ings sustained by answering the queries in such a summary way, as it opened a door for smothering up wrong things, which might at times creep into this part of the body. In one of the select monthly meetings, from the answers brought up, it was clearly manifest, that a breach of love and unity existed, and that these wounds were so deeply rooted, as to proclaim the language, that help was wanting. Although I evidently felt that there would be great opposition made by a party in the meeting to taking such a step, yet I durst not do otherwise than propose the adoption of this measure; this was warmly objected to by a party in the meeting, but by the weighty solid part of the meeting it was united with; divers Friends saying, that attempts had been made to have a committee formed to visit the select monthly meetings, but such a measure had been uniformly opposed. The prospect of Truth's prevailing over this spirit for awhile was cheering, but such a determination to quash the proposal manifested itself again, that this hope was almost lost sight of; and yet it did not appear right to Friends, who had the welfare of Society at heart, that this prospect of a committee's being thus set apart should be too easily abandoned. Friends were encouraged by some well-concerned strangere present, to maintain their standing with becoming firmness. While this subject was thus agitated, the mournful desolation that prevailed in the select monthly meeting of Jericho became more exposed, by those of that meeting who so warmly opposed a committee being appointed, whereby such a scene of oppression became developed, as would have pierced the hearts of most present. These things strengthened the hands of the sound members of the meeting, in their apprehension of the need of a committee being now appointed, to visit the several select monthly meetings; and by Friends endeavouring in patience to maintain their ground, truth prevailed over that opposition, and a committee was obtained, to the relief of the sound members of the meeting, but not until we had sat together from ten o'clock in the morning till five in the afternoon.

The next morning the quarterly meeting for discipline commenced : the answers to the queries brought up from the monthly meetings were couched in such general terms, as rendered it difficult to come at a correct statement of the situation of the monthly meetings; but it appeared in the present state of this quarterly meeting, nothing could be done to remedy this mode of answering

Seventh-day was spent in packing to prepare for the journey before me; and the way now clearly opening for it, I requested that the committee, who were entrusted with the care of providing me with a companion, should meet, and that I should be allowed to sit with them during their deliberations. I endeavoured to open to the committee my trying situation, having left my native land to visit Friends on this continent, and no prospect opening of any Friend as a companion so suitable but S. Wood; besides I should not feel myself bound to accept of a companion, though proposed by the committee, with whom I could not fully unite. These remarks appeared to make some impression on the mind of one of the individuals who were opposed to S. Wood's going with me, and I was told were likely to have influence in the monthly meeting. The committee commissioned one of their company to lay the matter again before the next monthly meeting, and to see that some Friend took charge of me to Purchase quarterly meeting

First-day : attended Hester-street meeting in the morning ; Rose-street in the afternoon: the latter meeting I sat through under much silent suffering, except at the close, when my mouth was opened in a few words: in the evening we had a large company at my quarters, mostly young people: a time of solemn quiet took place.



SECOND-DAY morning, 30th of 10th mo. 1826: I left the hospitable abode of Elizabeth Bowns in Broom-street, accompanied by my esteemed friend Henry Hull, in order to attend Purchase quarterly meeting; and reached Richard and Abigail Mott's before it was dark. Third-day, we attended the select quarterly meeting, which was small, a time in which we were favoured to witness the wing of Divine regard stretched over us, contriting some of our spirits ; for which favour the meeting appeared to separate under feelings of reverent gratitude and thankfulness to Him, who sits on the throne, and the Lamb immaculate, only worthy of all adoration and praise, world without end.

The next day the quarterly meeting for church affairs commenced; the meeting for worship previous to entering upon the business was very largely attended by men and women Friends. I doubt not to some it proved a time of close exercise and travail,that the Truth might have dominion over that spirit which was secretly at work in the minds of divers of the members of this quarterly meeting, to divide in Jacob, and scatter in Israel. The meeting for discipline then proceeding with its business, the queries were answered from the different monthly meetings, but in a summary way. I found, if peace of mind was to be my portion as 1 passed along, however it might be in the cross to the creaturely part, there was no other way to come at it but by simple obedience; I therefore ventured to cast before Friends the loss which I believed they were sustaining, by this summary way in which the answers were brought up to the quarterly meeting from some of the monthly meetings; thus depriving themselves of that help from the quarterly meeting, which otherwise they might receive by clear, explicit answers. It appeared to me, there was reason to fear the discipline in some of the monthly meetings was handled in a superficial manner; and by keeping under my exercise, strength was afforded me, I hope I'may say, in the wisdom of Truth, to point out the means whereby they might be enabled to apply a remedy: what I had to offer appeared to be well received, many solid Friends expressing their concurrence with my concern on the various subjects I had alluded to, and their thankfulness that I had been strengthened thus faithfully to labour amongst them.

