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74th Congress, 1st Session

(January 3-August 26, 1935)


VOL. 1





NOTE.-The reports missing from this volume will be found in the bound volumes of Senate private



1. Property of Daughters of Union Veterans of Civil War in D. C.

2. Amend sec. 1180 of code of law for D. C. with respect to usury.

3. Recording and release of deeds of trust and mortgages in D. C.

4. To amend gambling laws of District of Columbia.

5. Disposal of property in custody of property clerk of D. C. Police Dept.

6. To permit stepchildren to be admitted to public schools of D. C.

7. To amend act to regulate practice of healing art in D. C.

8. Amend code of laws for D. C. rel. to unlawful entry on private property.

9. Acquiring land in D. C. in excess of that required for public projects.

10. Financial responsibility of motor vehicle operators in D. C.*

12. Independent offices appropriation bill, 1936.

13. Loans to farmers for crop production and harvesting during 1935.

14. Regulation of shipment in interstate and foreign commerce of petroleum.

16. To amend mining act of May 10, 1872, rel. to location of mill sites, etc.

17. Appropriation for Pan American Institute of Geography and History.

20. Prohibit making photographs of military and naval defensive equipment.

21. Extension of functions of Reconstruction Finance Corporation.

22. Clarify definition of disagreement in sec. 19, World War veterans' act.

24. Amend sec. 27 of merchant marine act, 1920, rel. to coastwise trade.

25. Appropriations for Federal Communications Commission, etc.

26. Establishment of Special Mexican Claims Commission.

27. Amend act for condemnation of dangerous buildings in D. C.

28. Amend laws of D. C. relating to condemnation of insanitary buildings.

29. To add lands to Malheur National Forest in Oregon.

30. Extend exchange authority and add lands to Willamette National Forest.

31. Farm credit act of 1935.

32. Amend 2d liberty bond act, as amended, etc.

33. Extension of air-mail contracts for 6 months.

34. To prohibit sending of unsolicited merchandise through mails.

35. Acceptance of bequest of Charlotte Taylor to Walter Reed Hospital.

38. Relief of officers of Russian Railway Service Corps.

41. Expenses of International Boundary Commission, U. S. and Mexico.

45. Farm credit act of 1935.

46. To enlarge jurisdiction of Federal Trade Commission.

47. Permit members of I. C. C. to serve until successors have been appointed.

48. Employment of chief accountant, etc., by Federal Communications Comn.

49. Investigation of American Telephone & Telegraph Co., etc.*

55. Changing date of Interstate Commerce Commission's annual report.

56. Agreement between Washington, Oregon, and Idaho rel. to boundary waters.

58. Sale of portion of Fort Smith National Cemetery reservation, Ark.

71. Control and eradication of shellfish pests.

76. Bridge across Ohio River at Wellsburg, W. Va.


77. Amend act to regulate construction of bridges rel. to tolls.

78. Bridge across Colorado River at Parker, Ariz.

79. Creation, etc., of Oregon-Washington Bridge Board of Trustees.

80. Bridge across Missouri River at St. Charles, Mo.

81. Bridge across Ohio River at Cairo, Ill.

82. Bridge across Snake River between Clarkston, Wash., and Lewiston, Idaho.

83. Bridge across Eleven Points River near Alton, Mo.

84. Bridge across St. Lawrence River near Alexandria Bay, N. Y.

85. Bridge across Arkansas River between Sallisaw and Keota, Okla.

86. Bridge across Waccamaw River at Conway, S. C.

87. Legalizing bridge across Dan River at Danville, Va.

88. Bridge across Missouri River at Garrison, N. Dak.

89. Bridge across Mississippi River near Cohasset, Minn.

90. Amend D. C. code relating to descent and distribution of property in D. C.

91. Permit laying of pipe line across New York Avenue NE., in D. C.

92. Regulation of real-estate brokers and salesmen in D. C.

93. Use of public buildings, etc., by 1935 Shrine Committee of Washington, D. C.
98. Erection of historical museum in Custer Battlefield National Cemetery.
99. Amend law rel. to commutation of subsistence for members of R. O. T. C.

