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Director's Initiatives

Environmental Consequences (formerly Global Effects)
Institute for Geophysics and Planetary Research
Radiation Processing
Supercomputer Research


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Sandia National Laboratories

($ in Thousands)


FY 1985

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Development of artificial intelligence techniques

for sensor-rich applications
Processing of Materials with Lasers
Fluid-particle flows
Dynamic Metallization of Hydrogen
Transformation of toughened glass ceramics
Support of Imaging Sensor Development

Study of the mechanism of bonding in dynamically

compacts powders
SiGe Strained-layer Superlattices
Complementary Strained-layer Superlattice Logic

Solid-state Switching

Metallic Glass Coatings
Development of Sensors with Integrated Transducers and

Combination analysis of Energetic Materials using

Laser Probes and Computer Simulations
Optical Signal Processing: Target Recognition
Demonstration of Laser Chemical Processing on

CRM Products
Laser Plasma Soft X-ray Source

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Question: What are the procedures for establishing the limit for the account and approving the expenditures?

Answer: Department of Energy Order 5000. 1 states "... each R&D laboratory within the Department's laboratory system may. . .utilize a reasonable amount of operating funds for early exploration and exploitation of creative and innovative scientific and technological concepts arising in the course of the laboratory's work." The Order further states that cognizant secretarial officers have the responsibility to review and approve the level of exploratory research.

Question: Within the technology base, please provide the FY 1985, FY 1986, and FY 1987 funding for advanced concepts, supporting research, and supporting technologies.

Answer: The following table, which I would like to insert into the record, presents a breakout of the technology base effort.

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Question: In terms of the number of units of new production, retirements, and modifications, what is the decrease or increase between FY 1986 and FY 1985 for each category and overall? For FY 1987 and FY 1986?

Answer: The new production, retirements, and modifications information is as follows:


New Production Retirements Improvement Plan
FY 85 FY 86 FY 87 FY 85 FY 86 FY 87 FY 85 FY 86 FY 87

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Question: In terms of standard workload measurements, what is the percentage increase in production workload in FY 1986 over FY 1985? For FY 1987 and FY 1986?

Answer: As you know, subsequent to the Congressional submission, the Department of Energy and the Department of Defense agreed to

DELETED accommodate Gramm-Rudman-Hollings spending reductions. These reductions are recovered beginning in FY 1989. These changes translate to decreases in equivalent workload of 5.9 percent from FY 1985 to FY 1986, and 5.2 percent from FY 1986 to FY 1987. While Question: Provide a table showing the amounts for restoration, revitalization, and prevention of plant deterioration for FY 1984, FY 1985, FY 1986, and FY 1987. In the later category, include GPP, capital equipment, and operating expenses. Please provide this information by activity and location.

Answer: I would like to provide the following information for the record.

(The information follows:)

Weapons Activities
Summary of Restoration, Revitalization,
and Prevention of Plant Deterioration

($ in Thousands) a/

FY 1984 FY 1985 FY 1986 FY 1987

Actual Actual Estimate Estimate Research, Development,

and Testing
Lawrence Livermore National

$ 15,500 $ 16,600 $ 17,500 $ 9,500 Revitalization

7,840 12,900 11,800 18,100 Prevention of Deterioration General Plant Projects

5,000 6,300 6,500 7,100 Basic Capital Equipment

19,090 21,650 15,733 18,000 Operating Expenses b/

43,083 54,407 58,422 61,343 Subtotal

90,513 111,857 109,955 114,043 Los Alamos National Laboratory Restoration

15,100 16,600 17,400 · 11,200 Revitalization

3,800 10,900 5,000 1,100 Prevention of Deterioration General Plant Projects

5,000 6,300 Basic Capital Equipment

16,867 20,880 15,561 23,850 Operating Expenses b/

56,466 61,610 66,529 69,855 Subtotal

97,233 116,290 111,190 113, 105 Sandia National Laboratories Restoration

15,600 16,700 17,800 9,500 Revitalization

0 6,900 13,200 13,700 Prevention of Deterioration General Plant Projects

5,000 6,400 Basic Capital Equipment 27,708 29,850 25,200 28,820 Operating Expenses b/

47,518 50,131 53,089 55,743 Subtotal

95,826 109,981 115,889 114,863 Nevada Operations Office Restoration

19,400 19,200 14,300 7,600 Revitalization

17,500 26,600 17,900 40,000 Prevention of Deterioration General Plant Projects

7,100 7,500 7,700 7,700 Basic Capital Equipment

36,180 35,240 38,875 56,400 Operating Expenses b/

23,875 26,120 29,269 30,732 Subtotal

104,055 114,660 108,044 142,432 Total Research, Development, and Testing

$387,627 $452,788 $445,078 $484,443

al Unless otherwise noted, the sources for data are the FY 1985,

FY 1986, and FY 1987 Congressional Budget Books. b/ The sources of these data after FY 1983 18 the MA-22 analysis

of Maintenance as gathered from the FIS. The data shown in these columns is for the entire Weapons Program. It is not broken down to the OMA level.

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