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Liberty to enlarge themselves upon it; the better to Prepare Myself and Others for it. And my Meditations on this Subject especially, I hope Have been and will be Useful to myself, both Living and Dying: God grant they may be fo to many Others also

The Great End of our Preaching is the Saving of Souls: And Blessed and Happy are all they that are Successful in it! I have no greater Joy than this, fays St. John, speaking of his Converts, his Children in the Faith,

I have no greater Joy than this, ( says he,) to bear that my Children Walk in the Truth. And certainly there can be no greater


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Pleasure to a faithful Minister of Christ, no greater Joy, than. to see the work of the Lord prosper in his Hands: To read the Success of his Ministry in the Life and Conversation of his Hearers: To see them all like Brethren dwelling together in Unity; coming to the House of God as Friends, and striving together for the Faith of the Gospel : To see the Spiritual Seed, the Seed of the Word which he has sown in their Hearts, growing up into all the Fruits of Righteousness, which are by. Jesus Christ to the Glory and Praise of God.--This (says the Apostle ) is our Hope and Crown of Rejoicing, This is our Glory and Joy. A 4


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But Then shall be their Great Foy, and Crown of Rejoicing, when they that have turned many to Righteousness, shall come to receive the Reward of their Labours, and shall Shine as the Stars for ever and


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But We can only do our Endeavour ; We can only Plant, and Water, it is God that must give the Increase. We speak to Mens Ears; it is God that must open their Hearts to receive Instruction. And if at last we do not like our Blessed Master, fee of the Travel of our Souls; tho’we do not see such Prefent Fruits of our Labours, as we could wish, and might reasonably expect, yet we


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must still go on, and Live in Hope. As God has made us Spiritual Husbandmen, we must Plow in Hope, and Sow in Hope, Praying and Trusting to God, to give his Blessing on our Labours, that we may

be Partakers of our Hope.

Son of Man (says God to his Prophet) I have made thee a Watchman unto the House of Ifrael: [Ezek. iii.) If we do our Duty with Care and Diligence, faithfully Watching for Mens Souls, and do warn the Wicked from Him, to turn from their Wickedness, whatever Success we have, whether they will bear, or whether they will forbear, we have delivered our own Soul, and shall not lose our Reward.


As to what concerns myself, I humbly befeech Almighty God, to give some good Success to the long Course of my Ministry; to Pardon my Neglects, and make up my Defects by his gracious Aslistance ; that fo I may be able, when the Time shall come, to give up my Account with Foy, and not with Grief.

And as for thefe Plain, Serious Sermons which I now publish, I shall think all my Pains in the Publication well bestow'd, if it shall please God thereby to make me the Happy Instrument of Saving, if it were but One Soul from Death.

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