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to God, and to lean on him, and so I hoped | ask him what he really intends to do?” something might come of him; but now he And managing to secure Jack's company has been declaiming that England is in such a to herself that evening, she adroitly led wonderfully prosperous state, meaning that it

up to the subject, so that finally she was has plenty of money in its breeches pockets, able to put these questions to him. and plenty of beef in its great ugly belly. But that's not the prosperity we want, and so I say

As she foresaw, Jack was more than to him, “You are not the life-giver of En. ever furious, but the temper he showed gland. I go my way, you go yours.

Good. was not the temper she feared, he gave morning ” (with a most dramatic and final vent to too many invectives against fate, bow). Which times were the most genuine himself, and those by whom he was surin England ? Cromwell's? – Henry VIII.'s? rounded, to make his anger very dangerWhy, in each time it seems to me there was something genuine, some endeavor to keep In truth much that Georgy said were God's commandments. Cromwell's time was but echoes of thoughts, the conflict of only a revival of it. But now things have been which had of late by turns threatened to going down further and further since George

save Jack and to sink him.

Walking in this Paradise of content, It is difficult to ascertain Carlyle's po. Robin as yet had but barely caught sight sition as to religion, as it is that of Mill. of the tree on which hung the apple of “ The Ten Commandments” of this con- temptation, but for Jack its fruit had been versation must have been near of kin to plucked too often for his eyes not to be the “What you call Hebrew old clothes,” | fully open to the danger he was running. of “Sterling's Life.” The only time when Each time he left Robin be made a re. Mr. Bain saw Carlyle and Mill together, solve that the next should be the last time Carlyle denounced " our religion and all of meeting, and the tedium of separation its accessories.” Mill struck in with the was often beguiled by the plans he was remark, " Now, you are just the very man busy in projecting, to tell the public your whole mind upon He would go; he didn't care where, nor that subject.” This was not exactly what what became of him; life, so far as he Carlyle fancied. He gave, with his pecul, was concerned, was not worth consideriar grunt, the exclamation, “Ho!” and ing. It was for her and on her account added, “ It is some one like Frederick alone he made the sacrifice, and who could the Great that should do that.” †

tell what it cost him? Would she guess ; We must tear ourselves from Caroline would she ever dream of the suffering he Fox and her friends. Our review gives had undergone to leave her fair name at best a very imperfect idea of the richly untarnished ? varied contents of her journals and letters. The tempter's best moment is chosen Here, if ever, those who read our review, when - the battle with self over, the vicbut who have not yet read the book, will tory, as we think, won we sink down do well to mind and act on the counsel of weary and spiritless; then, unnoticed, an one of the old sages of the law : “ It is insidious allurement creeps in where a ever good to rely upon the book at large, bold assault would have been resisted. for inclius est petere fontes quam sectari It was thus that into Jack's mind came rivulos."

the desire for a farewell meeting, for an

opportunity of giving Robin some slight * Vol. ii., pp. 300-I, 2.

inkling of why he was going away. Surely † Bain, p. 191.

the small indulgence of seeing her alone for the last time miglit be permitted him. Stern censor as he now held himself to

be, that need not be denied; to say no From Temple Bar.

was flinging a doubt on his resolution.

But to accomplish this meeting – there BY MRS. PARR, AUTHOR OF “ADAM AND 'Eve,” lay the difficulty — how was it to be man

aged ? Never since that first time in the

thicket had the two been positively alone BEFORE startling all Wadpole with the together. If they were walking, somenews of her engagement, Georgy Tem- body else was walking at their heels; if ple's desire was to get Jack out of the riding, a third always bore them comway. “ I shall speak to him plainly,” pany; and in rooms – Robin singled out she said, talking the matter over with her by the men, Jack a little run after by the self, “ tell him that I don't consider that women - it was only by a whispered he is acting fairly about Mrs. Blunt, and I word, a meaning look, the pressure of a

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hand, that they conveyed to each other tory, an afternoon party, and Mr. Blunt their mutual sympathy. Certainly oppor. was going, as well as Christopher. tunities had occurred when together they Jack had had the forethought to count might have strayed away, but it was the on this party. On any occasion of festivity most certain proof of Jack's sense of dan. at the reciory, every domestic arrangeger that he had invariably avoided such ment was in the most inextricable state of occasions, and ofttimes to Robin's sur. muddle. To more hopelessly confuse prise and unacknowledged disappoint-things, no one in the house had any head ment.