101. To provide for maintenance of United States Soldiers' Home.

106. Amend War Dept. appropriation act, 1935, rel. to motor-propelled vehicles.

109. Emergency relief appropriation act of 1935.

114. Highway from United States to Alaska through British Columbia.

115. Promote efficiency of nat. defense by revising Army's promotion system.

116. Burial in national cemeteries of members of the President's Cabinet.

117. War-time rank for certain class B retired officers of Army.

118. Relief of John Carmichael Williams.

119. Pay expenses of participation by Army personnel in 11th Olympic games.

123. Distinguished Flying Cross for Air Marshal Balbo and Gen. Pellegrini.

124. To authorize opening of graves in District of Columbia.

125. Change name of Pickwick Landing Dam to Quin Dam.

126. Amending criminal code to prevent improper use of political influence.

129. Filling of vacancies in certain judgeships in District Courts.

130. Lands in Forrest and Perry counties, Miss., to be used by National Guard.

131. Washington-Lincoln Memorial Gettysburg Boulevard.

132. Provide fees to be charged by recorder of deeds of D. C.

133. Amend bankruptcy act to put raisers of livestock on par with farmers.

135. Bridge across Ohio River between Rockport, Ind., and Owensboro, Ky.

136. Bridge across Wabash River at La Fayette, Ind.

143. Federal Trade Commission to investigate agricultural income, etc.

150. Retirement of acting assistant surgeons of Navy at age of 64 years.

188. State, Justice, Commerce, and Labor departments appropriation bill, 1936.

189. California Pacific International Exposition at San Diego, Calif.

192. Interest payments on American embassy drafts.

210. Convey to Oregon University part of reservation at Coos Head, Oreg.

212. Refund taxes erroneously collected from building and loan associations.

226. Altering apportionment to certain States for public employment offices.

227. Continuing special statistical studies by Department of Labor.

229. Increasing number admitted to Columbia Institution for the Deaf.

230. War Department appropriation bill, 1936.

231. To lend equipment for national jamboree of Boy Scouts of America.

232. To fix value of subsistence, etc., allowance under pay readjustment act.

233. Provide for additional number of cadets at Military Academy,


236. Recognition of services of Roger P. Ames.

238. Detail officers, etc., of Army, Navy, etc., to assist Philippine Islands.

249. Amend war minerals relief statutes rel. to interest on claims awarded.

250. Emergency relief appropriation act of 1935.

251. Extending time for filing suit under sec. 19, World War veterans' act.

255. Members of Congress as attorneys in matters in which U. S. has interest.

279. Naval, etc., service of Army officers included for retirement purposes.

284. Relief of Nebraska.

286. Disposal of surplus property of Emergency Conservation Work.

287. Extending time for final proof by homestead and desert-land entrymen.

289. Amend agricultural adjustment act with respect to rice.

292. Treasury and Post Office departments appropriation bill, 1936.

295. Bridge across Mississippi River at St. Louis, Mo.

296. Bridge across Missouri River at Omaha, Nebr.

298. Regulating business of making small loans in D. C.

299. Conservation and settlement of estates of absconders in D. C.

300. Change designation of Leffler Place to 2d Place in D. C.

301. Continue Virginia-District of Columbia Boundary Commission.

302. Incorporation of Trinity College of Washington, D. C.

304. Authorize certain officers of Navy and Marine Corps to administer oaths.

305. Authorize certain officials of naval establishment to administer oaths.

306. Prohibit unauthorized wearing of medals and badges issued by Navy Dept.

308. Addition of public-domain lands to Rocky Boy Reservation.

309. Reserve public domain lands in Utah for use of Kanosh band of Indians.

310. For benefit of Omaha and Winnebago Indians of Nebraska.

311. Exchange of lands reserved for Seminole Indians in Florida.

312. Grazing lands for Paiute and Shoshoni Indians of Fort McDermitt, Nev.

317. Creation of Indian village within Shoalwater Indian Reservation.

318. Transfer lands from Cibola National Forest to Zuni Reservation.

319. Repealing law for taking of fish and game in Allegany Reservation, etc.

320. Development of mineral resources as relief projects.

329. Court of Claims to hear claim of Perth Amboy, N. J.

333. Give proper recognition to distinguished services of William L. Keller.

334. Establish national monument on site of Red Hill, Patrick Henry's estate.

336. Recovery, etc., of bodies of members of civilian components of Army.

338. First deficiency appropriation bill, 1935.

339. Disposition of vehicles, etc., seized for violation of liquor laws.

340. Antilynching bill.

344. Reduced rates for members of military and naval forces while on leave.

346. Amend act authorizing Chippewa Indians to submit claims to Ct. of Cls.

347. Payment of claims of individual Sioux Indians.

349. To increase efficiency of Veterinary Corps of Army.

350. Contempt to willfully fail to appear after having been admitted to bail.

351. To amend section 1015, Revised statutes, relating to bail.

352. Extending time for repayment of Crow Indian tribal revolving fund.

357. Add lands to Siskiyou National Forest in Oregon.

358. Include in Deschutes National Forest lands within exchange boundaries.

359. Add lands to Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina.

360. Losses from eradication of Mediterranean fruit fly in Florida.

361. Prevent adulteration, etc., of foods, drugs, and cosmetics. pts. 1* and 2.

363. Bridge across Missouri River at Rulo, Nebr.

*Corrected print.

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