ture ; in another volume he adds to the list, Cicero, Plautus,

and Florus. In the same volume there is also a compendium of mathematics and physics, 6 pages ; a philological treatise on correspondences

6 and hieroglyphics, 20 pages; and a plan of the work on the

“ Animal Kingdom,” 9 pages. 29. Love and Worship of God, part üi., 22 pages folio ; a portion of this work exists in proof-sheets (15 pages); the rest in manuscript ; but, it is not completed by the author (No. 51, S. C.).

Also Part i., with Swedenborg's annotations, 120 pages. 30. Papers containing Swedenborg's Controversy with Professor Celsius of Upsala, on the declension of the magnetic needle, about 25 pages, folio (in the Archives of the Academy of Sciences).

31. Papers read before the Swedish Diet, 47 pages, folio (No. 56. S.C.).




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A. Theological Works. 32. Arcana Coelestia, from Chapter xvi. of Genesis to the end, 5875 pages, oblong folio; 16 volumes (Nos. 8-10, 15-26, 80, S. C.).

This is not the copy which Swedenborg wrote out for the printer ;

but it is the original draught of this important work. It does not differ from the work as printed, but it is frequently scratched and mended, thus showing the steps which Swedenborg made

in preparing it. 33. Apocalypsis ExplicataThe Apocalypse Explained, 1826 pages, 4to., four volumes (Nos. 107-109, S. C.).

Of this work there exist two manuscript copies ; one which con

tains the original draught, and which corresponds in size and style with the copy of the Arcana, mentioned above; and another which is written out fairly for the printer. The former of these copies has always remained in Sweden, but the latter was brought to England by Mr. C. F. Nordenskjöld, in 1783 ; and it was printed there by Mr. R. Hindmarsh, from 1785 to 1789, in a large 4to. edition. The expenses of this edition were defrayed mostly by Mr. Peckitt, who also became the owner of the manuscript copy, and who presented this afterwards to the Swedenborg Society. In 1843 this copy was

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restored by the Swedenborg Society to the Academy of Sciences in Stockholm, as its rightful owner ; but in 1859 it was again borrowed from the Academy by Dr. Immanuel Tafel, who commenced its republication a short time before his death, but

never finished it. 34. Diarium Spirituale MajusThe Larger Spiritual Diary, 3. vols.

Under this title Dr. Tafel published a collection which, in the

the original catalogue, is called “ Memorabilia(Nos. 2 and 3) ;

1016 pages, large folio. The second of these volumes was among those which were brought

by Mr. Nordenskjöld to England, in 1783. In the course of time it came into the possession of Rev. M. Sibly, and after his death was purchased from Miss Sibly by some of the members of the Swedenborg Society, and was presented by them to that body. In 1843 it was returned by the Swedenborg Society to the Academy of Sciences; but they received permission to have

it first published, which was done by Dr. Tafel. The first volume which had remained in Sweden, was borrowed

many years ago by a professor in Upsala ; and either by himself or his heirs was deposited in the University of Upsala— where it now is. By the kind offices of Professor Atterbom

this volume was also transmitted to Dr. Tafel for publication. 35. Diarium Spirituale MinusThe Lesser Spiritual Diary, 134 pages, 8vo (No. 111, S. C.).

This little work was also brought to England by Mr. Nordenskjöld

and in the course of time passed into the hands of Mr. M‘Nab, by whom it was likewise restored to the Academy of Sciences, after it had first been published by Dr. Tafel. It was published

by him as Part iv. of the Spiritual Diary. 36. Index Diarii et Adversariorum—The Index of the Diary and of the Adversaria, 988 pages, oblong folio, 4 volumes in manuscript (Nos. 42-45, S. C.).

This work contains the Index of the memorable relations in the

Adversaria, and of volumes i. and ii, of the Spiritual Diary. Its original title is “Index Memorabilium.” It was borrowed in 1845 by the “ Swedenborg Society" for the use of Dr. Tafel,

who published it as Vol. V. of the Spiritual Diary. 37. Index Diarii, about 100 pages, fol. (No. 63, S. C.?).

This work contains the Index of Vol. III. of the Spiritual Diary.

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It was also brought by Mr. Nordenskjöld to England, and was sold by Miss Sibly to members of the Swedenborg Society. It was published by Dr. Tafel, in 1843, as Part vi. of the

Spiritual Diary, and returned by him to Sweden. 38. De Ultimo Judicio et de VerboConcerning the Last Judgment and the Word. 100 pages, oblong folio (No. 12. S. C.).

These two treatises were published by Dr. Tafel as appendices to

the Spiritual Diary. De Ultimo Judicio" extends from p. 1 to 123 in Part vii. 1 of the Spiritual Diary. It was published by Dr. Tafel from a copy made by Mr. Nordenskjöld; but it was collated afterwards by him with the original manuscript, and the result of this collation is contained in Part yii. 2 of the Spiritual Diary, from p. 48 to 86. In the same part is also contained the treatise De Verbo,” published from the

original manuscript. 39. De Conjugio-Concerning Marriage. 20 pages, folio (No. 14,

S. C.).

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This little work was published by Dr. Tafel, as Part vii. 4 of the

Spiritual Diary. An English translation of it was published

four years ago in New York. 40. Annotationes de Calvino, etc.--Annotations concerning Calvin, etc. 16 pages, folio (No. 48, S. C.).

