free to remit, because if you did, it would be of little or no service to your cause. But, gentlemen, do not corrupt us; offer us no bribes; write what you please, say what you will, do not rob us of our integrity; for thus did not the first propagators of the inestimable blessings you say you enjoy, do to you.

"The injuries we have formerly done them." "Of all the people upon the earth, the Jews have, for the last seventeen hundred years, been the most cruelly treated, and for nearly a thousand of these years, chiefly by such as have called themselves......ians; of this remark the numerous exactions practised upon them by the different courts and princes of Europe, are but too evident a confirmation." Again, "In most countries, the aggressions were unprovoked, and in those in which just cause of complaint had existed, resentment and outrage were carried beyond all bounds."

The above is given as a reason, why you should," by every proper means, convert us to ...... ianity;-and what are these proper means? corruption! a bribe! is not this a refinement on cruelty? You tell us we have misused you, we have robbed you, exiled you, roasted you alive, massacred you, took your infants from you;* all these things we have done these thousand years past; one thing more is left us yet, to crown the whole-we will now corrupt you! All the above enumerated cruelties we Jews freely forgive, and make intercession to the Throne of Grace for your acceptance to repentance. But think not that he you corrupt will ever forgive you; you ruin him, and he dies execrating you.

*Kidnapping Jewish children has been, we are informed, practised of late years, in the enlightened city of London, by a disciple of him whose precursor is said to have been sent into the world to turn the hearts of parents to their children, and the hearts of children to their parents. It has become our duty to inquire into the truth of the charge for the sake of humanity we hope the charge will not be made out. But if in fact such a thing should be established, we assure the gentleman (for we believe him under our cognizance,) he will be told of it; for the present, this will reach him, (if guilty.)

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I cannot dismiss this subject, without reminding you that all those cruelties were practised on us for so long a time, by you......ians, for the avowed purpose of obliging us to partake of those very inestimable blessings (as you are pleased to call them) you now wish to bribe us to receive; and that our persecutions, exiles, and massacres, always began in the very manner and plan you are now pursuing. Most of you, gentlemen, are not aware of the diabolical spirit you are rousing; though some, no doubt, well know it, and intend to raise it if they can. O God! save, oh! save thy people from the power of the Dog!* Ps. xxii. 20. The third and last consideration I have room to examine is, "The very awful apprehensions we are compelled to entertain concerning them, while they remain unconverted."

"Ay! there's the rub!"

"The awful apprehensions!" If they remain as they are, the promises of God toward them are plain, but the consequences to us are awful! On their part, the stone will be cut out of the mountain; the people of the saints of the Most High will take the kingdom, and possess it for ever and ever. But for us, the awful apprehensions! the Beast will be slain, and his body given to the burning flames! and it will no longer answer to throw the beast one at the other, as you have done, till you are all convinced you are all members of one body, whoever is the head; the whole will be destroyed! horns, head, body, legs and tail; Greek, Roman, Protestant, Lutheran, Calvinist, all, all are beast-all, according to your own acknowledgement,

* In Germany, in this our day, in the 18th century, the European missionary, tract, Bible, and converting societies, with the assistance of their auxiliaries the ian priests, had nearly affected the massacre of all the Jews in the empire. But, under God, by the powerful influence of one man, (Rotschell the Jew,) the demon was disappointed of his prey.


have persecuted, plundered, and massacred God's people Israel; therefore all must partake of the consequence.*

Let me ask the question, gentlemen-Is it really your intention to convert (as you are pleased to term it) the Jews? For by your method of procedure it does not appear to me (after the experience we have had for one thousand years of the inutility of such plans) that you are at all serious; for the following reasons:-1st. Do all you can, and even all you propose to yourselves, you will at last have but very few of the many millions that are dispersed over the world; it will not be as a single drop of water in a bucket, full to overflowing. 2d. Those you do convert will only be such as are swayed by the interested motives of bettering their situation by becoming settlers in your colony. And what can you expect, gentlemen, from so impure a fountain? 3d. If you really are serious, why not begin with those you have at home? for here you have many manifest advantages. Here they are not afraid one of the other, as you tell us they are in Germany, Poland, &c. Here they are in no danger of being persecuted, if they change their religion, by their Jewish brethren, as you and they seem fond of calling them. Here they will not (I trust) be despised by those among whom they come, and whose church they join, as you tell us is the case in Europe. And why should you go to so great expense to buy souls, when you can have them as good (at least) without money? for whether we are rich or poor, we are independent of each other, and, with the blessing of God, get an honest livelihood, and consequently want none of your money as a reward of apostacy, either to be given to, or laid out for us in any shape. 4th. How comes it, your compassion is to be spent for those whom you do not know,

