Description of 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16 Inch Seacoast Guns and Their Breech Mechanisms and Instruction for Their Care


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Pagina 12 - MECHANISM ON THE GUN. • (a) Clasp the hinged collar over the end of the spindle with the two ribs of the collar engaging in the corresponding grooves of the spindle, keeping the hinge at the top.
Pagina 18 - The part of the bore immediately in front of the centering slope. The rifling begins at the junction of the centering slope and the forcing slope. The tops of the lands at this point are cut down so that less power is required at first to force them through the copper rotating bands.
Pagina 11 - A safety bar prevents accidental firing of the piece by lanyard before the breech is locked; and a circuit breaker serves to prevent firing the piece by electricity before the breech is locked. The first motion of rotation of the block to unlock the breech forces the safety bar inward so as to engage the leaf and prevent its being drawn to the rear. while at the same time the electric circuit is broken by the same movement of rotation. A safety bar on the right side of the housing engages a groove...
Pagina 6 - See Pointing. Centering Slope. The conical part of the bore between the powder chamber and the forcing slope. It is for the purpose of bringing the axis of the projectile in line with the axis of the bore. Center of Impact The mean position of the center of a particular series of shots fired with the same elevation or with the same adjustment correction. Chase. The part of a cannon in front of the trunnion band.
Pagina 34 - Should the obturating pad offer too much resistance against rotation, it will have to be exchanged, or the fact will have to be reported to the proper authority for relief. • The translating roller and all other parts of the tray mechanism should be lubricated, for operation, with grease or oil of a quality that will not corrode the metal nor become dry, sticky, or gummy.
Pagina 34 - The translating roller and all other parts of the tray mechanism should be lubricated, for operation, with grease or oil of a quality that will not corrode the metal nor become dry, sticky, or gummy. Should sand or an improper lubricant cause the translating roller to move with difficulty, the roller should be removed from the tray and wiped off clean. The same remark applies to the operation of locking bolts and latch.
Pagina 36 - It should turn easily, but without play. 458. Examination of the breech mechanism of mounted guns. — The breech mechanism of mounted guns will be operated at least once each week, when practicable, and such parts of it as need cleaning will receive proper attention. If necessary, the tray will be removed in order to clean the worm, worm shaft, the spiral gear, and their recesses. 459. The mechanism will be oiled frequently, especially...
Pagina 21 - Turn the translating crank in the counter-clockwise direction three 14806— 08 2 turns, ending with a quick motion to bring the block into its final position in the tray with a jar which will release the tray latch. Swing the tray about the hinge pin till the tray back latch engages in the catch.
Pagina 28 - After firing, the gun should be 106053—1(3 3 washed out, the mechanism cleaned with oil, and the bore and mechanism lubricated with light slushing oil. At no time should the mechanism be washed off with water, as it rusts the surfaces about the pad and split rings, etc. It should be kept habitually, when not in use, ,with muzzle slightly depressed, muzzle and breech covers in place, and the breech mechanism should be examined and worked frequently to insure its being always in working order.
Pagina 34 - ... head with both hands. If, after firing a few rounds, the spindle is found to have longitudinal play, the adjusting operation above described is repeated. The proper adjustment of the obturator spindle is of great importance.

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