Sung by the Jewisk Children, at the Parish Church of St. Paul,
Covent Garden, on Thursday morning, April 18, 1822, when the
Anniversary Sermon was preached before the Society for Pro-
moting Christianity among the Jews..

Long has the harp of Judah hung,
Neglected, broken, and unstrung,

Beneath the willow's shade;
Whilst Israel's solitary bands
By foreign streams, through foreiga lands,

"Ia saddest moods bavc stray'd.
But since our God reveals his face,
And smiles upon his chosen race,

We'll take our harp again;
Tuo'd, as in former happy days,
To notes of gratitude and praise,

We'll strike a joyful strain.
Our songs shall be of Jesu's love,
Who left th'ethereal courts above,

To bear our guilt and shame;
Th' eternal, uncreated Word,
Both David's Son, and David's LORD,

Jenovan is his name.
So vast the theme, it might inspire
An angel's song, a seraph's lyre,

Such wondrous grace to tell;
Wake, harp of Judah! bear the sound
Far as creation's utmost bound:

All hail, IMMANO EL!


Coste, thou glorious day of promise,

Come, and spread thy cheerful ray,
When the scattered sheep of Israel
Shall no longer go astray,

When hosannas
With united voice they cry.
Loov, how long wilt thou be angry,

Shall thy wrath for ever burn
Rise ! redeem thine ancient people,
Their transgressions from them tura :

King of Israel?
Come and set thy people free.

O that thou would'st soon to Jacob

Thine enlivening Spirit send;
Of their unbelief and mis'ry,
Make, O LORD! a speedy end.

Lord Messiah!
PRINCE of PBACE! O'er Israel reign.
Glory, honour, praise, and power,

Be unto the LAMB for ever :
Jesus Christ is our REDEEMER, -

Hallelujah! Hallelujah !
Hallelujah { Praise the LORD!

HYMN FOR SPRING : Sung at the Sunday-School Anniversary in Hull; April 8, 1822.

Spared to another Spring,

We raise our grateful songs;
'Tis pleasant, LORD, thy praise to sing,

For praise to thee belongs.
Ten thousand different flowers

To Thee sweet offerings bear ;
And cheerful birds, in shady bowers,

Sing forth thy tender care,
The fields on every side,

The trees on every hill,
The glorious sun, the rolling tide,

Proclain thy wondrous skill.
But trees, and fields, and skies,

Still praise a God unknown;
For gratitude and love can rise

From living hearts alone.
These living hearts of ours

Thy holy name would bless ;-
The blossom of ten thousand flowers

Would please the Saviour less !.
While earth itself decays,

Our souls can never die !
O tune them all to sing thy praise,
la better songs on high.


Prated by T. CORDEUX, 14, City-Roud, London.


Hy 361 Rev:J.WESLEYS Collection.

Composed by CHARLES WESLEY Esq". 1822.

God, I_humbly call ther mine , And

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View of the Passage of the River Jordan, with the Camels descending

from the Hills of Bashan to drink.


ACCOUNT OF THE RIVER JORDAN. (From “ BUCKINGHAM's Travels in Palestine through the Countries

of Gilead and Bashan," lately published.) “ We now crossed over the plain towards the river, changing our course from north to nearly due east, and at the moment of our making this sharp angle, estimating ourselves to be little more than six miles to the northward of Rippah. We found the plain


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