and ye shall be redeemed without money :'-'from whence he took occasion pathetically to describe the miserable state of man by nature; how every one had' sold himself,' and parted with his title to Heaven to the basest masters, — Satan, Sin, the World, and that absolutely · for nought,' for the poor, perishing, unsatisfying, pleasures of Time and Sense! Then, Turning to the more pleasing part of the text, he expatiated in the most lively terms on the riches of redeeming grace, so free, so suitable, so complete.

In the course of his address, his languor and illness were lost in the apparent ease and energy with which he delivered himself; whilst.the sad pre-sentiment, that their minister, for the last time, was now addressing them, carried home his word with an irresistible force to the hearts of his congregation. At length, after he had been enabled to give the most awful warnings, solemn exhortations, and earnest entreaties, his feelings entirely overpowered him, and he burst into tears. Nor were his hearers much less affected. A painful attention was manifest in every countenance; many mingled their tears with his, and not a few were heard even in sobs. In short, a more solemn season could scarcely be conceived. After the sermon was ended, and the people leaving the church, not a whisper was heard; for each heart was too full to take the usual notice of each other. :

Fully expecting that his present illness would prove fatal, he requested that his funeral-sermon might be preached from Psalm xxvi. 8, Lord I have loved the habitation of thy house, and the place where thine honour dwelleth ;' from which words his rector afterwards delivered a very suitable and impressive discourse.

During the latter part of his illness, being informed of the arrival of some pious friends, he requested to be raised up in his bed, that he might declare unto thein the goodness of God to his soul. Fearing that it might be too much for his debilitated state, they at first begged him to forbear the exertion ; but he instantly replied, 'Yes, yes, I must say á few words to .you, for my heart is full !' Then they raised him up; when he began in a mild pathetic tone, scarcely able to overcome his feelings : -'Surely, goodness and mercy have followed me all my days; and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord for ever! He then spoke much of the gracious dealings of God with hing, -- adored the wbale of his heavenly Father's conduct towards him, although he had been a child of affliction : and trial: and, with much energy, expressed a complete confidence in the truths of the gospel.< The Lord,' said he,' deals with me in a way of peculiar tenderness : he kno vs my frame, how weak it is; and that it would be greatly shaken by a succession of rapturous enjoyments, or great exercises of conflict: therefore, in compassion, he gives me to see and experi

once a mother, Ih

ence such gentle, yet rich displays of his love, that while I am lost in the heavenly, meditation, it sooths my heart, and produces that desirable calm which ålone my body would support in this very weak state. Observing their concern for him, he

looked earnestly at them, and said, I only want to weep this .. once over the mercy of my God; and then I will indulge my

self no more, for I know it shakes my weak. frame. I hope'. continued he, “I have loved to declare the truth in the great congregation; and could have wished, had it been the will of God, to have died in the pulpit, especially the last time I preached, for I felt I should preach no more, and then it might have been by my death the Lord would have roused some to ' think of the importance of their latter end. He then related, to us the circumstance of Dr.Couyers, of Deptford, dying thus; and how glad he should have been to have made the same end. • But,' said he, 'such is the hardness of the human heart, that unless God had worked by his Spirit in the hearts of men, all would have been in vain! Many, at Deptford, after the scene with Dr. C , were impressed for the moment; but, upon the concerns and pleasures of this world being presented to them, they returned to their own evil ways; and so it might have been with my people. Therefore, notwithstanding that I wished that thus it might be, the Lord has wrought resignation in my soul, so as to make me content to die in this bed, thereby, causing me to give up my will to his; although my desire to live has been great, that I might continue to speak as an ambassador from God to perishing sinners, I am willing,' said he,' and ready to depart. “ I have fought the good fight, “I have kept the faith; benceforth, there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness! I am an unworthy servant of Jesus Christ; but he has loyed me, and made me feei nimi a very precious Saviour! Oh, the mysterious love of Christ!

his love is free and unchangeable indeed !'-Here he spoke much of the preciousness of Christ, and so rejoiced in his glorious salvation, as to render it too affecting to stay in the room! His friends were about to leave him, when he said, • Stay; I will not detain you much longer ; -- only let me . sum up all in the words of the apostie : This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, That Christ Jesus canie into the world to save sinners, of whom I am - When , he came to the expression chief, it was some time before he could uttcr it for his feelings. At length ħe pronounced the impressive word which he so deeply felt; then exclaimed, • But the Lord is my Shepherd ! I shall not, I do not want! When I pass through the valley of the shadow of Death, I will fear no evil; for thou art with me: thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me!

To one of his friends he said, a few days after wards, ' Come and see ine sinile; for I am made so happy by such a gentie,

· though sweet outpouring of the love of God, that I know

you will rejoice with me? His mind remained in calm resignation to the prospect of death : still saying his only desire for life was to be useful in the church of Christ below, and labour for those precious souls who, not knowing the value, were unmindful of their own. He expressed himself very much interested for the inhabitants of his village, and all his. hearers; and when any spoke to him of their earnest enquiries after liim, it affected him much; and seemed to revive a hope that some of them had heard with attention his dying sermon.

