friend Job Haines returned home, whose kind services I desire ever to keep in remembrance. I rode again to Pleasant View, the comfortable abode of my kind friend Benjamin Cooper.

The next day, proceeded to Philadelphia, where I was cared for by my esteemed friend Thomas Stewardson, and his wife and family.

Fifth-day, attended Arch-street (Mulberry-street) meeting and preparative meeting, comforted in being able to sit down with Friends again in quiet, after so much warfare.



Sixtil-DAY, (18th of 1st mo. 1828,) attended the meeting for sufferings : various trying circumstances, in consequence of the outrages, which the separatists were watching their opportunities to annoy Friends by committing, came before the meeting, and which were deliberated upon and spoken to, I could not doubt, in a truly Christian spirit.

First-day morning, attended Twelfth-street meeting, which was large; in the afternoon the North-street meeting-a full attendance for an afternoon meeting, and a quiet, favoured time.

Second-day, crossed the Delaware, and was met on the other side by my kind friend Benjamin Cooper, whom I accompanied to Haddonfield, to attend the adjournment of the monthly meeting: we were favoured with a quiet, comfortable meeting together ; such a one, the Friends of that meeting acknowledged they had not for a very long time witnessed. After meeting, I returned again to Philadelphia.

The next day, attended North-street monthly meeting. Notwithstanding door-keepers were appointed to keep the meetings for discipline select, a person under dealing escaped their vigilance, and managed to take his seat in the monthly meeting : after the clerk had opened the meeting, a request was made, in as kind a manner as words could well be found to do it, that if there were any present who had not a right to sit in that meeting, they would withdraw; on this request being repeated without effect, the request was made in more plain and pointed terms, which aroused the individual from his seat, who positively asserted his right to sit there, and his determination not to quit the meeting: Friends, not willing to resort to force, adjourned the meeting until the afternoon.

Fourth-day, attended Pine-street monthly meeting. I felt comforted in sitting with Friends of this meeting, there yet being left amongst them many well-concerned members of our Society, who appeared rightly concerned for the proper support of our wholesome discipline.

Fifth-day, attended Arch-street monthly meeting : various cases of delinquency came before it, on account of separation from the Society, in principle and practice. I was comforted in sitting in this meeting, as well as others in this city, in observing the quietness and deliberation that was manifested in transacting the various matters that came before them.

Seventh-day, accompanied by my kind friend, Bartholomew Wistar, I rode to German-town, and took up my abode with my friend Ruben Hains. First-day, attended meeting there ; the day being stormy, the women's side of the house was thinly attended : if my feelings were correct, there appeared great openness to receive what was communicated, and I felt well satisfied I had given up to attend this meeting. In the evening, I proceeded to my kind friend and new companion, Joel Woolman's, a nephew of John Woolman, whose valuable journal is in print.

Second-day, my kind companion accompanied me to Abington, to attend a monthly meeting there, composed of the members left in the monthly meetings of Abington and Horsham : these two meetings united in one, formed an agreeable body of Friends to conduct the business of a monthly meeting. Both monthly meetings, it appeared, were deprived of their meeting-houses, their books, their funds, their registers, their clerks and overseers, who were gone off with the other disaffected members of these monthly meetings. Friends in this their collective capacity, were remarkably supported under their varied trials, manifesting nothing but a spirit of love towards those who had been, and were the cause of them. The meeting adjourned to the afternoon, to receive the report of a committee to propose to the meeting suitable Friends for overseers, in order that cases of delinquency might no longer remain unattended to; in the afternoon, it was comfortable to observe how much like brethren of one monthly meeting, Friends met; evidently manifesting an united desire harmoniously to draw together in the support of the discipline : the meeting closed under à grateful sense of the favours bestowed by the Divine Master this day. Fourth-day, attended Gwynned select preparative meeting

Fifth-day, (31st of 1st mo. 1828.) This being the day of Gwynned monthly meeting, we rode to the house of Thomas Chalkley Jamel, who had kindly offered Friends two rooms to hold the monthly meeting in; report was made that the separatists had in their possession the funds for the support of the poor and schools : cases of delinquency were brought forward, and committees were appointed to visit the defaulters; some of those who were advanced in life, and had taken an active part in the discipline, having joined the separatists, the concerns of Society rested very much on the shoulders of the middle-aged and young men, whose countenances appeared to manifest a sense of the weight and importance of the concerns, they were now called upon to take an active part in, and gave hopes of a succession of faithful standard-bearers

for the Lord's cause : a young couple passed this meeting unattended by parents on either side, they having gone off with the separatists, but had been so far prevailed upon as to send their consent in writing to the monthly meeting : their case excited the sympathy of their friends.

