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Department of Justice:

Court of Claims, printing and binding-
United States Court for China..

$1,000 3, 410

4, 410

Total, Department of Justice...
Department of Commerce:

Bureau of Standards..
Bureau of Fisheries:

Enforcement of black bass law...
Shellfish investigation in the Atlantic and Gulf States..
Total, Department of Commerce....


15, 000 250, 000

305, 000

Department of Labor:

Immigration and Naturalization, limitation for living quarters,

including heat, fuel and light increased from $22,600 to

$36,000. Total increase

544, 305 Amount of bill as reported to Senate.

98, 735, 305




FEBRUARY 25, 1935.-Ordered to be printed

Mr. JOHNSON, from the Committee on Foreign Relations, submitted

the following


(To accompany H. J. Res. 94)

The Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, having had under consideration House Joint Resolution 94, providing for the partici. pation of the United States in the California Pacific International Exposition to be held at San Diego, Calif., in 1935 and 1936; authorizing an appropriation therefor; and for other purposes, respectfully report the same to the Senate favorably with the following amendment, to wit; That in line 16 on page 8 of said bill after the word “may” the word “be” be inserted, so that the resolution, as amended, shall read as follows: JOINT RESOLUTION Providing for the participation of the United States in the California Pacific International Exposition to be held at San Diego, California, in 1935 and 1936; authorizing an appropriation therefor; and for other purposes

Whereas there is to be held at San Diego, California, beginning in May 1935, the California Pacific International Exposition for the purpose of inspiring national confidence and a higher appreciation of American institutions, stimulating business and industry, assisting the Government in bringing a more abundant life to its people, creating understanding among nations, and in commemoration of the four hundredth anniversary of the discovery of the Pacific Southwest by Francisco Vasquez De Coronado; and

Whereas said exposition is worthy and deserving of the support and encouragement of the Government of the United States of America: Therefore, be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the President of the United States be, and he hereby is, authorized and respectfully requested by proclamation or in such manner as he may deem proper, to invite all foreign countries and nations to such proposed exposition with a request that they participate therein.

Sec. 2. There is hereby established a commission to be known as “The California Pacific International Exposition Commission” and to be composed of the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Agriculture, and the Secretary of Commerce; which Commission shall serve without additional compensation and shall represent the United States in connection with the holding of an international exposition known as “The California Pacific International Exposition” in San Diego, California, in the year 1935, and continuing into the year 1936.

Sec. 3. There is hereby created a Federal commissioner for the California Pacific International Exposition, such commissioner to be appointed by the President upon the nomination of the Secretary of Agriculture, who shall select for this purpose an official of his Department who has had experience in, and is familiar with, the preparation and management of exhibitions, and who will serve in this capacity without additional salary. That the expenses of the Federal commissioner and such staff as he may require will be met out of the funds provided for the purposes of the Government participation in the exposition.

Sec. 4. The Commission shall prescribe the duties of the Federal commissioner and shall delegate such powers and functions to him as it shall deem advisable, in order that there may be exhibited at the California Pacific International Exposition by the Government of the United States, its executive departments, independent offices, and establishments such articles and materials as illustraté the function and administrative faculty of the Government in the advancement of industry, the arts, and peace, demonstrating the nature of our institutions particularly as regards their adaptation to the wants of the people.

Sec. 5. The commissioner may employ such clerks, stenographers, and other assistants as may be necessary and fix their reasonable compensation within the grades and rates of compensation fixed by the Classification Act of 1923, as amended; purchase such material, contract for such labor and other services, and exercise such powers as are delegated to him by the Commission as herein before provided, and in order to facilitate the functioning of his office may subdelegate such powers (authorized or delegated) to officers and employees as may be deemed advisable by the Commission.

Sec. 6. The heads of the various executive departments and independent offices and establishments of the Government are authorized to cooperate with the commissioner in the procurement, installation, and display of exhibits; to lend to the California Pacific International Exposition, with the knowledge and consent of the commissioner, such articles, specimens, and exhibits which the commissioner shall deem to be in the interest of the United States, to place with the science or other exhibits to be shown under the auspices of that corporation; to contract for such labor or other services as shall be deemed necessary, and to designate officials or employees of their departments or branches to assist the commissioner. At the close of the exposition, or when the connection of the Government of the United States therewith ceases, the commissioner shall cause all such property to be returned to the respective departments and branches from which taken; and any expenses incident to the restoration, modification, and revision of such property to a condition which will permit its use at subsequent expositions and fairs, and for the continued employment of personnel necessary to close out the fiscal and other records and prepare the required reports of the participating organizations, may be paid from the appropriation provided; and if the return of such property is not practicable, he may, with the consent of the department or branch from which it was taken, make such disposition thereof as he may deem advisable and account therefor.

