THE following pages have a two-fold interest and purpose; first, as the record of a pure, devoted life, full of strange providences; and, secondly, as a book of careful and accurate observations in a far-off and peculiar land, of which we know so little. It will be seen that the blind was led by a way he knew not; and that the land of Sinim is one of wonderful proportions and of marvelous interest.

We are much indebted to Rev. J. S. Burdon, of the English Church Missionary Society, and to Miss L. A. Andrew,

of New Haven, for assistance in getting together the materials for the work.

It is humbly hoped that the volume may do something to encourage young men struggling against obstacles to enter the ministry, and something to aid in diffusing a more general interest in the all important subject of missions.

C. P. B.

ROCHESTER, N. Y., November, 1864.

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