Fifth-day morning, the parting meeting for worship was held : soon after I had taken my seat in the meeting, I was brought under exercise, as I apprehended for religious service ; but before it appeared to me that the time was fully come to stand upon my feet, a stranger to me in the body of the meeting expressed a very few words, but so fully comporting with the opening my

mind had been occupied with, that I felt myself brought under a very great strait; for my exercise continued, and yet I hesitated to stand up, lest the individual who had broken the silence of the meeting should be in league with that disaffected part of the body, which had been gaining ground in this quarterly meeting. My faith became very closely proved : I hesitated to move with the opening, lest I should become instrumental in feeding that, which my friends might think wanted starving, and yet I knew not how to keep silence : the struggle became very trying to my bodily frame, as well as to my deeply oppressed mind, fearing I had done wrong in not standing up sooner. But through patience and perseverance in endeavouring to come at the mind and will of my Divine Master, strength was given me to rise, and help administered to acquit myself, I had good ground for believing, to the satisfaction of my friends. On inquiry, I found my fears relative to the Friend who broke silence in the meeting, were without foundation: after the meeting closed, I humbly hope I may say my heart overflowed with feelings of gratitude to that Divine Power, who had not suffered me to become an easy prey to that evil one, who is watching his opportunities, if possible, to frustrate the Lord's work from going forward in the earth. We proceeded to Hester Griffin's to take our dinner: my expected companion, S. Wood had not arrived, but my mind was preserved calm and quiet, which I considered a great favour, and a state I had no power to command.

Henry Hull, intending to proceed to Peek’s-kiln, and the way opening in my mind to accompany himn there, we moved forward accordingly to James Brown's, who afterwards kindly offered to be my companion to Nine Partners' quarterly meeting; Henry Hull then left me and returned home. The carriage which my friends of New York had kindly provided for me, was not considered, by Friends who were acquainted with some of the road we should have to travel, at all equal to such an undertaking ; and J. Brown offering to accommodate me with a family waggon of his own, much better calculated lo stand the hard work I should require, I gladly accepted it ; yet it tried me to be obliged to take a step that might appear in any degree like passing a slight on the kindness of Friends of New York, in setting me out as they had done, with their best to accommodate my advanced age. About six o'clock this evening S. Wood arrived at my quarters, for which I felt thankful, his monthly meeting having furnished him with an unlimited minute to attend me : what can I say, but that it was the Lord's doing, and can it be otherwise than marvellous in mine eyes ?

The next morning, S. Wood, James Brown, and myself left Peek’s-kiln for Poughkeepsie. At Fish-kill we halted to give our horses a bait ; while sitting in the hotel a funeral passed the window attended only by persons of colour, which excited remarks from some company who were in the room with us, rather of a contemptuous nature; this wounded my feelings, and the behaviour of the mourners appearing to be becoming the occasion, awakened in my mind a degree of sympathy towards this degraded part of our fellow-creatures, accompanied by a willingness to join them to the place of interment; but as we were circumstanced, having barely enough time to reach our place of destination before it would be dark, and not knowing the course they were taking, I kept my feelings to myself. We proceeded on our journey, and to my agreeable surprise, after we had left Fishkill about one mile, I thought I observed the carriages standing that had passed our hotel with the funeral. I suppose my remarks thereon and my manner of doing it, caused my companions to propose our halting, when we came to the place of burial, which we accordingly did : S. Wood accompanying me, we proceeded into the burial-ground; the body had been deposited, and the last sod was then being laid on the grave, and some of the company had already quitted the grave-side. I requested the company to be called together again, which they seemed to do willingly; a solemn quiet ensued, and that which I had to offer appeared to have a humbling effect on many of their minds: the quietness they manifested, and the weight over many of their countenances, encouraged me to believe this act of dedication, which I had been thus strengthened to make, was received with feelings of gratitude on the part of the burial-company. were favoured to reach the residence of

my countryman, 'Thomas Smarts, at Poughkeepsie, before the day-light had quite disappeared.

First day morning, attended the usual meeting at this place, which was large, several of the town's people being present. A meeting had been appointed at my request, for members and attenders of meetings, at Pleasant Valley this afternoon, about the distance of seven miles ; the meeting was largely attended by Friends and others, and we took up our abode for the night with Silas Downing, who, with his attentive wife, amply cared for all our wants.

Second-day morning, 6th of 11th mo. we proceeded on our journey to Nine Partners, and took up our quarters at Friends' school,


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