Sec. 7. The sum of $350,000 is hereby authorized to be appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, to remain available until expended, of which sum not to exceed the sum of $125,000 may be expended for the erection of such building or group of buildings, and/or for the rental of such space, as the Commission may deem adequate to carry out effectively the provisions of this resolution; for the decoration of such structure or structures; for the proper maintenance of such buildings, site, and grounds during the period of the exposition. The Commission may contract with the California Pacific International Exposition for the designing and erection of such building or buildings and/or for the rental of such space as shall be deemed proper. The remaining portion of the appropriation authorized under this resolution shall be available for the selection, purchase, preparation, assembling, transportation, installation, arrangement, safe-keeping, exhibition, demonstration, and return of such articles and materials as the Commission may decide shall be included in such Government exhibit and in the exhibits of the California Pacific International Exposition; for the compensation of the employees of the Commission in the District of Columbia and elsewhere, for the payment of salaries of officers and employees of the Government, employed by or detailed for duty with the Commission, and for their actual traveling expenses and subsistence at not to exceed $6 per day: Provided, That no such official or employee so designated shall receive a salary in excess of the amount which he has been receiving in the department or branch where employed plus such reasonable allowance for subsistence expenses as may be deemed proper by the commissioner; for telephone service, purchase of furni

ture and equipment, stationery and supplies, typewriting, adding, duplicating, and computing machines, their accessories and repairs, books of reference and periodicals, uniforms, maps, reports, documents, plans, specifications, manuscripts, newspapers and all other publications, ice and drinking water for office purposes: Provided, That payment for telephone service, rents, subscriptions to newspapers and periodicals, and other similar purposes may be made in advance, for the hire of a passenger-carrying automobile, its maintenance, repair, and operation, for the official use of the commissioner, for printing and binding; for entertainment of distinguished visitors, and all other expenses as may be deemed necessary by the Commission to fulfill properly the purposes of this resolution. All purchases, expenditures, and disbursements, under any appropriations which may be provided by authority of this resolution, shall be made under the direction of the Commission: Provided, That the Commission, as hereinbefore stipulated, may delegate these powers and functions to the commissioner, and the commissioner, with the consent of the Commission, may subdelegate them: And provided further, That the Commission or its delegated representative may authorize the allotment of funds to any executive department, independent office, or establishment of the Government with the consent of the heads thereof for direct expenditure by said executive department, independent office, or establishment for the purpose of defraying any expenditure which may be incurred by said executive department, independent office, or establishment in executing the duties and functions delegated to said office by the Commission; and all accounts and vouchers covering expenditures under these appropriations shall be approved by the commissioner or such assistants as he may delegate, except for such allotments as may be made to the various executive departments and establishments for direct expenditure; but these provisions shall not be construed to waive the submission of accounts and vouchers to the General Accounting Office for audit or permit any obligations to be incurred in excess of the amount authorized to be appropriated: Provided, That in the construction of buildings or exhibits requiring skilled and unskilled labor, the prevailing rate of wages, as provided in the Act of March 3, 1931, shall be paid.

Sec. 8. The commissioner, with the approval of the Commission, may receive from any source contributions to aid in carrying out the general purposes of this resolution, but the same shall be expended and accounted for in the same manner as any appropriation which may be made under authority of this resolution. The commissioner is also authorized to receive contributions of material, or borrow material or exhibits, to aid in carrying out the general purposes of this resolution; and at the close of the exposition or when the connection of the Government of the United States therewith ceases, shall dispose of any such portion of the material contributed as may be unused, and return such borrowed property; and, under the direction of the Commission, dispose of any buildings which may have been constructed and account therefor: Provided, That all disposition of materials, property, buildings, and so forth, shall be at public sale to the highest bidder and the proceeds thereof shall be covered into the Treasury of the United States.

Sec. 9. It shall be the duty of the Commission to transmit to Congress, within six months after the close of the exposition, a detailed statement of all expenditures, and such other reports as may be deemed proper, which reports shall be prepared and arranged with a view to concise statement and convenient reference.

For the information of the Senate it is here stated that this resolution, except as herein amended by the insertion of the word "be" in line 16 on page 8 to supply an inadvertent omission, was passed by the House on February 14, 1935; and for the further information of the Senate, it is added that when the resolution was pending before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, its author appeared before the House Committee and submitted the following statement, which is made a part of this report.

The statement is as follows:
Mr. Chairman and Members of the Committee;

Twenty years ago the city of San Diego held an exposition to celebrate the completion of the Panama Canal. It was known as the “Panama-California exposition", and opened its gates on the 1st day of January 1915. At the time we organized our exposition company, San Diego had a population of only 40,000

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