Dead! dead! You call her dead ! Oh, speak not thus! her tender heart you grieve, And 'twixt her love and yours a barrier weave! Call her by sweetest name, your voice she'll hear, And through the darkness like a star appear.

Dead! dead! You call her dead! Lift up your eyes! she is no longer dead! In your lone path the unseen angels tread! And when your weary night of earth shall close, She'll lead you where eternal summer blows.


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You'll remember, relatives and nabors, how I crost the Atlantic Ocean and never agin set foot on my native soil. I naterally thought my opportunities there, in the British Mooseum and with those Egyptian Carcusses dun up in rags, and remaining for the space of six days and six nights with a skeleton grinning at me and pointing its long skinless fingers in my face and looking in an awful licentious manner, showing its pivoted legs — I say I naterally thought such an unheard-of experience would have prepared me for “the awful change” that follered. But it didn't.

One nite, cummin' hum from the Mooseum, where I had been instructin' and elevatin' several thousand pussons, male and female, I innocently swallered a fog--swallered it hull. I'd bin swallerin on’em ever since I'd bin in England, but that night I took in a bigger one than ever, and it made me sick.

I sent for the physicians that received the patronage of the noble lords and dooks and they made me sicker; and finally for the physicain “ to her most gracious majisty the Queen of Great Britain," - but their aristocratic attention to me was of no use. As I lie tossing on what is known as “the bed of pain," I seed a big light coming through the dark towards me. Behind that light appeared a grim skeleton, just like the pictur of Death in the Alminack, walkin' on tiptoe toward me; and quicker than a wink he put out his long bony hand and touched me-firstly, in the pit of the stomach, so I couldn't holler; nextly, he pressed his finger tips on my eye-balls, and they sunk right back into their sockets.

I tried to shake him off, and to yell, but I couldn't! Then I knew I was 66 dun fur." Next came what a printer's devil would call a

blank. I was skeered out of my seven senses, and when I cum to and tried to recolect myself, I was like the old woman in the song who fell asleep, and

"By came a pedlar and his name was Stout

And he cut her petticoats all round about;
He cut her petticoats up to her knees,

Which made the old woman begin for to freeze."

I was in the same predicament, for I was now only in my bare bones, and knew I was a rolecking old skeleton.

Wall, it gin me an awful shock to find myself like a skull and cross-bones on a tombstone, sittin' on my own coffin!

Presently I was grappled by a big worm with a hundred legs. He then sent for his feller worms, and they licked me from skull to toe-jint. After I had stood the lickin' as long as I could (they tickled so), I concluded to run away, so I started on a full gallop, and arter I had run awhile, where should I fetch up but in the vicinity of Vic.'s Palace. I know'd by pussonal experience suthin' of the feelin' manner with which the British public look upon the Royal Family, and a sensation of relief cum over my mind as I thought if I once entered their ground no one dared foller me. So I gin a spring and leaped right atop of the middle chimny. Owin' to private considerations, I did'nt mind the soot, but I clambered down, and there I was, to my amazement, rite in the private apartments of the Queen. She was sittin' at a table lookin' at a dogerotipe of Prince Albert; and I walked straight up to her, not feelin' a bit afeared, and making my manners, axed her if I didn't resemble the Prince?-rememberin' that the preacher had kindly said over my coffin that "there was no distinction in the grave."

I thought that as I was a pooty gay image of Death, I might remind her of the “Prince Consort.”

She looked up kinder sideways as I spoke, but she must have bin a leetle hard o' hearing, for she shook her head.

Then I thought I'd try her on another tack. So I placed my hands on my shakey knees, and bendin' over in this guise, so she could see me plainly, while my teeth rattled in my skull as I shook my head at her and growled :

“Haint you afeared of me, Madam ?” With the pirsistent obstinacy of the feminine gender, she refused to notice me. So I thought she was kinder

set up on her pins," and I shouted louder:


“ Victoria Brown ! Aint you afeared of me? Aint you afeared I'll tell Prince Albert of your dooin's ?

At that she gin an awful yell, and flung herself down upon a yaller satin divan, trimed with gold, and slobbered it all over with tears.

I know'd then I had a “mission to perform,” and that my fleshless bones were not given me for useless pleasure, but as a “warnin' to my race."

Arter this adventer I left the palace as I had entered it, "leavin' not a trace behind me."

Since that affair, I have bin goin' about “doin' good,” frightnin' the wicked into fits, and follerin' in the steps of the parsen, and thus working my way out of Purgatory.



RELATIVES AND NABORS, — Thinkin' you'll, like to know whether I'd bin roastin' in brimstone, along with Solomen and Lot's wife, and that you might feel consarned to know sumthin' about my further adventers, I'll continoo.

One mornin' soon after this, havin' spent a restless nite, I was thinkin' what I had best do, when I seed, cumin' rite out of a big marble edifice, a nice little woman about as raw-boned as myself. As she carried an open paper in her hand which was certified to by

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