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NOV 9 1932


Taylor of cand



A Fourth Volume of the POETICAL REGISTER is now laid before that Public by which the three former have been fo favourably received. For the flattering reception which his work has experienced, and for the unremitting kindness of those Correspondents to whose assistance he is indebted for it, the Editor returns his sincere and hearty thanks.

The publication of the present Volume has been retarded to a much later date than was originally announced for it. The indisposition of the Editor will, he hopes, be a sufficient apology for this delay. To make up for the time thus lost, the Volume for 1805 is now in a state of preparation, and will appear towards the latter end of April, or, at latest, the beginning of May: a part of it is already in the


For the continued omission of Poetical Biography the Editor must request his readers to accept the same excuse which he formerly urged. He has not yet obtained, in sufficient abundance, the necessary documents. When he shall find himself enabled to communicate to the Public authentic Memoirs of deceased Authors, he will hasten to fulfil the duty; but he is firmly determined not to print a romance under the title of a Biography. The arrear in this department will, he flatters himself, be discharged at no very distant period. Any information, which may be relied on, respecting those poetical writers who have died since the year 1800, will be gratefully received.

As the time fixed for the appearance of the next Volume is not far distant, the Editor earnestly intreats that his Correspondents will lose no time in forwarding their contributions to him, under cover, to Messrs. Rivingtons. To prevent mistakes in the arrangement, they are also desired to specify whether their pieces are intended for the Original or Fugitive Poetry.

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