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364. Bridge across Chesapeake Bay between Baltimore and Kent counties, Md.

365. Establishment of Homestead National Monument of America.

367. Thirty-hour work week bill. pts. 1* and 2.

372. Qualifications of practitioners of law in D. C.

374. Articles for exhibition at California Pacific International Exposition.

375. Agricultural appropriation bill, 1936.

376. Amend Inland Waterways Corporation act.

377. Extending time for modification of Government contracts.

378. Flood control on Coquille River.

379. Flood control on Umpqua River.

380. Flood control on Nehalem River, etc.

381. Flood control on Willamette River.

382. Cooperation with Marysville school dist. no. 325, Snohomish County, Wash.

383. Adjustment of contracts for sale of timber on national forests.

384. Compact or agreement for division of waters of Little Missouri River.

385. Compact for division of waters of Columbia River and its tributaries.

386. Granting right-of-way across San Antonio Arsenal to San Antonio, Tex.

387. Transfer of certain military reservations to other departments of Govt.

388. Authorize exchange of lands at military reservations.

389. Mileage payments to Bureau of Reclamation employees.

391. Provide for prevention of blindness in infants born in D. C.

392. Permit Smoot Sand & Gravel Corporation to construct pipe lines in D. C.

393. Negligent homicide in District of Columbia.

394. Authorize loan from P. W. A. to D. C. to build small courts buildings.

395. Collection and publication of statistics of peanuts.

397. Transfer lands to Interior Dept. for benefit of Yavapai Indians, Arizona.

402. Provide for aviation cadets in Naval Reserve and Marine Corps Reserve.

403. Bitter Root Irrigation District contract.

404. Suppression of prostitution in District of Columbia.

405. Additional judges for district courts and for circuit court of U. S.

406. District of Columbia appropriation bill, 1936.

407. Secretary of Navy to proceed with construction of certain public works.

410. Reimburse Fort Belknap Indian tribal funds.

411. Reimburse Crow Indian tribal funds.

413. Payment to Sac and Fox Indians of certain tribal funds.

414. Reimburse Klamath Indian tribal funds.

416. Acquire land to provide means of access to post office at Jonesboro, Ark.

419. Military instructor for high-school cadets of Washington, D. C.

420. Cooperation with public-school districts in Glacier County, Mont.

421. Cooperation with school district no. 23, Polson, Mont.

422. Cooperation with school district no. 28, Lake and Missoula counties, Mont.

423. Cooperation with school board at Brockton, Mont.

424. Appropriation for completion of public high school at Frazer, Mont.

425. To regulate strength and distribution of the line of Navy.

426. Credit service of officers of Army, etc., after June 30, 1932, rel. to pay.

427. Naval personnel to wear miniature facsimiles in lieu of special medals.

428. Compensate Chippewa Indians of Minnesota for swamp lands.

429. Cooperation with White Swan school district no. 88, Yakima County, Wash.

430. Cooperation with public school board at Covelo, Calif.

432. Reimbursement of California.

433. Establish uniform requirements affecting Government contracts.

*Corrected print.


