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Pagina 68 - Now 1 would know by what authority, I mean lawful; there are many unlawful authorities in the world, thieves and robbers by the highways ; but I would know by what authority I was brought from thence, and carried from place to place, and I know not what; and when I know what lawful authority, I shall answer.
Pagina 41 - Attorney sat down in a chafe, and would speak no more, until the commissioners urged and entreated him. After much ado, he went on and made a long repetition of all the evidence for the direction of the jury ; and at the repeating of some things, Sir Walter Raleigh interrupted him, and said, he did him wrong. Attorney. — Thou art the most vile and execrable traitor that ever lived.
Pagina 11 - I do not hear yet, that you have spoken one word against me ; here is no treason of mine done. If my lord Cobham be a traitor, what is that to me ? Attorney.
Pagina 80 - For the Charge, I value it not a rush; it is the Liberty of the People of England that I stand for. For me to acknowledge a new Court that I never heard of before, I that am your King, that should be an example to all the people of England for to uphold justice, to maintain the old laws: indeed I do not know how to do it.
Pagina 45 - Seeing myself so near my end, for the discharge of my own conscience, and freeing myself from your blood, which else will cry vengeance against me; I protest upon my salvation I never practised with Spain by your procurement; God so comfort me in this my affliction, as you are a true subject, for anything that I know. I will say as Daniel, Purus sum a sanguine hujus [I am innocent of this blood].
Pagina 25 - Warburton. I marvel, sir Walter, that you being of such experience and wit, should stand on this point; for so many horse-stealers may escape, if they may not be condemned without witnesses.
Pagina 21 - I hear no other thing; to which accusation he never subscribed nor avouched it, I beseech you, My Lords, let Cobham be sent for, charge him on his soul, on his allegiance to the king ; if he affirm it, I am guilty.
Pagina 26 - It is very sure for my lord to accuse me is my certain danger, and it may be a means to excuse himself. LORD CHIEF-JUSTICE—There must not such a gap be opened for the destruction of the king, as would be if we should grant this. You plead hard for yourself, but the laws plead as hard for the king.
Pagina 55 - I trust my blood will quench their malice that have thus cruelly murdered me, and that they will not seek also to kill thee and thine with extreme poverty. To what friend to direct thee I know not, for all mine have left me in the true time of trial ; and I plainly perceive that my death was determined from the first day.
Pagina 214 - And his opinion was, that the devil in such cases did work upon the bodies of men and women upon a natural foundation...

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