tered the door of the chamber, soon, he feared, to be the chamber of death. He was now to take a last farewell of his child, and his religious views gave him but a feeble hope of meeting her hereafter. "

“The child grasped the hand of her parent, and addressed him with all the energy which her expiring strength permitted, My father, do you love me?'

My child, you know I love you,—that you are dearer to me than all the world beside !! But, father, do you love me?" "Why, my child, will you give me pain so exquisite ? Have I, then, never given you any proofs of my love ?' "But my dearest father, do you love me?' The father could not answer; the child added, "I know, my dear father, you have ever loved me; have been the kindest of parents, and I tenderly love you. Will you grant me one request ? -0, my father, it is the dying request of your daughter,will you grant it?" "My dearest child, ask what you will, though it take every shilling of my property, whatever it be, it shall be granted. I will grant it.' "My dear father, I beg you never again to speak against Jesus of Nazareth !' The father was dumb with astonishment. "I know,' continued the dying girl, “I know but little about this JESUS, for I was never taught : but I know that he is a SAVIOUR, for he has manifested himself to me since I have been sick, even for the salvation of my soul. I believe he will save me, although I have never before loved Him. I feel that I am going to Him, that I shall ever be with Him. And now, my father, do not deny me; I beg that you will never again speak against this Jesus of Nazareth! I entreat you to obtain a Testament which tells of Him; and I pray that you may know Him; and when I am no

more, you may bestow on Him the love that was for. merly mine!

66 The exertion here overcame the weakness of her feeble body. She stopped ; and her father's heart was too full even for tears. He left the room in great horror of mind, and before he could recover himself, the spirit of his idolized daughter had taken its flight, we may trust, to that Saviour whom she very imperfectly knew, but yet loved and honoured. The first thing the parent did, after committing to the dust his last earthly joy, was to procure a New Testament. This he read; and, taught by the Spirit from above, is now numbered among the meek and humble followers of his once despised Saviour.” :


ADVANTAGES OF SOCIAL PRAYER. Union is frequently, the occasion of strength. An individual confronting the force of a numerous army is sure to be overcome ; but let him join a band of soldiers of equal force with those on the opposite side, and then success may be rationally hoped for, from the exertions of all. Since we are permitted to illustrate spiritual things by things natural, I shall apply this principle to the practice of Social Prayer; addressing my exhortation to those, who, young in years, have yet learned to “ deny themselves, to take up the cross, and to follow CHRIST,” and who have experienced the truth of our Saviour's assertion, “My yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

If “ the effectual fervent prayer of” one "righteous man availeth much,” what encouragement may not be derived from the consideration of many being engaged in the same work. Have any serious, youthful readers of this Miscellany hitherto neglected Social Prayer, either from inconsideration, fear, or sloth ? God grant that, soon, a sacred altar may be reared by them and their juvenile friends, around which, “two


or three” may often meet with one accord,” to celebrate the divine goodness, and supplicate a continuance of their heavenly Father's blessing. There are stumbling-blocks in every path of duty, and, doubtless, objections may be started against this. A few of these, 'as they occur to me, I will endeavour to obviate.

I think I hear a timid female declaring, that she has no objection to unite either with her family or some intimate friends around a throne of grace, provided she be not requested to engage in extemporary prayer, since her abilities are feeble, and her courage too weak to attempt such an exercise. My dear young friend, I can sympathize with you, similar appprehensions having once been mine. But, О take heed lest this should prove one of Satan's artifices, to keep you aloof from a practice which might promote your progress in holiness. Have you not a brother, a sister, or a familiar acquaintance, with whom you can at first unite alone, till, emboldened by habit, you venture to request others under the same roof, or of similar sentiments, to increase your party? Impress your mind with just ideas of the great God, and if you are not ashamed to pray before Him, be not ashamed to pray before your fellow-mortals. Let it be your chief concern to get your heart rightly affected, and that will be the easiest way of producing utterance in the tongue.

But I seem to hear another, urging the want of opportunity; a series of avocations fill up the day, and no vacancy is discovered to admit this novel occupation. Is not this the language of a too hasty deci. sion ? Once again review your occupations, and, if then your judgment remains unaltered, see if you cannot rise an hour earlier, or retrench the time allotted for meals and recreation. Gain a free liberty from your will to commence the engagement, and you will find many obstacles disappear at once.

A third person, perhaps, laments the opposition of friends, whilst a fourth complains of the ridicule of enemies. The former I would counsel to act with

judicious caution, and prudential wisdom. It is impossible to afford particular direction in circumstances where trifling varieties occasion great differences. In general, therefore, endeavour to win your friends to your own opinion, by gentleness, condescension, and meekness; at the same time exemplifying, by good works, the power of faith on your heart, that they who oppose you now, may, by frequently observing the happy result of " being with JESUS," be induced finally to concur in your plans. The latter, I would remind, that “ judgments are prepared for the scorners," and that “shame is the promotion of fools.” Consider, the resistance of an avowed adversary may be less perilous than the insinuations of a seeming friend. · With patient resignation, 66 commit your ways unto the LORD ; cast all your care upon Him, for He careth for you ;” and intercede with fervency for your opposers, entreating God to 6 renew a right spirit within them.” In whatever circumstances you may be placed, or however delicately you may be situated, “ in every thing, by prayer and supplication, let your requests be made known unto God," who is the giver of every good and perfect gift ; " and rest assured that He will, ere long, “return you an answer of peace.”

Allow me to point out a few advantages flowing from the exercises which I recommend.

1. They will heighten and perpetuate christian friendships. There is no bond so firm or so lasting, as that which is fastened by the hand of piety. Will it be too bold an assertion to make, that the retrospect of the happy hours which we have spent with each other at Jesus's feet, in social devotion, instead of employing them in frivolity or earthly pursuits, will augment our gratitude and joy, and produce higher endearment even in heaven itself.

2. They will lead to improvement, in the gift, as well as in the grace of prayer. Hereafter, you may be thrown into situations where that gift may be very essential to usefulness. Prepare yourself, then, for such circumstances : learn to fill up your present

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narrow sphere with propriety, and in the spirit of habitual devotion, that when it becomes more extended, you may be found ready for all the will of | Gop.

3. But the principal benefit you will reap from this course, will be that the Sun of Righteousness," in answer to mutual prayer, will arise upon you " with healing in his wings.” The constant practice of this duty will increase a holy communion with God, who delights to shed his most kindly influence on those who are most frequent in their addresses to Him. If while young, you study to please Him, and cultivate a holy and reverential affection for Him, you certainly have the prospect of enjoying greater degrees of comfort from Him, through life,

than if you had neglected in youth this branch of į social christianity.

Hesitate not, then, my dear young friends, immediately to enteron this most delightful work. Suffer not another year to pass by without the addition of this duty of Social Devotion, to those you already practice. So shall you be profitable to others, as well as happy yourself; the Divine Presence will abide with you day by day; and after guiding you by his counsel, God will receive you to glory. ELVIRA.



The short sojourner at the inn,
Quitting its bustle, noise, and din,
Will hither, musing, bend his way,

The ruin'd fragments to survey. I have just stopped for the night in the sweetly secluded village of . It is well sheltered on all sides by woods, and surrounded with green meadows. The cottages are thatched, and stand at some little distance from each other, and make a very pretty appearance with their whited walls, and little gardens

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