As the work here submitted to the judgment of the public is somo what novel in its design, a few remarks in reference to the plan adopted may not be inappropriate. It has long been held by the enlightened friends of education, that, while the mind is being prepared by a gradual development of its powers to exert, when matured, all the faculties wherewith it was endowed, it should not be forced in its growth, or subjected to influences which must impair its strength, and render that weak and languid which should be strong and active. Each recurring day brings with it, to the young, as they emerge from infancy, the experience of something new, something calculated to excite the reflective faculties, to force the exercise of the reasoning powers. To be curious as to causes and effects, is a characteristic of the human mind, as well in infancy as in maturity. As reason dawns, as the morn of life with its unclouded sky, giving goodly promise of a glorious future, opens to youth, the process whereby its meridian may be ren. dered glorious, its closing blessed, begins to unfold itself. The imagin. ation, free from the curb of practical knowledge, bounds away into the distant future, regardless of naught save the brilliancy of the pan. oramic illusion that unrolls before its advance. The stern realities of life present themselves not to the unpracticed eye; it needs that years should roll away, ere the dreams indulged can be forgotten; or if remembered, thought of but as the whisperings of the infantile soul in communion with itself. Each man's destiny crouches abjectly to his command; he may make or mar his fortune as he pleases. If, recream to his high calling, he devotes his time to pursuits foreign to virtue, opposed to his well-being, the result must be a melancholy one. In stead of standing before the world a model in his career, for all to emulate, all to admire, he grovels in deserved ignominy, companion. less, despised. Education, to be entirely beneficial, should be as far as possible practical, auk as will enable its possessor to go out among

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