clandestine trade in American ves. Humanity, and to repair, as far as sels, under some neutral flag; in it is possible, the mischiefs occasi. which nefarious business there is oned by the horrible trade in slaves. reason to fear they have been too Marquis Lansdowne, Lord Gambier, successful. By the vigilance, how. W. Wilberforce, W. Morton Pitt, ever, of this Institution, they have Esqs, were of the number. been in part defeated. A valuable Although it be not the direct object ship was seized in the Thames, which of this Institution to diffuse the light has been condemned and sold ;

of the gospel among the natives of and the produce, about eleven Africa, yet, by promoting civilizathousand pounds, disposed of in tion and commerce, we trust that the such a way as is likely to render the way will be prepared for the intro. proper officers very active in making

duction of Missionaries and Bibles ; future discoveries.

and that the cause of Religion will A Letter was read from an African ultimately be promoted by its lau(á Prince, we believe) expressive of dable efforls. bis gratitude for the advantagos,

We are sorry, to find that the civil and religious, which he bad Funds of this Society are not rederived from his education in this plenished in a degree proportioned country.

to the greatness of the objects they · It appears that a native of Africa,

have in view ; and sincerely hope named Isaacs, who had arrived at thi

ved at that the affluent will come forward Sierra Leone, save it as his opinion and generously afford their aid. that the celebrated traveller, Mr. Mungo Park, was not dead, as had been generally supposed : he states,

French Prisoners of War. . That he had been bis guide through a part of the country; and must In 1907, the Missionary Society have heard of his death had it hap- printed 3000 copies of Doddridge's pened. We understand that Isaacs Rise and Progress, somewhat abridge had engaged to go in search of bin ; ed, in the French language, and and should he succeed in finding caused them to be distributed ainon him, is to obtain the reward of a those distressed captives; which were thousand dollars.

received wiih acceptance, aod it is The Thanks of the Meeting were hoped have been useful. Toled to the Committee, for their Since the above edition has been useful services. On the motion of exhausted, repeated demando have the Marquis of Lansdowne, Thanks been made in various quarters for were also voted to Zach. Macaulay, a further supply ; but the present Esq. the Secretary, for his gratuit state of the funds, and the extensive ous and disinterested exertions. nature of the Society's permanent Mr. Wilberforce and other gentle. engagements, do not render it agmen enlarged on the commendable viseable for the Directors to underzeal of that gentleman in the dis. take another edition :, they have, charge of his office; and particu. therefore, laudably declined it ; larly in the seizure of the ship, be- which has induced a few friends to fore mentioned ; and for his disin- engage in printing an edition of terested conduct in relinquishing a 3000 copies by private subscription ; handsome proportion of its forfeie and relying on the accustomed din ture, to which, as the detector of · berality of ihe religious public, they the affair, he was entitled. The have commenced The Work; which gratitude of the Meetiog was ex- will including carriage to the seve. pressed by voting to that gentle. ral depots of prisoners of war) cost man a piece of plate, of the value full € 200. of £ 50.

As many of the readers of this It was truly gratifying to see noble. Magazine may be desirous of conmen and gentlemen of the first cha. tributing to ihis benevolent work, racter assembled on this occasion, it has been thought advisable to anauxious to promote the cause of nounce, ibat Coutributions will be

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received by Joseph Reyner, Esq. ing, Westbury, Wills. Mr. Lacy 50, Mark Lave; the Rev. G. Bur- of the same town, introduced the der, 53, Hatton Garden ; or Mr. J. service; Mr. Honeywell, of Melk Taru, 12, Spa Lields.

sham, delivercd the introductory

discourks, &c. Mr. Stevenson, of
Provincial Intelligence.

