History of the Indian Archipelago: Containing an Account of the Manners, Arts, Languages, Religions, Institutions, and Commerce of Its Inhabitants, Volume 3

A. Constable and Company, 1820

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Pagina 205 - In what way, therefore, has the policy of Europe contributed either to the first establishment, or to the present grandeur of the colonies of America? In one way, and in one way only, it has contributed a good deal. Magna virum Mater!* It bred and formed the men...
Pagina 263 - ... naturally too unobservant of the principles of international law, it cannot be expected that the distant and unexperienced trader of Europe should be able to conduct, directly, a commerce either very extensive, secure or agreeable. It will be necessary, both to his convenience and security, as well as to those of the native trader, that the intercourse between them should be conducted by an intermediate class, in whom both can repose confidence. A colonial establishment becomes the only means...
Pagina 243 - In former times a good number of English free merchants were settled at Merjee, and drove a good trade, living under a mild, indulgent Government ; but the old East India Company envying their happiness, by an arbitrary command, ordered them to leave their industry, and repair to Fort St. George, to serve them, and threatened the King of Siam with a sea war if he did not deliver...
Pagina 302 - Christianity in his dominions, it is true, indeed, that we stood our ground so far as to maintain ourselves in the country, and to be permitted to carry on our trade, although the court had then some thoughts of a total exclusion of all foreigners whatsoever.
Pagina 236 - Governour, without speaking one word, leapt out of one of the Windows, to get as soon as he could to the Fort. His Officers followed, and all the Servants that attended were soon in Motion. Every one of them took the nearest way...
Pagina 433 - ... by a perpendicular descent of many hundred feet, by ladders of bamboo and rattan, over a sea rolling violently against the rocks. When the mouth of the cave is attained, the perilous...
Pagina 235 - Governor, he, to retaliate the Captain's and Mr Richard's kindness, sent a boat a fishing, to get some better entertainment for his guests, than the fort yielded at present. About four or five o'clock the boat returned with a good dish of fish. These were immediately drest for supper, and the boat was sent out again to get more, for Mr Richards and his lady to carry aboard with them. In the mean time the food was brought into the diningroom, and placed on the table. The dishes and plates were of...
Pagina 205 - It bred and formed the men who were capable of achieving such great actions, and of laying the foundation of so great an empire ; and there is no other quarter of the world; of which the policy is capable of forming, or has ever actually, and in fact, formed such men. The colonies owe to the policy of Europe the education and great views of their active and enterprizing founders; and some of the greatest and most important of them, so far as concerns their internal government, owe to it scarce anything...
Pagina 272 - ... concerned, would be conducted, than in any other. More important and dignified objects, though perhaps more remote ones, would be gained by the presence of such colonies, in the midst of a native and docile population. By means of them, the arts, institutions, morals and integrity of Europe, might, in time, be communicated to the natives of these distant regions, while they might contribute still earlier to give occupation to the population of those parts of the European world, which are acknowledged...
Pagina 307 - Desima, and chose to suffer many hardships in a foreign and heathen country, to be remiss in performing divine service on Sundays and solemn festivals, to leave off praying and singing of psalms...

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