The Psychology of Gender and Health: Conceptual and Applied Global Concerns

M. Pilar Sánchez-López, Rosa M. Limiñana-Gras
Academic Press, 25 dec 2016 - 430 pagina's

The Psychology of Gender and Health: Conceptual and Applied Global Concerns examines the psychological aspects of the intersection between gender and health and the ways in which they relate to the health of individuals and populations. It demonstrates how gender should be strategically considered in the most routine research tasks—from establishing priorities, constructing theory, designing methodologies, in data interpretation, and how to practically apply this information in clinical contexts.

The topics covered in its chapters answer the needs of professionals, students, and faculty, providing an up-to-date conceptual tool that covers the relationships that exist between gender and health. The book will not only help users build expertise in psychology in gender and health, but also contribute to the awareness and training of psychologists as dynamic actors in the implementation of the gender perspective in their studies, reflections, research, and health interventions.

  • Offers specific literature on the gender perspective in health and psychology
  • Addresses a broad and diverse audience, and its coverage is uniquely comprehensive
  • Utilizes an intersectional approach to race, class, sexual orientation, nationality, disability status, and age
  • Updates on the pressing concerns of gender violence
  • Covers specific content on transgender and same-sex attracted populations that includes a focus on men and masculinity
  • Deals with hot topics on infertility, immigration, and HIV/AIDS


The State of the Art
A Constrained Choice Explanation
Whose Identities Whose Constructions?
5 Transgender Sexual Orientation and Health
Prevention and Intervention Strategies in Spain
8 Examining Migrants Health From a Gender Perspective
10 Contributions of Gender Perspective to HIV Infection
A Gender Perspective
12 Mainstreaming Gender Equality to Improve Womens Mental Health in England
13 Health and Gender Perspective in Infertility
14 Epilogue
Back Cover

9 An Integrity Model Existential Perspective in Clinical Work With Men From a Gender and Health Perspective

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Over de auteur (2016)

Doctor of Psychology (Extraordinary Doctorate Prize) and Diploma of Educational Science from the School of Psychology, both belonging to the Universidad Complutense, Madrid. Chair Professor of the same University. Has been President of a National Congress (1998), and guest organizer of 15 Symposia in National and International Congresses, has presided at two Complutense International Seminars (2001 and 2005), is president of the Days on Women and Health which have been held annually since 1999, director of the Official UCM Master ́s Programme with its corresponding Doctorate since it was created in 2006, and the course on Women and Health in the Complutense Summer School since its creation (2002).

She is the Director of the Research Group “EPSY” (Personality Styles, Gender and Health) since its creation in 2004. She is coordinator of the HYGEIA (Research network for Health and Gender International Alliance). Directs along with Dra Saínz, the Permanent Education Seminar for Health with a Gender Perspective (Hospital Clínico San Carlos, Madrid).

She has directed 14 pluriannual competitive projects and has participated as a researcher in 15 competitive projects both national and international. She has made 12 presentations in congresses to which she was invited, 144 Communications and posters in international congresses. She has published 20 books, 23 book chapters and 80 articles, 55 of which were in international journals and/or ones with an impact index (JCR index).

Doctor in Psychology by University of Murcia (UMU), Master ́s degree in “Disability and Health” (UMU) and in “Infertility: Psychosocial, Medical and Legal aspects” (University of Valencia),Technical Specialist Psychodiagnosis by Rorschach Workshop Exner (USA). Professor of psychology at the University of Murcia, and Director of the Research Group "Personality and Health: A Intercultural and Gender Perspective" of the University of Murcia. She is also member of the Interdisciplinary Seminar in Gender Studies (SIEG) of University Miguel Hernández de Elche (Alicante), and contributor member of the Research Group of Psychological Styles, Gender and Health (EPSY) of the Complutense University of Madrid. She has participated as researcher in several projects funded by national and international research organisms, the last two: “Creativity and Innovation Factors in optimizing the employment and administrative management”, Spanish Agency for International Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (2008-2010); and “Formal and family caregivers and health”, Women's Institute, Ministry of Equality (2010-2011). She has numerous presentations at National and International Conferences, and she has more than thirty nationals and fifteen internationals publications.

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