Coleridge and the Armoury of the Human Mind: Essays on his Prose Writings

Peter J. Kitson, Thomas N. Corns
Routledge, 17 jun. 2016 - 128 pagina's

First published in 1991, this book collects a broad array of path-finding scholarship by specialists in Coleridge and Romantic literature on the subject of his prose. They range from broad appraisals of Coleridge’s own critical practises; demonstrations of the fecundity of his autobiography, the Biographia Literaria, for contemporaries; the effect of Milton and the radical polemicists of the English Civil War on Coleridge’s early political and religious dissent; and the influence of the Hebrew prophetic tradition in his move away from the conjectural millenarianism of his youth towards the interpretation of Prophecy and a symbolic narrative.


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Notes on Contributors
Coleridge as Critic
Coleridges Notebook Scribblings
The Ideology
Coleridge Kabbalah and the Book of Daniel
De Quinceys
Autobiography Idealism

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