- This travesty having been originally undertaken with an idea to its representation on the stage, it will be perceived that stage-effect is sometimes considered : as in the opening of the piece amidst the magnificence of the palace, in preference to the stillness of the platform; and in the substitution of a pugilistic trial of skill, in the last scene, for the more elegant exercise of the rapier.

: With respect to the annotations; particular allusions are sometimes made, but, in general, nothing more is intended than an imitation of the general style, manner, and character, of the commentators; and an attempt to produce the ludicrous by the application of the pride and affectation of critical sagacity, and the violence of controversial asperity, to subjects light, trifling, and insignificant.

With no other view, in the publication of this trifle, than to afford an hour's amusement, the author solicits for it an exemption from severe and minute criticism ; and, trusting to an indulgent and liberal reception of his work, he respectfully submits it to the public.


THE former Edition of this Work having been

very generally approved, I have endeavoured, by

a careful revision, to render the present Edition no

less deserving of the public approbation.

In the

subject, I have made such alterations as I conceived

would tend to the general improvement of the piece;

and the numerous additions which I have made to the

Annotations, will not, I hope, deprive this portion

of the work of the favour with which it has hitherto

been honoured.

The Annotations having been very currently

attributed to one of our most esteemed dramatists,

I feel it incumbent upon me, in justice to the gentleman alluded to, to declare, that I am alone responsible for all their defects.

J. P.

London, January 8th, 1811.




Quantum mutatus ab illo.


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