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As the following Discourses were never intended by their lamented Author for publication, some of them will be found to be in a state more incomplete than might be wished, but it was still thought desirable to present them to the Public under these disadvantages, rather than to make


alterations in them. The correction of them, therefore, has been confined to mere verbal inaccuracies. Those of them, which are most unfinished (as having been composed amidst the incessant calls of parochial duties, and the active superintendance of some of the

most leading benevolent institutions in the metropolis and its vicinity) seem calculated to excite in the hearts of his readers, that ardent and lively affection to the Gospel of Christ, which so eminently distinguished his life and labours. Though very few of his cotemporaries attained to greater celebrity for learning, genius, and eloquence, yet a desire for literary reputation, entered into no part of his motives and exertions. If, therefore, these Sermons, under the blessing of the Almighty, should in any instance continue the effects of his most powerful ministry, after his awful removal, it would not have been justifiable to have withheld them from the Public, because no accession might be made to his character as a writer.

It is hoped, that what was heard by all ranks of his beloved and affectionate parishioners, with such striking and signal effect, may in the perusal continue to confirm, comfort, and sustain them in their Christian course; and to cherish in their minds the

remembrance of their much esteemed and lamented Pastor.

For the publication of those discourses which were delivered at the Temple Church, and before the University of Cambridge, less apology will be necessary. It is trusted that, though they may want in some instances, the revisal of their Author, yet that they may rest on their own merits.

The Sermons preached before the Sons of the Clergy, and the Corporation of the Trinity House, and four others published in his life-time in the Christian Remembrancer ; it has been considered right to add to the present volume.

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