tending considerably whilst resting on the ground, and covering a space sixteen inches in circumference. Every time each foot is moved, a loud clicking noise is heard, occasioned by one of the hoofs striking against the other.

“ The morning after my arrival at Figeland, the young mountaineer to whose care they were intrusted, (and between whom and the deer there appeared to exist the strongest mutual attachment,) turned them out of the fold, in which they are always kept at night, to protect them from the wolves, that I might have an opportunity of seeing them. They imme. diately followed their leader* up the side of a mountain; after a few moments, he demanded of me which way they should go; he called in a loud voice, and they instantly stopped: he ordered them from right to left, and back again, and then to proceed; and they were out of sight in a moment. On their arrival from the mountains on the shore of the harbour opposite Fleckifiord, Salva, the mountaineer, went into a boat, and pointed out to the leader where they were to land ; they swam across in a few minutes.

“ The whole herd was in the town surrounded by hundreds of the wondering inhabitants, took food from their hands, and seemed pleased with the caresses of the women and children. They were at first quartered in the yard of the house where I lodged, and my good old landlady, MADAME BORNick, was delighted with her new guests ; but the number of persons who collected from all parts of the country was so great, that it became necessary to remove them

* One of the Deer, it is stated, is always the Leader, or Captain, whose orders are scrupulously obeyed by the rest, and in whose experience they seem to place unlimited confidence.



to a place where they could remain a few days retired, to recover from the fatiguing journey they had just terminated. I had the use of a large island about two miles from the town, offered for their reception ; and they were marched to the shore opposite to it, where large boats were prepared by lashing them together. The deer walked immediately to the side of the quay, but the leader observing the boats move, stopped and examined them very minutely: he hesitated; and the herd became instantly alarmed : it was the first time they had seen a boat. After some further hesitation, and a little fear, the leader walked in. The eyes of the whole were instantly fixed on him, and they distinctly expressed their fears for his safety ; and some then turned their eyes to the mountains : he was at this time examining the planks with his feet: the motion did not please him. SALVA seated himself by his head, patted his neck, and laid his face to that of the deer. Jens was by this time in the other boat; upon seeing him the deer turned his head, looked attentively at his followers, and in a short snort gaye the signal for them to come in. It was not obeyed for a moment; and he repeated it in rather an angry manner, stamping with his foot. In a moment the boats were all filled. In jumping in, a weakly calf fell, and lay in the bottom of the boat in such a situation that I considered its destruction inevitable; yet it received no injury. Their care and love for each other are truly admirable. As soon as they were in, the leader, observing there were more in one boat than the other, looked at one of the old males, which, appearing perfectly to understand him, instantly went into the other boat. The ropes were cast off: they remained perfectly still till they reached the island ; when, following the leader, they leaped on the rock,

ascended the side of a small hill, and got a plentiful supply of their favourite white moss. A day or two after their arrival, the change of food and climate affected the calves; two of them could not be found. KARINA, however, begged me not to trouble myself, for that the mother had concealed them where no one but herself could find them. In the afternoon I ordered Jens to draw the whole of them to the shore : he collected them in a moment by whistling, and began to descend the hill, when KARINA came to me laughing, and pointing to a female who was loitering behind, and who, as soon as she fancied herseif unperceived, turned back ; She is gone to fetch her child,' said KARINA, and with it she soon made her appearance.

“I have been often amused by the manner in which the males examine and dress their wonderful horns; it is performed in the neatest manner with the hind foot.

" In Lapland, the herds of these animals are extremely numerous : the poor have from fifty to two hundred; the middle class from three to seven hundred, and the rich above a thousand. Their greatest enemy is the wolf, which sometimes breaks into the fold, and destroys thirty or forty at a time. The Laplander holds him in the greatest detestation, and is almost in a rage when the name is mentioned. The first question put to me by Jens Holm, was, • Are there wolves in England ?' and when told that they were entirely extirpated, he clasped his hands, and said, “If it had snow, mountains, and rein moss, what a happy country it would be.' Bears sometimes destroy the deer, seizing them by surprise; but this is rather a rare occurrence.”

(To be continued.)


(Continued from page 81.) A STRIKING feature in the character of sinners, is either cold insensibility to kindness, or marked ingratude for benefits received. JEHOIAKIM, the King of Judah, was influenced, in no slight degree, by this harsh and sullen disposition. Although restored to regal honours by the conqueror's clemency, and favoured by the mercy of Jehoval with a suspension of impending judgments, yet he was neither humbled nor amended, but pursued, with an increased avidity, those heinous crimes which had so fearfully exposed him to the wrath of Heaven.

The people, too, were, like their sovereign, so infatuated by iniquity as scarcely to discern the hand of judgment in the evils they had suffered; yet the spoliation of their temple, which had been robbed of its most costly treasures, and the bereavement of their noblest families, whose children had been forced into captivity, could not but humble and affect them in some slight degree. As a token of their sorrow, they therefore set apart the day on which their city had been taken by the Babylonish army, to be commemorated as an annual fast. The Prophet JEREMIAH, anxious to improve so favourable an occasion, availed himself of this solemnity, again to urge them to repentance; and, therefore, when the people were assembled from the various parts of Judah, for the purpose of confessing their transgressions, he ordered BARUch to go up into the temple, and read a second time the scroll, containing those predictions of approaching judgment, which he had written by divine command. From the window of a chamber, appropriated to the sittings of the Council, he read the parchment to the multitude below; and so alarming were the threatenings it contained, that they were presently reported to the royal household, who sent for BARUCH, and required that he would read the roll to them. Affrighted at its terrible denunciations, they took the writing, and ordered him to go with JEREMIAH to some secret place, while they reported what had happened to the King. JEHOIAKIM, on hearing the relation of his nobles, required them to produce the roll, and read it in his presence; but he no sooner heard a portion of it, than his anger and impatience became so intemperate, that he spatched it from the reader, and, cutting it in indignation with his pen-knife, cast it at once into the flames. This impious outrage, which the remonstrances of his attendants could not restrain him from committing, he seconded by issuing orders for the apprehension of the persons who had thus excited his displeasure, that he might wreak his vengeance more efficiently on them. But he was impotent in wrath; for God preserved his servants, who, fol. lowing the suggestion of the Council, conoealed themselves too closely to be discovered by the emissaries of the King. The consequences of his sin and folly were, however, bitterly entailed upon himself and his apostate family: a new command was given to JEREMIAH to cause the roll to be re-written, accompanied with an appalling sentence of death and infamy against the man who had not scrupled so profanely to offend alike against the anger and the cle. mency of Heaven. - Without religion, morality builds only upon sand. This wicked monarch, false to his God, could not prove true to man. Although engaged, by the most

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