435. Extension and completion of Capitol.

436. Defining exterior boundaries of Navajo Reservation in New Mexico.

437. Granting leave of absence to settlers of homestead lands during 1935.

438. To provide additional home-mortgage relief, etc.

444. Importation of Philippine cordage.

445. Relief of Baltimore, Md.

446. To create Farmers' Home Corporation to deal with farm problems.

453. To amend Tennessee Valley Authority act.

454. Trial by court martial of naval personnel for murder outside of U. S.

455. Assignment of assistants to major general commandant of Marine Corps.

456. Amend sec. 1383, Revised statutes, rel. to officers of Supply Corps, Navy.

457. Relief of present leaders of Navy Band and Marine Band.

458. Exchange lands with Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac R. R.

460. Relating to undelivered parcels of 1st class.

461. Punish persons knowingly causing delivery by mail of nonmailable matter.

462. To include as 2d-class matter certain religious periodicals.

463. Coins in commemoration of founding of Hudson, N. Y.

464. Appropriation to pay Osage Indians on account of lands sold by U. S.

465. Arapahoe and Cheyenne Indians jurisdictional bill.

466. Protection of land resources against soil erosion.

467. Amend act creating Wild Rice Lake Indian Reserve in Minnesota.

468. Amend agricultural adjustment act to include hops as basic commodity.

469. Public order during convention of Imperial Council of Mystic Shrine.

470. To stabilize bituminous-coal-mining industry.

474. Cooperation with public-school board at Queets, Wash.

475. Cooperation with public-school board of Shannon County, S. Dak.

476. Leasing restricted lands of Five Civilized Tribes in Oklahoma.

477. Jurisdiction over Osage Indian drug and liquor addicts.

478. Osage tribal and individual affairs.

479. Extend emergency officers' retirement act to provisional officers.

480. Secretary of Navy to accept land at Parris Island from South Carolina.

481. To abolish Puerto Rican Hurricane Relief Commission.

482. Motor carrier act, 1935.

483. Settlement of losses sustained by cooperative marketing associations.

484. Amend law rel. to residence of U. S. comnr. for Crater Lake National Park.

485. To amend act for collection and publication of statistics of tobacco.

486. Fixing standards for containers for fruits or vegetables.

487. To amend packers and stockyards act rel. to shipment of poultry.

489. Cooperation with public-school board at Wolf Point, Mont.

490. Cooperation with public-school board at Poplar, Mont.

491. Interior Department appropriation bill, 1936.

492. Deposit of public moneys in Canal Zone.

493. To regulate defense of alibi in criminal cases.

494. Comment upon failure of defendant in criminal case to testify.

495. Amending law regulating sale of property under court order.*

498. Amendments to bankruptcy act rel. to extensions for farmers.

499. United States participation in Interparliamentary Union.

500. Amend bankruptcy act so as to give relief to nonprofit companies, etc.

502. Control of soil erosion, etc., within Uinta and Wasatch national forests.

503. Flood control on Sebewaing River, Mich.

504. St. Lawrence River bridge at Ogdensburg, N. Y.

*Corrected print.


505. Flood control on Spokane River, Idaho.

508. Compensation of registers of district land offices.

509. Computation of service of Naval Academy graduates retired for age, etc.

510. Transfer of lands near Vallejo, Calif., to Navy Department.

512. Remove rock from submarine and destroyer base reservation, Astoria, Oreg.

526. Authorizing Ketchikan, Alaska, to issue bonds.

527. Sale to U. S. of certain bonds of municipal governments in Puerto Rico.

528. Authorizing Valdez, Alaska, to issue bonds.

529. To ratify corporate existence of Nome, Alaska, and authorize bond issue.

530. Municipal electric system for Seward, Alaska.

531. Authorizing Petersburg, Alaska, to issue bonds.

532. Further development of cooperative agricultural extension work, etc.

535. Set aside lands for Chippewa Indians in Minnesota.

536. Cooperation with public school district, Duchesne County, Utah.

540. Publication of America secure, analytical register of Army officers, etc.

542. Amend criminal code so as to bring down to date Federal conformity act.

546. Coins in connection with California Pacific International Exposition.

547. Establishment of Big Bend National Park in Texas.

548. Amend agricultural adjustment act.

550. Conversion of adjusted-service certificates.

553. Observance of 300th anniversary of founding of Colony of Connecticut.

554. Exchanging portion of naval station and lighthouse station, Key West.

556. Fred C. Ainsworth Endowment Library at Walter Reed General Hospital.

558. Give District Courts additional jurisdiction of bills of interpleader.

561. Additional judges for southern district of California.


1st Session




No. 1


JANUARY 3 (calendar day, JANUARY 7), 1935.-Ordered to be printed

Mr. CAPPER, from the Committee on the District of Columbia,

submitted the following


[To accompany S. 364)

The Committee on the District of Columbia, to whom was referred the bill (S. 364) to exempt from taxation certain property of the Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War in the District of Columbia, having considered the same, report the bill to the Senate and recommend that the bill do pass.

The purpose of the bill is to exempt from taxation the property situated in square no. 137 in the city of Washington, District of Columbia, known as lot 36, occupied and used by the Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War, so long as the same is so owned, occupied, and used, subject to the provisions of the existing law relating to the exemption of charitable, church, and school property. Under existing law the exemption of property of charitable institutions is limited to buildings belonging to institutions of purely public charity. This limitation has been construed not to include property of a patriotic society, even though a committee of that society is engaged in work of a charitable nature. It is the view of your committee that this property of the Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War of the District of Columbia, being used solely for charitable purposes, should be given the benefit of the same exemption from taxation which is accorded property of institutions performing work of a like nature.


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