but Georgy, and she was here, there, and She was therefore a trifle startled when, everywhere, with such unfiagging energy, some few days after his conversation with that Mrs. Temple usually felt it incumbent Georgy — managing during an afternoon on her to apologize for her daughter; it at the rectory to get near her - he said, had become such a want, she said in the lowering his voice so that it should not present day, repose of manner. reach the ears of those near them, - Mr. Blunt, to whom she happened to

“Do you never go to the thicket now, say this, too much on his good behaviour in the morning?"

to contradict her, said, “It was a pity She shook her head.

though that it should be;” but feeling, “I have never been there since that hot and thirsty as he was, that he could day;" and the eyes momentarily raised better put up with want of repose than met his, and then drooped again.

with the want of a good cup of tea, which For a minute neither spoke. Jack was Georgy was hastening to bring him, he arranging in his mind the desired meet- addressed Mrs. Temple in his heart as ing. Robin's heart was beating so fast a stiffnecked, canting old Jezebel, who that it frightened her. Only that morn- wasn't worth being named on the same ing, some trifle that had occurred had day as her straightforward, good-looking seemed suddenly, and for the first time, daughter. “And she's a lady too,” he to ask whither was all this leading, and added, following up his meditations, "evRobin flinging herself down by the side ery inch of her, no matter what she's up of the bed, near which she stood, had to, or what she has on, and I only wish given way to an uncontrollable fit of weep. I'd got her for a daughter-in-law. You'd ing, the cause of which she did not seek have to keep the whole bunch o' them in to define, but her manner at breakfast the bargain, but better so than that one;' that morning was softened almost to peni. and his eyes fell scowlingly on Robin, tence to Christopher, and Mr. Blunt's standing a little apart with Jack near her, surly fault-finding was allowed to pass while Georgy engrossed the attention of unnoticed.

Mr. Cameron and Christopher. There is a compunction which does not The familiar contact into which the shape itself in words, because perhaps three were brought, had obliged the curate the sins which cause it have dwelt but in to divulge his secret to his friend, for thought and feeling.

such Christopher had become - and then Without asking herself the cause, Rob. growing uneasy at having told him, he in had come to the resolve that she would felt compelled to confess what he had stay at home more, not leave Christopher done to Georgy; and run away, so that so much as of late she had been doing; without him, they might make it all right and she had even reached the length of together. Of course he had to be brought saying to him that she thought he was not back to be duly admonished and interlooking well; what did he think of a little ceded for; and then Georgy, giving it as change of air ?

her opinion that the various refreshments Clutching at the thought, the only way had got into his head, remained very to hide his joy was to assume indifference. much on the alert with him to make sure

Oh! he didn't know, he didn't care. that he committed no further indiscre. Well, yes, perhaps, if it pleased her, some tions: this added to her other duties day.

withdrew much of her attention from Please her? Robin swallowed down Jack, who, as he had foreseen, found the sigh, and quickly changed the subject. inore than usual opportunities for speakEven to herself, she refused to own howing to Robin. much that proposition had cost her. He had quite decided upon leaving

All that day her emotions had con- Wadpole, and this meeting he wanted to tinued high-pitched, her nerves over arrange in the thicket was to be a fare. strung. She would not have kept her well interview, where, safe from observaengagement, only that it was to the rec- tion and interruption, he might tell her


that he was going away, and let her per. that they would spend the next day at haps guess at the cause. Why not? It Uplands, and soon after breakfast, Chris. could not harm her to know that he cared topher started to call for his friend. The for her, had always cared for her, his love confidence of the previous day seemed fed by the thought that she had in return but to draw the two men closer together, given her heart to him.

and without well knowing, how it had Of late Jack's assurance had terribly been led up to, Christopher found that he failed him, and he began to think it possi. was talking of himself

, and, a very unusual ble that after all Robin perhaps bad never thing with him, of his own affairs. counted him as anything but a friend, and He wanted some advice respecting this the memories that rose up in contradic. income he was asking from his father, and tion had goaded him on to make a final to show reason why a separate allowance trial, so that at least he might carry with was so imperative entailed a relation of him some crumb of consolation, no mat. some of their domestic difficulties to Mr. ter how sinall it might be.

Cameron. Between people coming and going and Mr. Blunt's ungovernable temper and chattering with them as they passed by, its growing violence towards Robin, was there was only the opportunity of an occa sufficient cause to give for the estrangesional sentence which Jack seized on each ment which of late had separated them, tiine.

and Christopher felt half the weight van“ The trees are all out now: it is lovely ish as Mr. Cameron severely blamed him there!” he said.

for not at once speaking candidly and “Yes, is it?”

openly to Robin. The subject once Something in his manner troubled her, broached, they slid on by degrees to talk gave a sense of consciousness which filled of Venice, and of the life they had lived her with embarrassment. Why should there ; and these memories once renewed, not the place look lovely? Wliy should even after the two had separated, Chrishe not tell her so ? Robin made an effort topher's thoughts were still busy, and he to speak unconcernedly.

returned home with a lighter spirit and “I must try and go down there some full of courage to speak. day soon."

