Homosexual Acts, Actors, and Identities

Praeger, 1983 - 215 pagina's

Homesexual Acts, Actors, and Identities explores the authoritarian power hierarchies that create and maintain harmful prejudices, and shows how the pressure to conform to preconceived notions of normality amounts to spiritual and physical oppression. At the crux of many of our country's social ills, sexual stereotyping limits freedom of choice, inhibits personality development, and divides the American public, seriously damaging the national character.

The struggle for sexual definition and self-esteem has evolved in our time into a salient political issue. Homosexual Acts, Actors, and Identities helps to create a deeper understanding of the problems that arise when restrictive social values and strident sexual ideologies abstruct and repress personal liberty. It points the way to a resolution of the deep-seated fears and prejudices that impair whole segments of our society. Importantly, this book contains the Nungesser Homosexual Attitudes Inventory. The results of this psychometric instrument, as reported in the book, reveal a direct relationship between the progression of AIDS and internalized stigma.

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