrator Sand, whose portrait he frequently saw exhibited in frames containing those of the most distinguished German patriots.
Pagina 3 - Such was the modesty of his demeanour, and mildness of his disposition, from his earliest years, that the friends of the family, and the teachers under whom he was placed, almost equalled his parents in the warmth of their affection for him. His person was engaging, his manners agreeable, and the uniform propriety of his conduct in the highest degree examplary. His remarkable docility, and the eager thirst for knowledge with which he was inspired, produced in him a frame of mind, most happily adapted...
Pagina xi - To this passage there is subjoined the note which follows. " For an account of the circumstances attending the return of Napoleon, see the Last Reign by Mr. Hobhouse, the only work that has any pretensions to historical accuracy, relative to that extraordinary period, which posterity will doubtless regard as one of the most important epochs in modern history ; so that the able and enlightened author has conferred a favour on future times, and acquired no inconsiderable degree of literary celebrity...
Pagina 13 - This extraordinary young man was thus led on from one reflection to another, until his enthusiastic imagination led him to suppose, that the sacrifice of a mercenary journalist would contribute to the liberation of the whole German people from oppression. To such a pitch of impetuous energy was he carried on some occasions, that Sand would often conclude a long comment on the dangerous...

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