He blamed himself because the night Another interruption, so that ten min. before when Robin had followed him into utes had gone before Jack could say, the library – as if wanting to talk - he

“When will you go? — To-morrow af- had not encouraged her to stay, but that ternoon, about three o'clock, will you be question of independent means there?”

before him, more particularly since Robin He spoke eagerly. Robin's heart beat had suggested that some change might do faster than before.

them good, that Christopher was deterRobin, promise me, for the sake of mined to state his request more forcibly old days that you'll come ? You will, won't in a letter which he had written that night

and left for his father to peruse while he Oh! that voice pleading close to her was away;

for Jack had bent his head lower. Voices ! What meniories it brought back! Side Christopher had come round by the garby side they were standing on the shores den, and was close by the verandah out of Lido. They were gazing at the stars ; on to which opened the roon where after listening to the sea, basking in the sun, luncheon Robin usually sat; be listened together, then always together. Now! - it was Robin's voice, high-pitched,

Jack hardly realized that their eyes had strained, angry, and mixed with it came a met, before Robin was half-way across volley of coarse abuse and vituperation, the lawn to join a group seated there, and which made him Aling open the door. after that, finding he had followed her, There purple with rage sat his father, and she volunteered her services to Georgy, before him, erect, defiant, stood Robin, if she could be of any use to her, moving her color red, her eyes blazing. about from this place to that, always His coming into the room seemed to avoiding Jack, who, strive as he did, attract no notice, so centred was the attenfound no opportunity of saying another tion of each one on the other. word to her.

“ Father! Robin !"

Christopher tried to put himself be.

tween them, but Robin's strong young That afternoon, it had been arranged arm pushed him away. between Christopher and Mr. Cameron “ You had better not come here," she

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said, "he is your father, and you say you " Robin, what is it? what is the matter? owe him some duty; he is not mine," and what has happened to you?" she threw into the words an accent of She had slid down before him, was withering contempt, "and I owe him kneeling on the grass, her head bowed on none."

her hands, her eyes raining tears on “You owe me though the victuals you them. eat, and every single stitch of clothes It was in vain he tried to raise her. you've got on your back.” By way of pa- “Let me be," she sobbed, “let me renthesis Mr. Blunt when angry larded his stay." speech from a not particularly choice vo. A rush of tenderness drew Jack to bend cabulary. “If it wasn't for me you'd be a down, his lips would press themselves pauper, a beggar living on your wits as upon that silky head, but ere they touched your father did before

you -oh a nice trap it he drew back. No — he was too near the two of you laid, and I like a fool the verge to venture anything which swallowed the bait, and now it's a separate would at once carry him over: a quickhouse, a separate income, nothing less, caught breath sent the impulse back, and will content you."

with a face turned pale, bis nostrils quiv“ Father!" exclaimed Christopher. ering, his mouth tight-set, he waited for But the old man shook him off roughly. Robin to recover.

“Don't try to stop me,” he said, “it's The burst of tears loosened the hold high time she heard some of the things of suffering, there was no longer that grip I've been telling her; if she didn't know upon her ihroat, gradually words to say them before she knows them now. Oh came to her mind, and though her voice she's a true daughter of her precious was broken and tremulous, she had a betfather. Vagabond! swindler! I only wish ter command over her emotions. he'd been hanged before he'd written his "Jack," she said, looking at him fixedly, palavering letter to me.”

there was no feeling now that she must Goaded beyond endurance, Robin avert her eyes from bis face, “ Jack, I'm sprang forward to answer, but Chris- going away going to leave here forever. topher had already caught hier by the No, don't look like that - don't tell me I shoulder.

ought to stay, I can't, I can't, that hor“It is of no use trying to resist, Robin,” rible old man would drive me to kill him he said sternly "out of this room you if I do. Oh if you could but know all must go; it is for me to speak to my I've suffered from him since I came – father, not you. Try and remember that the things he has said to me - the accuhe is an old man, that his passion has sations he has brought against me — the mastered him-anything you like, but stay vile lies he has dared to speak against my to contend with him you shall not;" and father: he calls him a card-sharper and after another moment of useless struggle swindler, and says he laid a trap to catch the key was turned in the door, outside Christopher to get bim to marry me — which Robin found herself standing mo- that I owe hiin the food I eat - the tionless, speechless, staring blankly as if clothes I wear - but that for binn I should stunned. Just then the clock struck one be a beggar.” - two three -"three o'clock !” a half- Between his teeth Jack bestowed on smothered cry burst from her lips, and Mr. Blunt some ugly epithets. past the window like one possessed she "Oh! the cursed fate," he groaned, ran out of the house.

