Villafrata, destroyed by Ximenes, in.

Valdata, her intellectual character, 1. Villena, Henry, marquis of, his literary
286, note.

character, 1. 14. Fate of his library,
Valencia, conquered by Aragon, 1. 16, 266, note.

lxxxiii. Loans by the city of, 11. 65. Villena, Juan Pacheco, marquis of, char-
Printing press at, in 1474, 207.

acter and influence of, 1. 70. Dis-
Vega, Garcilasso de la, rescues Ferdi- graced, 74. His league with the arch-

nand, 11. 15. Notice of, 18, note. Min- bishop of Toledo against the crown,
ister of Ferdinand, 282. Aids Gon- 75. Assists in deposing Henry IV.,
salvo at the storming of Ostia, 332. 78. His intrigues to prevent a recon-
His boldness towards the pope, 11. 7. ciliation of parties, 80. Supports Jo-
Ferdinand's deportment towards him, anna Beltraneja, 98, 165. Threatens
228, 273.

Isabella with imprisonment, 100. His
Vega, Lorenzo Suarez de la, liis negotia- endeavours to prevent the union of

tions at Venice, II. 8. His ability, Ferdinand and Isabella, 104. Appoint-
112, note.

ed grand master of St. James, 114.
Velasco, Bernardino de, grand constable, His avarice, 116, note. Incenses Hen-

III. 290. Proposed union of, with El- ry IV. against Isabella, 128. His
vira, 292. Facts respecting, 292, note. death, 134. Dissatisfied with the set-
His income, 434, note.

tlement of the queen's regency, i.
Velez Malaga, position of, 11. 12. Its 209. Favors Ferdinand, 273. His in-
surrender, 15.

come, 434, note.
Velilla, prophetic tintinnabulations of the Visigoths, overrun Spain, 1. xxxii. Char-
miraculous bell of, ul. 382, note.

acter of their laws, xxxii. Spain taken
Venereal disease, origin of the, 11. 501. from them, xxxii. Condition of slaves
Venice, the celebrated league of, 11. 290. among them, xxxv.

Aids France against Milan, nii. 5.
Ferdinand's negotiations with, 8. Her
distrust of France, 112. Projects

against, 330.

Partition of, by the
treaty of Cambray, 330. Power of, War of the Succession, 1. 139.
broken by the battle of Agnadel, 333. Weights and measures, laws respecting,
Continental provinces of, released from

III. 466.
their allegiance, 334. Becomes a party West, belief of land in the, 11. 116.
in the Holy League, 337. Disgusted, West Indies, discovery of the, II. 161
344. Her definitive treaty with France, Why so called, 167. Regulations of
for their mutual defence, 344. Laid trade with, 168. Preparations for a
waste by Cardona, 345. Daru's History second voyage to, 169. See Colonies,
of, 346, note.

Hispaniola, and Indics.
Vergara, Juan de, employed in the com- Western Caliphate, the, 275.

pilation of the Complutensian Poly- | Wool, in Spain, ii. 459.
glot, ii. 323, note. His epitaph on

Ximenes, 418, note.
Vespucci, Amerigo, 11, 482, note. Gives

the name to the western continent, 111.

Ximenes, Cardinal, his famous Polyglot
Viana, prince of. See Carlos.

Bible, 11. 201, note, 204. His birth,
Vicenza, cruelties at the capture of, m. 373. Visits Rome, 374. His return,
342, note.

and imprisonment, 375. Established


at Siguenza, 376. Enters the Francis- of, 326. His bequest to the univer.
can order, 376. His severe penance, sity of Alcalá, 327. The administra.
377. His ascetic life, 378. Made tion of Castile left to, 385, 386. Meets
guardian of Salzeda, 379. Introduced with opposition respecting the regen.
to the queen, and made her confessor, cy, 404. Opposes the desire of Charles
380. Elected provincial, 381. His to be proclaimed king, 405. Replies
attempts at reform, 383. The see of to the Castilian aristocracy, 407. His
Toledo offered to him, 386. He re- military ordinance, 407. His domes-
luctantly accepts, 387. Anecdotes of, tic policy, 408. His foreign policy,
388. His austere life, 389. Reform 408. Sends a commission to His-
in his diocese, 390. Example of his se- paniola, to ameliorate the condition of
verity, 391. Authorities on whom his the natives, 409, 477. Extends the
life mainly rests, 398, note. His moral Inquisition, 409. Assumes the sole
energy, 403. Goes to Granada, 409. power, 410. Intimidates the nobles,
His violent measures for converting 411. Burns Villafrata, 411. Public
the Moors, 410. Destroys Arabic discontents under, 412. His reception
books, 413. Besieged in his palace, of Charles, 414. Charles's ungrateful
417. His communications to the sove. letter to, 415. His last illness, 415 His
reigns respecting the revolt of the death, 416. Celebration of his ob-
Albaycin, 420.

Hastens to court, sequies, 417. Vergara's epitaph on,
421. General approbation of his meas- 418, note. His character, 418. His
ures, 424. His rebuke of Vianelli, ini. versatility of talent, 418. His bigotry,
173, note. Sustained by the queen, 419. His despotic government, 419.
187. Remonstrates with Philip on the His moral principle, 420. His disin-
recklessness of his measures, 248. terestedness, 421. His self-confidence,
His influence, 258. His conduct upon 422. His chastity, 422. His monas-
the death of Philip, 259, 273, note. tic austerity, 423. Anecdote in rela-
Honors conferred ; his enthusiasm, tion to his dress, 423. Quintanilla
297. His designs against Oran, 299. cited respecting, 424, note. His econ.
His warlike preparations, 300. His my of time, 424. Description of his
perseverance, 301. Sends an army to person, 425. Examination of his skull,
Africa, 301.

Addresses the troops, 425, note. Parallel between him and
302. Relinquishes the command to Richelieu, 426.
Navarro, 303. His entry into Oran,
307. Opposition to him, by Navarro,
308. His distrust of Ferdinand, 309.

Gives counsel to Navarro, and returns
to Spain, 310. Refuses public honors,
311. His return to Alcalá, 311. His Zagal. See Abdallah.
general deportment, 311. Visits the Zahara, surprised by the Moors, 1. 317.
families of his diocese, 312. Busily oc. Zamora, defection of, 1. 151. Ferdinand
cupied with his university at Alcalá, passes to, 156. King of Portugal ar-
315. Said to continue to watch over rives before, 157. Surrender of, 166.
Oran after his death, 315, note. His Zamora, Alfonso, employed in the com-
reception of Ferdinand at the univer. pilation of the Complutensian Poly-
sity of Alcalá, 316. Account of his glot, 11. 323.
Polyglot Bible, 321 ; difficulties of the Zegri, a Moor, his conversion, 11. 412.
task, 323; persons employed about it, Zeli, Hamet, the defender of Ronda, in-
323, note. His gratitude on its com-

trusted with the command of Gebal.
pletion, 324. His projected edition faro, 11. 17. His remark after his sur-
of Aristotle, 324, note. Grand projects

render, 38.

Zenete, Abrahen, a noble Moor, gen- reproof of Abdallah for his weakness,
erosity of, 11. 31.

II. 99,
Zoraya, the sultana, jealous of the sul. Zuñiga, Lopez de, employed in the com-

tan, Abul Hacen, 1. 318. Her success, pilation of the Complutensian Poly-
349. Her embassy to Cordova for the

glot, m. 323, note.
redemption of Abdallah, 379. Her Zurita, Gerónimo, his life and writings,

II. 292.


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