Trowbridge, offered the ordination
prayer; Mr. Jay, of Bath, gave the.

charge, from 1 Tim. iv. 6, A rood Dec. 27, 1809, a chapel was

minister of Jesus Christ;' Mr. El. opened at Stokesley, a market

liolt, of Devizes, preached to the town in the north riding of York.

people, from 1 Thess. v. 12, 18; - sbire. Mr. Jackson, of Green Ham

Mr. Jones, of Trowbridge, concluded merton, preached in the morning,

8 with prayer. Mr. East, of Frome, from Hag. ii. 19; Mr. Arundel, of

proached in the evening. Whitby, in the afternoon, from Psalm xxxv. 8: and Mr. Muscut. We are glad to hear that a Peni. of Darlington, in the evening, from tentiary for the Reception and Re. Revelations xix. 12. - A Society form of Young Female Convicts, is was formed in May, 1805, by a few preparing in the City of Dublin. ministers, in the central part of

A Penitentiary for the Reform of Yorkshire, for the purpose of sup. Young Criminals of the Male Sex, porting an Itinerant to be employed was established in the year 18013 in that part of the county, called since which 941 persons have been Cleaveland. A suitable instrument adınitted. The happiest effects have for the work was fouod in the per resulted from this Institution. I son of Mr. W. Hinmers. The re- The Meeting of the Bedfordshire moval of some labourers, and the Union of Christians will be held at death of others, introduced him to Bedford on the 23d of May; when an extensive field; which is now Mr. Hughes, of Battersea, and Mr. yielding a delightful increase, thro' Casileden, of Wobure, are expected ibe blessing of God, upon his un- to preach. wearied exertions. The congregations are large, considering the in

In addition to what was inserted in commodious places where they met, and the state of the population. .

on our Magazine for March, of the The meeting - place at Siukesley

late excellent Mrs. Clarke, relict of

uns the Rev. Thos. Clarke, Rector of was an upper room: being too small. for the congregalion, and even dan

Chesham, we are desired to add, gerous when crowded, it was deter

for That she bequeathed the following pined to build a chapel; for which

Lecacies: a lady at York has given land ; and

To the British and Foreign Bible the people have subscribed among

Society, 100. themselves £ 140. The subscrip

To the Society for Missions to tions, however, having fallen much

Africa and the East, £ 100. short ofthe expenditure, the friends

To the Society for the Relief of

Poor Pious Clergymen, € 100. are consirained to look for pecile . niary, assistance to their Christian

To the Sundaş-School at Ches. brethren in other parts. -- We we

ham, £ 50. — Besides several Small happy to add, that another itiner.

Donations to the indigent. ant has been lately engaged for an

The executors hope to be able other district in the same county,

shorily to ennounce Proposals for who is principally supported by a

the publication of a volume of Sergentleman who is the Treasurer to. nibns, by the late Rev. T. Clarke. The Society.

Died, on Lord's Day Evening,

March 4, IS10, aged 27, at Notting

ham, in the faith, hope, and pati. Nov. 7. Mr. Barnes, from Box. ence of the gospel, Marianne, Wife ton Academy, was ordained pastor of of Richard Alliot, Minister of the the church of Christ at the Old Meei. Word of God in that place.

Contributors to the Missionary Society are respectfully informed, That only Collections, Anonymous Donations, and Legacies, are noticed in this Magazine; laut Hal the annually published Accounts contain the Name of each loctividual Contributor, whose Nanie and Contribution has been received by the Treasurer at the date of publication. MISSIONARY COLLECTIONS, &c.

8 8. d. Rev. S. Rooker and Congregation, Bideford - - 13 0 0 Rev. R Evans and Congregation, Appledore

6 0 A Friend at Bristol, by the Rev. Mr. Thorp

0 0 Ditio, by the Rev. Mr. Fletcher, Blackburn

1 1 0 A Young Person, by the Secretary

100 A Lady, by the Rev. Mr. Wall

2 2 0

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Addressed to a Minister of the Gospel on his Return from the Country

FROM scenes of war and tales of human woe,
From fields with slaughter and with carnage fill'd,
And deeplý crimsoa’d with the thousands slain,
Heart-sick I tura, to hail the welcome day
That to my longing eyes again restores
Him, from whose lips the words of gospel-truth,
Sweet as the balmy hreath of early spring,
First struck my list ning ears, and reach'd my heart !
(So Hope would whisper, and her honey'd speech
I not unwilling credit) yet wilt thou,
For much excuse he needs, again forgive
One who, in verse of most vucultur'd form,
And negligent of dress, or trick'd attire,
Presumptuous seeks, vnknown, to celebrate,
With no feign'd gratulation, thy return?