“that has pursued us both. What made Need it be said whither she was flying? you in such baste, Robin ? You might There was but one being who would sym- have written, you might have trusted ine. pathise with her sorrow, to whom she When I left you went away, I could could tell her trouble, he was awaiting have sworn that you loved me." her, and to him she was going.

6. When

you went away,” she repeated dreamily.

“Yes, from Venice, the last time we " Jack!”

parted there: only that I was not worth a As in days of old, when she had sobbed sou, do you think I could have left you ? out her childish griefs upon his neck, at were words needed, Robin, to tell you sight of him her arms opened, only he that I loved you ?” stayed her by the quick catching of her Oh! the wealth of tenderness which hands in both of his - a glance had Jack threw into that most unmerited reshown him that memory alone prompted proach : at one sweep the clouds rolled this self-abandonment of action.

back, and left the past without a shadow.

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“You! you did care for me then !” | her face made him say more pleadingRosy as the dawn the blushing color came ly, – creeping into Robin's face. Like that “Would you spoil both our lives when we were in Venice together. Ob!” make mine a burden and a curse to me

Words are not given to tell the joy she because an unforeseen chance drove you felt.

into a bondage the gall of which is kill“I worshipped you,” he said, wor-ing you? Child, think if I had loved you shipped you then as I do now.”

less I should never have left you. It was the greatest act of self-sacrifice in all my

life, and to lose you has been my reward. " Hush!”

Must I plead with you,


the misery That mad beating of their hearts had I have endured, the torture I have sufalmost dulled their ears to sound.

fered ? No! Come with me and life will “I heard a noise, I thought; did you?” be paradise. Send me away alone, and

There was no danger now of being I am lost.” seen: the trees of leafy June grown thick "No, no, Jack. Don't say so;” and and close, shut the whole space from out she pressed her hands against her eyes to of view.

drive back the image that word bad conFor a few moments the two stood lis- jured up. “ I will go with you anywhere, tening attentively; all was still, not a only it must be soon — at once.” sound could they hear. Consciousness "To-night?" he said eagerly. had however returned, and with it a sense To-night." of danger

“ You will come ?” Fixing his eyes on Robin, Jack stood “I promise you I will." silently looking at her; she with no Jack carried first one hand and then the thought of the future was listening to a other to his lips; a little shrinking back wondrous melody — " “he loves me, he on Robin's part warned him not to risk loves me!”

more; besides which, he himself felt the Ah! how many a woman has gone down great need of present restraint: the time in the whirlpool of destruction, with that would soon come – to-night was very siren song sounding in her ears.

“ You say that you must go away,” Jack They would meet in the same place at a began, hurrying out his words. “How is later hour, by which time all preparations that possible without friends, alone, with would be made to insure their uninterout money by yourself ?”

rupted departure. “ I thought that you would help me Had a chill fallen on them both ? makyou would lend me some money, I knew.”|ing them look so grave, and holding their

When she had talked of going away speech in check, so that beyond the necher heart had been hot and angry; but essary interchange about time and place, Jack loved her — had always loved her: neither seemed to find anything to say. holding that talisman, what could harm It was an unacknowledged relief when her now?

the fear of suspicion suggested the neces. So opposed is the nature of man and of sity of separation, and Jack, now full of

The words which had calmed prudence, decided that Robin had best Robin had been to Jack as burning pitch return to the house, while he waited until upon smouldering tow. Carry out his he felt sure that she was well on her good resolves, do what he had avowed to way. do? Impossible - impossible!

The branches which he had held back “ Lend you money?" he repeated con. to let her pass through closed again. He temptuously; “is not every penny I pos- had watched the last glimpse of her desess at your service to make what use you parting figure, and now turned to where a like of? of what value is anything to me cut-down root of a tree stood, against so long as I have not you to share it?" which he leaned, trying to calm down the Robin took a step back.

fierce turmoil of passion which in one “But,” she said.

burst had carried away all his late resolu. “But! — but Robin we have gone too tions. far for buts : an hour ago I had made the Only that morning, in an interview resolution to say good-bye to you - to go which he had sought with Georgy Teinaway

to leave you. Now," and his ple, he had told her of the decision he had voice trembled, " I shall still go, only you come to, and made stronger by her outwill go with me: you must, you shall.” spoken approval he had confessed the

She did not speak, but something in error he had made in returning so soon to


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