* I must not multiply quotations, but cannot help here noticing Simpson's Plea for Religion; Philad. edit. note to page 166. He says, "There are many prophecies which declare the fall of the ecclesiastical powers of the ...... ian world, and though each church seems to flatter itself with the hopes of being exempted, yet it is very plain, that the prophetical character belongs to all."

neither do you see; but for such as you have among you. you seem to have no bowels of compassion, although we are, as it were, at your own doors? Are we not as interesting as Poles? We understand your language—it is, indeed, our own; we are in a manner one people. We are also the children of Abraham, descended from the same stock as the Polish and German Jews;-indeed, many of us are Poles; many of us are Germans. Why not, then, undertake us? why not try to convert us? You will have no occasion to manufacture Hebrew Tracts, at a vast expense, and which you do not yourselves understand; a little plain English will answer your purpose with us. Are you afraid you will be paid in your own coin? that you will receive as good as you send; and that when you gain one, (if you should gain any,) you might lose one hundred? You, in that case, must be conscious of the weakness of your cause, and you fear and avoid the trial.

That this, in truth, is the real state of the case--that you really dread the controversy, appears from this: that Kol Jacob,* which followed your idol to New-York, remains unanswered. Who has purchased up all the copies of the American edition of that work? If you are really serious, and wish to convert the Jews, do it fairly and effectually, by answering their objections. At least, answer that work satisfactorily, and although M. Nicklesburgher is not here to redeem his pledge, in any corner of NewYork one will start up in his stead.

You say, (speaking of the Jews,) "Their antipathies to the Gospel have been increased by habit of upwards of seventeen hundred years standing." Is this fair language to be used by one who styles himself Israel's Advocate? But say, habit of antipathy only means disbelief. Their disbelief of the Gospel has increased: for, why have they an antipathy to the Gospel? Because they do not believe it. And why do they not believe it? but because they say it is indefensible. Their objections against it have never been

*The Voice of Jacob.

satisfactorily answered; and consequently they say, cannot be answered. You mock us by offering to bribe us like children, with toys. You offer us farms. Keep your toys, keep your farms; give us the pearl of great price, that we want; but do not offer us false pearl mounted in gilt copper: your gold must stand the touchstone of truth, and your jewel altogether must stand the proof of the law and the acid of the testimony of the prophets and scriptures. Convince us that the pearl you offer us is the reality; we consider it mock pearl, false Italian paste; that is the only reason we refuse it; show us that we have not hitherto given it a fair trial; bring it "to the law and to the testimony;" for “if it speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in it." But if once you convince us your pearl is real, is true, and ours false, you will have no occasion to purchase us to accept of it at your hands: we shall be willing enough to obtain it at any price. For myself, I will make an offer; I will give all my desires, all my passions, my heart's affections, and the whole of self If a greater price is required, name it; if I have it to part with, I close the bargain, only to obtain the gem, if it is real; but I must be my own judge, for I account myself one; I am no child to be purchased with a trinket of brass, to give up my glory for a farm, or a settlement, or a missionary employ, or a congregation, the best in the world; nay, not even for the whole world itself.

You say, "Their hostility to the religion of Jesus has been likewise most avowed and public." This you will be obliged to fritter away till it only means, That their disbelief of the religion of Jesus is most avowed and public. So far you are correct; for as to hostility, they have not shown, neither have they any. They never have persecuted you, because you did believe in him, and the Gospel; but you acknowledge you have persecuted them, for one thousand years. You, then, were hostile to the religion of the Lord of Hosts, by persecuting his people, while

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