Sixth-day, attended the select meeting for Abington and Horsham, reduced to three men ; the queries were answered, and a good degree of care manifested to send forward to the quarterly select meeting a correct statement of their situation.

The next day, rode to Philadelphia, and attended the select quarterly meeting there: here I met with my kind countrywoman Elizabeth Robson, which was cheering to my mind; the time proved comforting and strengthening to me.

First-day morning, (3rd of 2nd mo.) attended Pine-street meeting; a considerable number of young people of both sexes were present, some of whose countenances manifested, I thought, that they were under the preparing hand for usefulness in the church. In the afternoon, attended Mulberry-street meeting; a still, quiet, favoured time. The quarterly meeting for discipline commenced the next day ; the body of Friends from the different meetings, placed as door-keepers to prevent intruders entering the meetinghouse, made rather a formidable appearance. The trying situation into which this quarterly meeting was brought, in various ways, through those who have gone off from the Society, obtained much solid deliberation, accompanied, I could not doubt, with earnest desires on the part of such as were taking an active part in the concerns of Society, that Divine wisdom should regulate all their movements. I felt well satisfied in having to share with Friends this day in the sufferings which they have to endure from such painful circumstances. There seemed ground to believe that Divine regard is still extended towards this part of His heritage ; for which favour may the members of this quarterly meeting be found walking worthy of the continuance thereof.

Fourth-day, rode to German-town, and attended the select quarterly meeting for Abington: this meeting was small; the business that came before it appeared to be conducted in much harmony

Fifth-day, the quarterly meeting for discipline commenced, and after sitting six hours, we separated under feelings of gratitude, that Divine help had been in mercy extended, whilst transacting its concerns. After meeting, I rode to the abode of my panion Joel Woolman.

First-day, attended meeting at Frankfort: the separatists keeping possession of Friends' meeting-house, the meeting is held in a private house. Friends are greatly incommoded thereby, the rooms being so crowded, that the air became very oppressive before the meeting closed.

kind com



Fourth-day, rode to Calne; attended the select quarterly meeting. From the answers to the queries, it evidently appeared there was a want of a lively zeal in this part of the family; yet there appeared to me cause for rejoicing, in that there is still left in this meeting an honest few, who are desirous they may be found giving proof of their fidelity to the Lord and his cause.

Fifth-day, the quarterly meeting commenced; the previous meeting for worship was held in quiet. When the clerk had opened the meeting, a pause ensued, after which an elderly Friend stood up, and requested, if there were any present who had not a right to sit in that meeting, they would withdraw; but this request not being complied with, a Friend stood up, saying there were such in the meeting, and therefore Friends could not go on with the business until they withdrew : much entreaty was used to induce them to do so, on which the disaffected party declared their right to sit, although the meeting was informed they had been disowned by their monthly meeting. As they persisted in refusing to leave the meeting, and made use of very abusive and bitter language, a proposal was made by Friends to adjourn the meeting ; but this the disaffected party in the meeting opposed with great violence.

After we had sat nearly three hours, subject to these interruptions, the meeting concluded to adjourn to Friends' meeting-house in Downing-town, till the next morning. When this conclusion was come to, one of the violent separatists from Philadelphia, who had come to aid those of his party in this meeting, came forward on their behalf, in a very dictatorial manner, and urged the disaffected part of the meeting not to suffer an adjournment to take place. When he found he could not effect his purposes, as far as language was capable to effect it, he endeavoured to persuade the disaffected party not to suffer the clerk to take the books and papers away with him, making use of as strong language as he well could, to rouse them to prevent him; and I expected, when the clerk left the meeting, he would have had an attack made upon him ; but he took such care to secure the books and papers, as would have rendered it very difficult for them to have effected their purpose. Two elderly Friends went into the women's meeting to inform them of the conclusion which the meeting had come to, on which the disaffected party nominated two young men to go into the women's meeting to contradict this message, who followed the two elderly Friends into the women's apartment; one of these young men was a son of one of these elderly Friends; such are the sorrowful effects of this spirit of unsoundness of principle, that it neither regards age nor sex, nor is it subject to parental restraint or affection. The next morning, attended the adjournment: the meeting for worship was short, but I believe it was a time of favour which many will long

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