Soft as the gentle dew at early eve,
When sinks the day-star in the western sky,
Falls on the new-morn grass, the word of life,
From hallow'd lips outbreath'd, benignant falls,
Refreshing to the heart, tha', deeply-gall’d,
Knows its own bitterness and seeks for ease :
Man, unregenerate, atrends it not,
Immers'd in worldly cares er worldly joys,
And emulous to tread the dizzy heights
Of mad Ambition; or, with grovsling art,
Ransack the bowels efthe teeming earth,
To fill, with shining dross, his bursting bags,
A perishable treasure! fraught with ills !

0, dead to all that ought to sway the soul!
Deaf as he adder to tie charmer's voice,
And lost to every hope, man heeds it vo!!
Heeds not the voice that holds the promise forth
Of pardon d sins, of joys beyond the grave,
And free acceptance though a Saviour's blood !

In Folly's catalogue this most creates
Mute wonder, that, to vile and earthly joys,
And transient as the gleam of winter's sun,
Misjudging man postpones th’unceasing life, -
Toe endless bliss, ih'abundant weight of glory,,,
And crown of light eternal in the heaveos !

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O for the voice of Him who, girt with power,
And Heaven.commission'd, came precursive down
To Israel's favoured sons, proclaiming loud,
* Repent ye, for the kingdom is at hand,

Prepare the way, make straight the path for God !
'Tis thine, whose life harmonious with thy words,
And each according with the hook of 'Truth,
Refleeting and reflected, beaming round .
A sacred lustre, on the Christian name,
Tis thine to raise that voice, - to me how dear!
That, with just threat’nings on the harden'd race,
Mingles sweet promise of a Saviour's love,
And speaks at once of Heaven, and points the way!

For mc, unworthy of the sacred theme,
And least among the least, may never breath
Of early Morn, or fall of quiet Eve,
Or Midnight's solemn hour; buć speak of Hin
Who, full of tender mercies, died for man.
Wherber amid the busy hum of men
I tread the crowded street, or seek the shade
Of rural peace for meditation fit,
And silent musing on the wond'rous hand
That form'a, benignant, the proditic scene;
Or up; the rock, my native rocks and wilds,
At early morn I climb to watch the beam,
Sıreaking with burnish'd gold th’empurpled east,
in freshest glory bright; or catch the vay,
Steep slanting through the clouds, behind whose form
Sinks the broad orb of slow-retiring day;
la Spring's soft season, Summer's fervid noon,
"Mid Autumn's fruits, and Winler's drear domain,
Be God in all iny thoughts !- God, great and good,
In all that strikes the eye or charms the ear!
Amid the wondrous scenes Creation shews :
But not in all that charms i he eye'or ear
Amid this wond'rous scene, his love so shines
As in the sacred page, my dear delight,
That to a sin-benighted soul reveals , .
Redemption, through a dying Saviour's blood!

O Love beyond compare ! love most divipe !
Immeasurably great! be this my theme
Of daily meditation; and when Night
Her sable mantle o’er a slumb'ring world
Throws solemn, may my thoughts aspiring rise
To those bright mansions of eternal bliss,
Prepar'd in Heaven before th'omnific word
Spoke into being from the boundless void
This beauteous order ; or, resist!ess said,
"Be light;' and light, obedient to the call,
Sprang forth, rejoicing! May my glowing soul,
Enkindliog at the thought, unceasing, praise
Him who, in mercy to a ruin'd world,
Himself the ransom for the ruin'd gave,
And on the cross expir'd, that mao might live!

To thee, his minister, whose faithful word
First to my view exposid the wond'rous plan,
Or man's redemption, this unskilful verse,
Grateful I dedicate, bor thon despise
The humble offering of a muse unknown!

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Pripted by G. AUID, Greville Street, London.

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