It will be needful for the experienced Christian, who knows what the inward warfare is, to be informed, that this devoted servant of Christ had his conflicts of soul. One whole day God saw fit to try him; and the enemy of souls came in like a flood, and caused him to go mourning, from the fear that he never had a deep heart-felt repentance, a contrite spirit, a mind changed and renewed by the Spirit of God! He that day thought, from the great alteration in his state of body, that death was fast approaching : he appeared to search deeply into the state of his soul, determined not to be deceived in any one point: he prayed aloud most fervently for genuine contrition and brokenness of heart, on account of sin, with a strong and saving estimation of the preciousness of Christ. He spent the whole day in these exercises, - Satan indeed harrassing him much by his artful suggestions ; but at length he, through the blood of the Lamb, conquered him and his fears; and his Saviour manifested himself to his soul in all the glory of his great salvation. He then sent for his friends to come and receive his dying testimony and farewell. Ås they had left him when in' a gloomy state of mind, they expected to meet him in the same; but how was their joy excited, when, instead of fears of his Saviour's love being extended to him, all his expressions were,' Oh, that I should ever doubt his love! Oh, that I should not have relied constantly on his unchanging word! Jesus is indeed precious, I find hun se! He then exhorted each individually, earnestly boguing them to see that they had an experimental feeling of ... the preciousness of Christ; and then took an affectionate and.. Composed leave of each, --- committing, and giving up his .. dear child to God, with a blessing, srying,' farewell, my little child. May the faith that was in thy grandmother dwell also in thee! Thou little knowest thou art now parting with a father, who would have been glad to have lived for thy sake; but he Lorci sees fit it should be thus.' — One of his earnest : extwüroos was, to keep the Sabbath, in living close to Curl; and by no means to profane that holy day of the Lord withi worldly thoughts, much less worldly occupations. .

After this, ite requested to be reinoved into the next room, pre

After the death with a 7, 1809 he

ferring to die therc; and in the prospect of death seemed to rejoice, speaking louder and with more cheerfulness than he had for some time before. He remarked, that his only holyday was now that he had no hope of life! Indeed, he appeared to have Heaven begun in his soul, yet blended ever with deep humility when he thought of his own unworthiness, and how much he felt himself inferior to all saints. A friend remarked to him, That an aged eminent Christian), with whom he was in the habits of friendship, would soon join him in glory. Oh,' said he, that will be a meeting! Colonel B. will be somebody to meet. . Such an eminent follower of the Lamb, whose light shines brilliantly, compared with mine! I feel (to use his own words) but a rush-light beside him!'

After this he remained in a calm serene frame, hearing and talking of death with great composure, until he departed. On Sabbath morning, May 7, 1809, he quietly ended this mortal life, sweetly falling asleep in the arms of Jesus, his Saviour, and his ALL, beginning a more glorious Sabbath with the church triumphant above, ever to enjoy it in the smiles of a reconciled God! The following Character of Mr. Brownrigg was drawn by a

Clergyman, who superintended the Early Part of his Edu. cation : : • To me he was very dear on many accounts. The abilities of his understanding were happily united to a most tender and feeling heart; and both were conducted by prudence, which formed a character singularly guarded and good. ilis friendship was not more warm than it was steady ; and his, fortitude to encounter dangers, at the call of duty, was equal to his patience in suffering affliction, when called to take up the cross. His plans for glorifying God and doing essential service to men, he prosecuted with unwearied steps, even when his worn-out frame was falling to pieces; and when the wheels of the machine were clogged by supernumerary diseases, the spring of genuine devotion gave it an impulse which Death only could stop. His faith being unfeigned, it nobly overcame the world, arid bade defiance to the last foe.' It suffered awhile; but resting on his Saviour's arm, it recruited its strength to encounter new trials, and achieve new victories!

• The Shepherd of Israel being with him in the valley of the shadow of Death, he had nothing to fear : he had his Shepherd's rod and staff to comfort him. The light of grace · guided him on this side the valley; nor did it set on hiin till he found the light of glory on the other. The cup which his Saviour filled till it ran over, sweetened the sharpness of temporal evils ; and before he was aware, the bitterness of death was past. Thus blessed is the man whose hope and strength the Lord is !


ALL hail, delightful season! thy approach seems to gladden every heart, and breathe new life into every bosom! before thy presence the shadows fly, the wintery glooms recede, and the whole face of Nature puts on a cheerful smile. The little hills and fruitful vales rejoice, the forest glows with renewed verdure, and the gardens and orchards array themselves in their gayest attire and most variegated tints ; while the sweet songsters of the woodlands warble forth their liveliest notes, as if to testify their joy at thy appearance. Delighted, I wander amidst this profusion of beauties; and to Reason's ear each seems to whisper as I pass along,' In me behold the wisdom, power, and goodness of the adorable Creator; and let me be a channel through which thy thoughts may ascend to him with mingled emotions of gratitude, admiration, and love!

How reviving are the warm and invigorating beams of the sun! No longer obscured by.unwholesome mists and floating vapours, it appears to have acquired fresh splendor, and to shine with brighter.lustre than ever! How can we enough magnify the Power that at first formed, and still preserves that immense luminary! and so amply supplies it with. light and heat, that, although it has been constantly emitting both for nearly 6000 years, it still remains unexhausted and unimpaired! What should we do without it? Were there no sun, our fields and meadows would be barren, - our lakes stagnant, our world a continual scene of darkness and dismal gloom, and our lives, if indeed we could live at all, melan

choly and comfortless! Let us then hail the resplendent . planet to which we are so greatly indebted! Rather, let us

adore the exalted Being who commissioned that planet to confer upon us so many benefits, and of whose glory its most effulgent lustre is but a faint emanation !

But there is another Luminary of far greater importance to the moral world, - a brighter Sun, whose beams irradiate the soul, and infuse gladness into the heart of the believer, in whose light we sec light; and who is the grand source, - the inexhaustible Repository of spiritual life, health, and joy! O thou divine Sun of Righteousness! bright image of thy Father's glory! shine into my bosom, and let me feel the full efficacy of thy vivifying influence! - dissolve the ice that chills my affections, and let them flow forth in lively ardour. towards thy blessed sclf! - dispel the mists that darken my understanding, and enable me clearly to see, and distinctly to comprehend the beauties of thy person and the excellencies of thy gospel! - and, o let thine enlivening rays, in conjunction with the gentle gales of the celestial Spirit, cause the

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