India and Her Neighbours

G. Munro, 1878 - 282 pages

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Page 153 - Distinctions of colour are of his ordination. It is he who gives existence. In your temples, to his name the voice is raised in prayer : in a house of images, where the bell is shaken, still he is the object of adoration. To vilify the religion or customs of other men, is to set at naught the pleasure of the Almighty.
Page 258 - Providence, internal tranquillity shall be restored, it is our earnest desire to stimulate the peaceful industry of India, to promote works of public utility and improvement, and to administer the government for the benefit of all our subjects resident therein. In their prosperity will be our strength, in their contentment our security, and in their gratitude our best reward.
Page 108 - With the loss of twenty-two soldiers killed and fifty wounded, Clive had scattered an army of near sixty thousand men, and subdued an empire larger and more populous than Great Britain.
Page 108 - Dowlah's service fell. Disorder began to spread through his ranks. His own terror increased every moment. One of the conspirators urged on him the expediency of retreating. The insidious advice, agreeing as it did with what his own terrors suggested, was readily received. He ordered his army to fall back, and this order decided his fate.
Page 125 - The cup is now full to the brim, and cannot hold another drop. If anything can be done, do it or else answer me plainly at once : hereafter there will be no time for writing nor speaking.
Page 108 - No mob attacked by regular soldiers was ever more completely routed. The little band of Frenchmen who alone ventured to confront the English, were swept down the stream of fugitives. In an hour the forces of Surajah Dowlah were dispersed, never to reassemble.
Page 271 - Mon père, Cessez de vous troubler, vous n'êtes point trahi. Quand vous commanderez, vous serez obéi. Ma vie est votre bien. Vous voulez le reprendre : Vos ordres sans détour pouvaient se faire entendre.
Page 281 - Gulf, might be maintained and used simultaneously ; that at certain seasons and for certain purposes the advantage would lie with the one, and at other seasons and for other purposes it would lie with the other; that it may fairly be expected that in process of time traffic enough for the support of both would develop itself, but that this result must not be expected too soon...
Page 108 - The battle commenced with a cannonade, in which the artillery of the Nabob did scarcely any execution while the few field-pieces of the English produced great effect. Several of the most distinguished officers in Surajah Dowlah's service fell.
Page 153 - During your majesty's reign, many have been alienated from the empire, and farther loss of territory must necessarily follow, since devastation and rapine now universally prevail without restraint. Your subjects are trampled under foot, and every province of your empire is impoverished ; depopulation spreads, and difficulties accumulate.

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