the person whose language he professed to repeat, would ire not be reminded, that Justice required him to state the whole truth? Would not every upright mind pronounce, that such a testimony as was designed to produce a false impression on the court, 'was a false testimony? The ingenuity which continued to avoid the form, would only aggravate the guilt which imposed on men with the essence of a lie. I have deemed it a duty thus to expose the dishonest report of those who have often inveigled the unwary by a pompous profession of exclusive candour, liberality, and impartial pursuit of truth, without caring whither she may lead.

Before I take my leave of your readers, I would ask the learned among them, Whether Beza may not be mistaken in supposing that the nominative here, as in Mark xv. 34, is put for the vocative? Is it not rather an ellipsis of the substantive verb (5) which is so common both in Greek and Hebrew, and indeed in most languages? We have the same ellipsis in Rev. XV. 4, éto povos ocios, scil. €6.*. Thus the address of Thomas here corresponds with that of Nathaniel, in the commencement of this gospel, in John i. 50, ou ei BaosheUS TOU logarh, ou s ¢ ÉLos TON

bov. «Thou art the Son of God, thou art the King of Israel.' The eagerness of Thomas to confess his Lord, produced, as is natural, the elliptic form of expression, when he said to him, Thou art my Lord and my God.-- Let the reader semember the answer of that Lord and God: “ Thomas, because thou hast seen ine, thou hast believed. Blessed are they who have not seen, and yet have believed !'

* Bos Ellipses Græcæ.


AT WISBEECH. Dear Sir, . As your letter breathes the spirit of a sincere follower of the Lamb of God, I am sorry that it hath lain by so long unauswered; but bodily weakness, and a multiplicity of correspondents, both from abroad and at home, must be pleaded as excuses. Blessed be God, our salvation is nearer than when we believed! It should seein that you have now served three apprenticeships in Christ's school, and yet I suppose the language of your heart is, I love my Master, and will not go som bim ;' and oh what a nerey, that whom Jesus loves, he loves to the end! Do you not begin to long to see him more

Shou? of a Kina 'gladly Ay, Jabours. Twione. The love last

than ever? Do you not groan in this tabernacle, being burdened ? Courage, courage; he that cometh will come, and will not tarry. Oh that patience may have its perfect work! Many in this inetropolis seem to be on the wing for God: the shout of a King is yet heard in the Methodist Camp! Had I wings, I would gladly fly from pole to pole; but they are clipped by thirty years feeble labours. Twice or thrice a week I am permitted to ascend my gospel-throne. The love of Christ, I am persuaded, will constrain you to pray that the last glimmering of an expiring taper may be blessed to the guiding of many wandering souls to the Lamb of God That their latter end may greatly increase, even with all the increase of God,, earnestly prays,

Dear Sir, yours, &c. in our glorious Emanuel, Sept. 25th, 1766.



: How ought a Christian (male or female) to act, whose present place cannot be retained, except by complying with a family rule, to dispose of goods by sale on the porning of a Sabbath-day, and who, by abandoning such a station, would probably be involved in difficulties ? - and if a person so situated comply with that rule, and, under such circumstances, wishes to join a Christian Church, ought the members thereof to receive such a person into their society ?


Alatter of Regret to the celebrated Mr. Hervey, when he thought

himself on the Borders of Eternity. "Were I to enjoy Hezekiah's grant, and have 15 years, added to my life, I would be much more frequent in my applications to a throne of grace. We sustain a mighir loss by reading so much and praying so little. Were I to renew my studies, I would take my leave of these accomplished trifles, the Historians, the Orators, the Poets of Antiquity, and devote. my attention to the Scriptures of Truth. I would sit with much greater assiduity at my divine Master's feet, and desire to know nothing but Jesus Christ, and him crucified! This wisdom, whose fruits are peace in life, consolation in death, and everlasting salvation after death,--this I would trace, this I would seek, this I would explore, through the spacious and delightful fields of the Old and New Testament !