The manuscript volume bearing this title is mostly blank, but its

contents were published by Dr. Tafel, as Vols. VII. 5 of the Spiritual Diary, and also under the separate title : De Justifi

catione, Colloquia, etc. In this volume, also, from p. 100 to 110, was the original of the

Canons of the New Church ;" but the leaves containing it

were torn out. 41, Adversaria, 4 vols., 1076 pages, folio (Nos. 59-62, S. C.). The whole of this work was published by Dr. Tafel. Its original

title was: Explicatio in Verbum Historicum Veteris Testumenti. The title “ Adversaria"-Common Reference Book

was given to it by Dr. Tafel. 42. Dicta Probantia, 39 pages, oblong fol. (No. 49, S. C.). This, also, was one of the works brought to England by Mr.

Nordenskjöld, and restored to the Academy by the Sweden-
borg Society. It was published by Dr. Tafel under the above

Concerning its contents, see No. 7, above.

43. Index Biblicus, 636 pages, large folio (No. 4, S. C.). This is the only one of the Indices of the Bible, which has the

spiritual meaning appended to each word. Its publication was commenced by Dr. Tafel, and finished by Dr. Kahl in 1868.

B. Scientific Works. 44. Part iv. of the Animal Kingdom, De periosteo et membris generationis, 210 pages, folio (No. 53, S. C.).

This work was published by Dr. Tafel as Part vi. of the Animal

Kingdom, and was translated into English by Dr. Wilkinson,

and published by him under the title The Generative Organs.45. Part v. 1 of the Animal Kingdom, "Concerning the fibres and the brain,” 368 pages, 4to (No. 74, S. C.). This work was published by Dr. Wilkinson, as Vol. III. of the

Economy of the Animal Kingdom.” 46. Part vi. of the Animal Kingdom, "De Sensu," 162 pages, fol. (No. 58, S. C.)

This work was published by Dr. Tafel, as Part iv. of the “Animal

Kingdom.” 47. Part vii. of the Animal Kingdom, "De Anima," 234 pages, fol. (No. 54, S. C.).

This work was published by Dr. Tafel, under the above title. 48. Posthumous Tracts," 169 pages, 4to., published by Dr. Wilkinson under the above title, both in Latin and in English (Nos. 65 and 74, S. C.).

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A. Theological Works. 49. Divine Love and Divine Wisdom, appended to the Apocalypse Explained, 72 pages, oblong folio (No. 13, S. C.).

This work was printed in London in 1789, from a copy made by

Mr. Aug. Nordenskjöld. 50. Doctrine of Charity, 40 pages, oblong folio (No. 11, S. C.). This work was printed in 1840 by the Swedenborg Society, from

two copies, one of which was prepared by Mr. Bilberg, and the

other by Mr. Aug. Nordenskjöld. 51. Colloquia cum Angelis, 3 pages, folio, published by Dr. Tafel in the Spiritual Diary, vii. 1, p. 134 to 137, from a copy prepared by Mr. Nordenskjöld.


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The original is in No. 7 (Swed. Cat.), entitled : “Register öfver

Memorabilia.” 52. Index Rerum in Apocalypsi Revelata, 75 pages, 4to (No. 103, S.C.). This work was printed in 1815, at the expense of Mr. Tulk, from

a copy made probably by Mr. Aug. Nordenskjöld.

B. Scientific Works. 53. Clavis Hieroglyphica, 48 pages, in 4to (No. 79, S. C.). This work also was printed in 1784, from a copy which had been

sent to England from Sweden.



54. Coronis seu Appendix ad Veram Christianam Religionem. Coronis of the True Christian Religion.

Swedenborg was engaged upon this work a few days before he

died; when it was taken possession of by Dr. Messiter. It was printed at the expense of Mr. Aug. Nordenskjöld in 1780,

who found it in the Doctor's possession. The manuscript is lost. 55. Index of the Arcana Coelestia. This work was borrowed by Mr. Aug. Nordenskjöld from the

Academy, and brought to England. It was printed in 1815, at the expense of Mr. J. A. Tulk. The manuscript has since

disappeared. 56. Summary Exposition of the Internal Sense of the Prophets and Psalms (No. 1, S. C.).

This work was first printed in 1734 from a copy brought to Eng

land by Mr. C. F. Nordenskjöld. In 1850 Dr. Imanuel Tafel borrowed the original manuscript from Sweden, and published from it a new edition of the work. Since his death it is not

known what has become of the original manuscript. 57. Canons of the New Church. This work was published by the Swedenborg Society in 1840,

from a copy made by Mr. Nordenskjöld. The original treatise was contained in the manuscript volume No. 48 " Annotationes

de Calvino," see our No. 48. 58. De Domino et de Athanasii Symbolo.

This work was also published in 1840 from a copy made by Mr.

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