[blocks in formation]


Aye, my Lord; You've back'd the worser man tho', on my word.

I'm not afraid; I'm sure you'll not fight shy;
If you don't win, I know at least you'll try.

Laertes. These gloves are much too tight-another pair

Hamlet. Mine fit.--Are his as soft as mine?


All's fair.

King. If i'th' two first rounds Hamlet hit most blows, Or 'scape the third without a bloody nose, Let all the guns we've got make the discovery ;-The King shall drink to Hamlet's quick recovery: And in the beer this nutmeg shall he pound, The largest that in Denmark could be found.Give me the mug: now drum a loud tattoo; The drum shall tell the trumpet what to do; The trumpet's tantarara, post, (1) shall set off, And tell the cannoneer the guns to let off; The cannoneer shall fire 'em, and then--stopI think I've said enough-I'll drink a drop.

Here's Hamlet's health! (Drums, trumpets, and cannon)

Come, now begin the bout;
And you, the judges, keep a sharp look-out.

[blocks in formation]

A hit or not,'t has alınost knock'd him down. .

[Drums, trumpets, and cannon.

Give me the beer: this nutmeg is for you.

[Puts poison into the drink. Hamlet, your health (pretends to drink). You'd better

drink some too.

Let's have this round; when I want drink I'll ask it.

[ocr errors]

. (They spar again.)

Egad, I had him there in the bread-basket (m).


Hamlet, your health! Cdrinks.) Ha! this is famous


[blocks in formation]

I'll nab him ;-but it goes against my conscience.


Hamlet. Laertes, you're afraid to hit.


Pooh! nonsense.

They spar againin the scuffle, they exchange gloves

Hamlet knocks Laertes down.--The Queen swoons.

Look to the Queen. (To Laertes) How is't, my lord ?


- l'ın dish'd (n); I'm caught as neatly as I could have wish'd.

F 2

[blocks in formation]


To see your bloody noses,
Her stomach-royal slightly indisposes.

No, no; I'm poison'd: your damn'd uncle, here,
Has mix'd a deadly poison with the beer.-
'Tis now too late-I've had a precious swig-
If I'm not a dead woman-dash my wig (o).


O, treachery! I'll smoke it, on my oath.

O, Hamlet! 'tis all dickey with us both (p)!
I promis'd to die game; but I'll expose
That dirty scamp; for you am I a Nose (9):
You've done my business by a blow, 'tis true;
But I-Oh! I have done the same for you.
You're mother's poison'd;-dying, here I lie-
The King's to blame-

Die, damn'd old murd'rer, die.

[Kills the King.

Laertes. You've serv'd him right. Hamlet, let's square accounts Tho' there's some little diff'rence in amounts

Mine, and my father's death, 'gainst your's be rec

kon'd- Now then, I'm off.

[Dies. Hamlet.

I'll follow in a second.
You that look pale, and quiver, quirk, and quake,
And scarce know what of this sad scene to make
0, I could tell—for there's a great deal in it
I'm dead,~(r) at least, I shall be in a minute
But promise me, before I wish good night,
Horatio, that you'll tell my story right.

No, I'll die too-here's poison in the cup-
I'll play the Roman, and I'll drink it up.

Give me the cup; you shall not have a drop-
For here you must a little longer stop.
If e'er you loved me-live-my tale to tell
And then I care not if you go-to h-11.-
That last cross-buttock dish'd me-Oh!- can't get

onHere goes, Horatio,—(8) going (s) going (s): gone.

[Dies.. Horatio. Well, here's a noble fellow gone to pot! This altogether's been a pretty plor!

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