[Concluded from page 316.] And upon this further trust, That Ibe said trustee or trustees for the time being, shall, at any time or times, when thereunto requested by the major part in number of the men-sgbscribers for the time being, members of the said society and communicants therein, and wbo shall be attending at a meeting duly assembled for that purpose, ra:se such sum or sums of money as shall be directed by the men-inembers present at such meeting, or the major part of them, by a mortgage of all or part of the said tsust. estate ; and make any [conveyance, assignment, or surrender*] for that pur. pose; and also, when thereunto requested by the major part in number of such men-subscribers, being inernberg and communicants as aforesaid, attending at a meeting duly assembled for that porpose, absolutely make sale of the said trust-estates, or any part thereof, and the [fee simple and inheritance thereof, or residue of the term thercin] either by public auction or by privale contract, and in such manner as such men -subscribers, being members and communicants as aforesaid, or the major part of them for the time being, attending such meeting, shall think fit, and convey, assign, or surrender] the same trust-estates, when sold to the person or persons who Ahall agree to become the purchaser or purchasers thereof; and also, at ant lime or times, at such request as aforesaid {convey, assign, or surrender] the said trust-estates, or any part thereof, to any person or persons in ex. change for, or in lieu of any "other hercditaments, lo be situate within

miles of (the town) aforesaid, as to the said trustee or trustees for the time being, with the consent of such men-subscribers, being members and communicants as aforesaid, or the major part of them, pre. sent at any meeting convened for that purpose, shall appear more convenient for the purposes aforesaid, or any of them; and upon this further trust, That the said i rustee or trustecs for the time beiog, shall stand and be seisęd or possessed) of the hereditaments (if any) which shall be taken in exchange as aforesaid, upon the same or like trusts, and to and for the same or the like ends, intents, and purposes, as are hereinhefore expressed and declared concerning the hereditaments hereby [bargained and sold, or surrendered] or as near thereto as may be, and the nature of the heredila. menis to be so taken in exchange, and the purposes of convenience for which they shall be taken in exchange, will admit; and upon this further trust, that the said trustee or trustees for the time being, shall stand pog. sessed of the money, which, from time to time, shall be recčived on any sale, or mortgage, or exchạpge, which shall be made urder the trust hereinbefore declared, upon trust, to invest, lay out, or dispose of, the same, in such manner, and for such purposes, for' he benefit of the said Society of Protestant-Dissenters, of the denomination aforesaid, or for the improvement of the 'Trust- Property, or the enlarginent, repair, or rebuilding, of the Trust-Premisses, or any of them, or otherwise, as the major part, in number, of the inale subscribers, being members of we said Socie ely and communicants therein as aforesaid, and present at a meeting, to be calle. for that purpose, shall direct; and upon this furlher trusi, ihai, in case the said Society shall be totally dissolved or dispersed, and the public worship of God in the said Mecling-house discontinued for the space of two years together, then the said trustee or trustes for ile time being, shall [ convey, assign, or surrender] and assure the saje Trust Estates, hereby fbargained and sold, or surrendered and also the hereditaments, to be received in exchange as aforesaid, un to such person or persons in such mander and for such purposes, either religious or civil, as two-thirds in number

The words in a parenthesis are to be used thus : -- Conveyance, is the prepiases are freehold; Assignment, il leasehold ; aud Şurrender, is copyhold.

of those men-members of the said Society of Protestant-Dissenters, whoj il the line of such distolution or dispersion, shall be, and, for one year then next preceding, shali have been, subscribers to the support of the public worship of God in the said Meeling-house, and during the like period shall have been members of the said congregation and communican:'3 therein, shall appoint by any writirig under their hands; and the said (Donor) dolh direct, and the other parties do hereliy agree, that the per808 or persons who shall become the purchaser or purchasers, or take a mortgage or mortgages of all or any part of the said Trust- Estats, his, her, or their heirs, executors, or administrators, shall not be obliged to see to the application of the money to be advanced or paid by him, her, or them, respectively, as the consideration of such purchase or purchases, mortgage or mortgages, nor be answerable or accountable for the misapplication or non-application of the same money, or any part thereof, after the same shall have been paid to, or to the order of the said trustee or trustees for the time being, under these presents; and that every receipt which shall be given by the said Trustee or Trnstees for the time being, for such purchase or mortgage money, or any part thereof, shall be a good, valid, and sufficient acquittance and discharge for the sum or sums of money which theréin or thereby respectively shall be acknowledged or expressed to or to have been received, and that every sale and inortgage which shall be made, and contract for sale which shall be entered inte, and conveyance which shall be executed, by the said trustee or trustees for the time being, pursuant to the trusts herein before declared, shall be binding and conclusive on all persons claiming any benefit or interest under the trusts hereinbefore contained. Provided further, and it is directed, That when and as often as, or at any time after, there shall be only five acting trustees of the said trust-eslate, the vacancy in the number of trustees shait be supplied by the appointment of so many additional persons, being Protestant- Dissenters by profession, as will make up the number of thirteen trustees, such appointment to be inade by the major part of the men-sub. scribers to the said Mecting.bouse, being members and communicants as i aforesaid, who shall be present at a meeting convened for that purpose, and i with the consent and approbation of the surviving and continuing trustees : or trustee ; and that all such conveyances shall be made and executed (at the expence of the trust-estale, or the funds of the congregation altending the said as shall be necessary or deemed adviseable for vesting the said trust-Eslates in the then acting trustee or trustees, jointly, with such additional trusteess and that, of every meeting, for the purus poses aforesaid, there shall be public notice given on the Sunday preceding; during the time of divine service; and that the meetiny shall not be held earlier than the Wednesday succeeding such Sunday, and that no person shall be entitled to vote on any of the matters aforesaid, unless such person shall have been a subscriber to and a member of the said Society, auta communicant therein, twelve calender months prior to such meeting ; and that the trustee or trustees for the time being shall be entitled to deduct and retain all the costs, charges, and expenses, of and altending the execution of the trusis reposed, or to be repo:ed, in him or them, uuder or by virtue of these presents, Iv WITNESS, &c.

