Se&. VII. The Second Tempta- - Strengths of Faith,

tion proper to the State of Sick- Se&. V. Of Repentance in the
ness, Fear of Death, with its time of Sickness, P. 144

-96Se&. VI. Rules for the Practice
Remedies against Fear of Death, of Repentance in Sickness, 149

by way of Consideration, 97 Means of exciting Contrition,
Seå. VIII. Remedies against &c.

Fear of Death, by way of Ex- Se&. VII. Ads of Repentance, by

103 way of Prayer and Ejaculation,
Se&t. IX. General Rules and Ex-


ercises, whereby our Sickness The Prayer for the Grace and
may become safe and fandt i Perfection of Repentance, 160

110 A Prayer for Pardon of Sins, to

be said frequently in the time of
CHA P. IV., .ba Sickness,

An Ad of holy Resolution of 4,
F the Practice of the Graces mendment of Life, in case of
proper to the State of Sick-


nels, which a Sick Man may Se&. VIII. An Analysis or Reso
practise alone,

lution of the Decalogue , enu-
Se&.l. Of the Practice of Patio i merating the Duties comman:
exce, by way of Rule,

ded, and the Sins forbidden in
Se&. II. A&ts of Patience, by way every Commandment, for the

of Prayer and Ejaculation, 128 helping the Sick Man in making
A Prayer to be said in the begin his Confeffion,

ning of a Sickness, 133 The Special Precepts of the Gospel
An Act of Resignation to be faid by enumerated,

a Sick Person in all the Evil Ać- Se& IX. Of the Sick Man's pra-

cidents of his Sickness, i. ibid, Etice of Charity and Justice,
A Prayer for the Grace of Patio by way of Rule,


134 Sec. X? Acts of Charity, by way
A Praver to be said at the taking of Prayer and Ejaculation;

136 which may also be used for
Sect. Ill. Of the Practice of the Thanksgiving, in case of Re-
Grace of Faith in the time of covery,


Se&. IV. Acts of Faith, by way CHAP. V.

of Prayer and Ejaculation, to
be faid by Sick Men in the Days Of Vifitation of the Sick ;

of their Temptation, 1.11
The Prayer for the Grace and Sect. I. The Alistance that is to



and Danger,

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be done to dying Perfons, by

p. 217

the Ministerý of their Clergy- An Exercise against Despair in


P. 185 the Day of our Death, 224

Seå. II.Rules for the Manner of Sect. Ví. Considerations against
Visitation of the Sick, 187 Presumption,

Sect. III. Of ministring in the Sick Sect. VII. Offices to be said by

Man's Confession of Sins and the Minister, in his Visitation

of the Sick,

Arguments and Exhortations to The Prayer of Eustratius the
wove the Sick Man to Confef Martyr,

fion of Sins, Tibid. A Prayer taken out of the Greek

Inftruments by way of Considera Euchologion, &c. 238

tion to awaken a careless Person, The Order of Recommendation of

and a Stupid Conscience, 195 the Soul in its Agony,, 239

Sect. IV. Of ministring to the Re- Prayers to be said by the fur-

stitution and Pardon or Recon viving Friends, in behalf of
ciliation of the Sick Perfon, by themselves,


administring the Holy Sacra. A Prayer to be said in the Case


205 of a sudden Death, or pressing

Se&. V. Of ministring to the Sick fatal Danger,

-Perfon by the Spiritualuman, as Seet. VIII. A Peroration con-

he is the Physician of Souls, 216 cerning the Contingencies and

Considerations against unreasona Treatings of our departed

ble Fears concerning Forgive Friends after Death, in order

nefs of Sins, and its uncertainty

to their Will and Burial, 246

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BOOKS Written by Jer. Taylor, D.D. late

Lord Bishop of Down and Connor.

U&tor Dubitantium : Or, The Rule of Conscience, in Five

Books, in Folio. The Great Exemplar: Or, The Life and Death of the Holy Jesus, in Folio, with Figures suitable to every Story, engraved in Copper : Whereunto are added, the Lives and Martyrdoms of the Apostles. By W. Cave, D. D.

Ibuono ololoyixer: Or, A Collection of Polemical Discourses addrefled against the Enemies of the Church of England, both Papists and Phanaticks, in a large Folio, the Third Edition.

A Collection of Sermons, Folio.

The Golden Grove; a choice Manual, containing what is to be believed, practised, and desired or prayed for; the Prayers being fitted to the several Days of the Week; also Festival Hymns; according to the manner of the ancient Church.

The Psalter of David, with Titles and Collects according to the Matter of each Pfalm; whereunto are added Devotions for the Help and Affittance of all Christian People in all Occafions and Necessities. The Tenth Edition, in 120.

A Collection of Offices, or Forms of Prayers in Cafes Ordinary and Extraordinary; taken out of the Scriptures and the ancient Liturgies of several Churches, especially the Greek. Together with a large Preface in Vindication of the Liturgy of the Church of England. The Second Edition, in 12o.

A Discourse of the Liberty of Prophesying.

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