Review of Long-term World Oil Outlook: Petroleum Product Imports : and Energy-related Tax Reform Proposals : Hearings Before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Government Operations, House of Representatives, Ninety-ninth Congress, First Session, April 1 and 2, 1985, Volume 4


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Page 561 - This option applies to all expenditures made by an operator for wages, fuel, repairs, hauling, supplies, etc., incident to and necessary for the drilling of wells and the preparation of wells for the production of oil or gas.
Page 591 - Council is a federation of 44 state and regional trade associations representing thousands of independent small business petroleum marketers. Members include gasoline and diesel fuel wholesalers, commissioned distributors of gasoline, gasoline reseller-retailers and a large number of retail fuel oil dealers. Members also wholesale or retail many other petroleum products, including kerosene, LI* gas, aviation fuels and motor oils as well as residual fuel oil.
Page 477 - Without import controls the domestic wellhead price would fall from $3.30 per barrel to about $2.00, which would correspond to the world price. Although we cannot exclude the possibility, we do not predict a substantial price rise in world oil markets over the coming decade.
Page 360 - In the past there has been a tendency to deal with politically difficult problems of this nature only in a crisis. Unfortunately, our Country's Inability to address and resolve such problems in advance of a crisis cost the US economy in the 1970's billions of dollars in addition to a loss of policy flexibility and significant additional costs in the areas of both foreign policy and defense. In the absence of any indication of a policy shift by the US Government, it is reasonable to anticipate that...
Page 486 - I an economist with the Congressional Research Service of the Library of Congress. I would like to thank you for the invitation to appear before you today to discuss...
Page 578 - ... and production of crude oil and natural gas in the United States, and would eliminate the percentage depletion allowance, an important source of cash flow for many independent producers.
Page 599 - Marketers Association Colorado Petroleum Marketers Association Independent Connecticut Petroleum Association Florida Petroleum Marketers Association Georgia Oilmen's Association Idaho Oil Marketers Association Illinois Petroleum Marketers Association...
Page 350 - I would be glad to respond to any questions the committee may have. [The prepared statement of Mr.
Page 517 - IMPACT ON THE NATIONAL ECONOMY OF REPEALING THE EXPENSING OF INTANGIBLE DRILLING COSTS Introduction This study examines the impact on the United States' economy of repealing the expensing of intangible drilling costs. Under current tax law, intangible drilling costs (IDC's) are defined as expenditures that in themselves do not have salvage value and are incident to and necessary for the drilling of wells and the preparation of wells for the production of oil and natural gas. Examples of intangible...

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