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teeming millions, and pour out my prayers in their behalf. Oh, that this may be a spot

blessed by God's presence, and sanctified by the visitations of the Comforter."


Excursions-Tea-Shops-Temple of Tien-Moh-Shan- Budhist Worship-Traveling by Raft-First Sermon in Chinese.

IN the spring of 1855 Mr. Aitchison, in company with Rev. Mr. Points, of the American Episcopal Board, made two excursions towards the interior. We give a few incidents of these trips, as recorded in the ever-faithful Journal.

"April 20. At Tsung Zeh we landed and distributed a few books. A crowd soon collecting, we were forced to take refuge in our boats, from which, as we passed along the narrow canal, we handed many volumes to the eager multitude. The news of our arrival spread like wild-fire, and every window and door was full of eyes watching for a glimpse of the strange-looking men. And such eagerness for our books! Oh, that the motive were good! Many actually endangered limb, and even life, in order to become possessors of a



volume. May God make the day's work fruitful in good to immortal souls.

"At one place the people seemed to have turned out 'en masse' to get a look at us. The streets were lined with persons eager for a close inspection, while great numbers of women and children filled the doors and windows. What honor! The Emperor himself would not have been received with such demonstrations of—curiosity. Having reached the boat, we were beset with visitors loudly calling for books. To escape their importunity we launched out into the stream, but even then many came to us in boats. Among others two very respectable gentlemen called, wishing for works on medicine.

"April 23. Started early on our return, and retraced our path in the Grand Canal. Next day at noon we reached the walled city Kia-Hing, containing probably about 200,000 inhabitants. We entered the north gate, and emerged from the east gate, followed as usual by a great crowd. The rabble, however, were less noisy and more respectful than at some other times. On returning to the boat, we took some books ashore to distribute. The press was almost intolerable.

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