God's Promises to a Baby Boomer Generation

AuthorHouse, 1 aug 2006 - 104 pagina's
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In today's rising markets of quick-paced, fast-to-do borders and headers, we have come to the point of ready-made everything. Saying this takes us to the next technology of scientific resolution to assist and provide an easier way for our religious temples to relay and broadcast from their reader boards with an electronic medium that will already have ready-made scriptural sayings available at your finger's touch. Vivian R. Grant has already sped up the game by creating a CD-ROM, an E-Rocket and a paperback with quality distinctive wording surrounded by scriptures for any religious organization or spiritual group to use by simply inputting it into your PC and choosing from the many listings available. PRESTO-the work is done for you; no scriptures to look up, no time spent trying to come up with a faith-based quote or phrase to post outside your church or within the church. You will find this technology as exciting as her Spiritual Pathfinder collection of greeting cards. You will find in this collection such unbelievable beauty and creativity that you will wonder how you did without it. Give it a try and see if you won't be convinced about the marvelous entities that it provides you at your fingertips.

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