This Draft is drawn in the most concise form. It must be varied in the trusts as circumstances and the intention of the donor may require. The deed must be enrolled within the limited time; and all the circumstances required by the statute of 9.b Geo. 11, ch. 36, roust be observed. Covenants (if any are deemed necessary) should be inserted in a separate instrument.


[blocks in formation]

Evangelicana. ;


: . Young Ladies and Popular Preachers.
. An Extract from Dr. Hunter's Sacred Biography, Lect. II.

To the Editor. The following Observations in one of the Lectures of the late Dr. Henry Huuter, struck me so forcibly, and appear to be so applicable to the circumstances of the present day, that I cannot but recommeud them for insertion in your valuable Miscellany. They certainly exhibit a very important subject in its proper colours; and should teach us, in our just partiality for distinguished and popular individuals, not to wound the feelings, or injure the usefulness of those who have not the less merit, because they do not happen to be objects of this world's idolatry.

. I am, Sir, yours, &c. The cloud departed from off the tabernacle ; and behold Miriam became leprous, white as snow ; and Aaron looked upor Miriam, and behold she was Leprous. – Numb. xii. 10.

A SHOCKING example of divine displeasure against one of the most odious of crimes! My fair hearers, let me whisper an advice in your ears. I am no common place declaimer against your sex; I honour it, and I wish to improve it. You must hear ine with the greatest attention, and mark what I say. You lie ander a general imputation respeating vices of the tongue; but general imputations are for the most part un. founded. I do not mean, however, to insinuate, that you are totally innosent, or more so than the other sex ; for your affections are eager ; and what the heart feels, by the eyes or the tongue, you will express; and that expression is sometimes too stropg for either piety or prudence. I mean to caution you,' at present, on a particular fault of the tongue, which affecis my own profession, which is far from being foreign lo ihe subject, and in which I deem myself both qualified and entitled to advise you, Women, among other favourite objects, have their favourite systems of relia gion, and their favourite preachers; and, following perhaps the impulse of an honest affection, they are for establishing their favourite object on the spins of every competitor. What is the consequence in the event of difference of opinion, or of attachment, one man is uomercifully, unrebentingly run down ; and another is, with equal want of reason, magnified and exalted, Women, young women, good young women, think they are only yielding to the impulse of a pious affection when they applaud or cen. were this or that public character : but what are they doing indeed? Blow ing up one poor vain idol of straw into self.consequence and importance : and piercing thro', on the other hand, an honest heart with anguish ubatterable ; perhaps robbing a worthy happy falpily of its bread, ur, what is more, of its peace and comfort. I am no stranger to what is by some termed Religious Conversation ; aud I am seriously concerned about the lopics, of it: it gen:raliy turns upon persons, not upon things. Now it ought to be just the reverse. Persons always mislead us, for no one is wholly impartial; but Truth is eternal and unchangeable. Apply then the test :: Does the conversation dwell.upon this inan or his neighbour, his riyal or his enemy, check it, away with it, - what have the interests of Piety to do in the cast ? Had he never been born,' the foundation of God: would have good as it does, witboyi his feeble aid. Call no man Master in sacred things, but Christ; and take care that you measure neither or. thodoxy, sense, nor virtue by the inperfect, luctuating standard of your own caprice, aftection, or tiderstanding. Were similar punishment instantly to follow the vices of the lingue, as in the case of Miriam, I shad. der to think tiu nijany a fair face, now lovely to the sight, bust by to.

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