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Mr. Ray Kline

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July 29, 1988

If not independent, how could the authority of the Commerce Department over the government corporation be defined?

The foregoing questions are merely illustrative. While we are interested in whether NAPA still believes the Patent and Trademark Office could usefully be made a government corporation, we believe the greatest value of a written report by NAPA would be in the explanation of advantages and disadvantages.

We are

The report should cover only the Patent and Trademark Office. not interested in whether the Copyright Office should be included in a government corporation as suggested in your 1985 report. It would also be useful to know whether there are other alternatives for reorganizing the Patent and Trademark Office besides a government corporation that would provide operating and financial flexibility.

We have explained to NAPA staff members the amount of funding we can provide. I look forward to hearing whether NAPA would be willing to prepare a report along the lines described in this letter. If further information is needed, please contact Herb Wamsley, who is Our Executive Director, or me.


Donald W. Banne

Donald W. Banner

DWB/vp 74188


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