The Management of Wicked Problems in Health and Social Care

Will Thomas, Anneli Hujala, Sanna Laulainen, Robert McMurray
Routledge, 19 sep. 2018 - 254 pagina's

At a time of growing pressure on health and social care services, this book draws together contributions which highlight contemporary challenges for their management. Providing a range of contributions that draw on a Critical Management Studies perspective the book raises macro-level concerns with theory, demographics and economics on the one hand, as well as micro-level challenges of leadership, voice and engagement on the other. Rather than being an attempt to define the ‘wickedness’ of problems in this field, this book provides new insights designed to be of interest and value to researchers, students and managers.

Contributions from international researchers explore four main topics:

    • identifying contemporary challenges in health and social care;
    • managing, leading and following;

    • listening to silent voices in delivering change; and
    • new methodologies for understanding care challenges.

The concerns discussed in this volume are ‘wicked’ in so far as they are persistent, pernicious and beyond the curative abilities of any single organisation or profession. Such problems require collaboration but also new approaches to listening to those who suffer their effects. This book demonstrates such listening through its engagement with policy makers, leaders, followers, professions, patients, forgotten groups and silenced voices. Moreover, it considers how future research might be transformed so as to shine a more inclusive light on ‘wicked’ problems and their amelioration. This is a timely and engaging book that challenges you – the reader – to think again about how we should look at, engage with and support all those involved in health and social care.


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List of Contributors
Wicked Concerns Constituent
A Wicked Problem or a Wicked
Managing Leading and Following
Lofty Ideals and Lowly Troubles among Nursing Home
The Unnoticed Role of Employees in Ethical Leadership
Destructive Leadership as a Wicked Problem in Health
Health Care Communication Technology and Its Promise
Making the Invisible Visible
A Darker Side to Interorganizational Relations
Deficit Discourses and Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Beyond Conventional Methodologies
Four Different Ways to View Wicked Problems
The Promise of Visual Approaches in Organizational

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Over de auteur (2018)

Will Thomas is an Associate Professor in the University of Suffolk Business School, UK

Anneli Hujala is a Senior Reseacher in the Department of Health and Social Management at the University of Eastern Finland

Sanna Laulainen is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Health and Social Management at the University of Eastern Finland

Robert McMurray is Professor of Work and Organisation at The York Management School, UK

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