of the punishment of those who die in sin A vessel has drifted on the rocks, and is and unbelief. But though we believe that | in danger of being a complete wreck. Some the agony of the lost will be mental, and of the crew have been saved by the internot physical, still we are certain that it will vention of the life-boat; but there are be very terrible. Surely this constitutes a others still exposed to danger. Look at valid reason why you should be concerned those who have been rescued from a for the salvation of those that are without. watery grave, how anxious they are to Some of those who are perishing are your | save their companions! What efforts they relatives and friends. They are near and | are putting forth! What risks they are dear to you. That husband, or that wife, running to save those still exposed to whom you so tenderly love, may die eter destruction! This is perfectly natural. nally. That child, that is so dear to you, Saved themselves by the kindness of others, may perish. That brother, or sister, is still they feel that they ought to try to save far from God, and exposed to destruction. those who are in danger. Let us learn a What a solemn thought! It is almost too lesson from their noble and generous con• much to reflect upon. Oh, should not duct. Let us haste to the rescue of those this rouse you out of your listlessness and who are perishing in their sins. apathy? Ought you not at once to seek We would further remind you that if most earnestly the salvation of those that you do care for those without, you may be are without ?

the means, under God, of conferring upon But let us also remind you of the | them present and everlasting blessings of personal obligations you are under to | incomparable value. Supposing, through others who sought your salvation. You | the help of the Holy Spirit, you succeed in were once without. You were without God, | awakening them to a sense of their danger, and without Christ, and without hope. | in convincing them of their sinfulness, and You were spiritually ignorant. You were | in leading them to the cross of Christ, it is involved in sin and unbelief. You were | impossible to calculate the amount of good destitute of righteousness, of goodness, and you will be the instruments of securing for peace. You lived a mere worldly and them. The apostle James says, “Let him selfish life. You were like sheep wandering i know that he which converteth the sinnet far from the fold of God. You would from the error of his way shall save a som never have found your way back if no one from death, and shall hide a multitude of had cared for you, and sought your salva sins." A soul saved from death! Relect tion. But, by the blessing of God on the moment upon what this means. A soul efforts of those that were within the Church, snatched as a brand from the burning! A you were brought to consider your ways, soul delivered from the influence of error, to repent of your sin, to feel your need of of corruption, and of misery! A soul re; salvation, and to exercise faith in the Lord deemed from the power of darkness and Jesus Christ. You were then pardoned, | Satan! A soul no longer under the wraca justified, and accepted of God. You then of God! A soul no longer the subject became possessed of peace and joy, through guilty fears and forebodings! A soul at believing. You were made new creatures peace with God, and filled with a joy ura in Christ Jesus. You were introduced into speakable, and full of glory! A soul, once the family and Church of God, and had a an heir of hell, now, through an ar place amongst those that are within. This God's grace, an heir of heaven! A sole change in your moral character and possessed of a kingdom, a crown, an history took place, it may be, under the inheritance incorruptible, undefiled, preaching of the Gospel, or in the Sunday that fadeth not away! What a chat school, or by the conversation of some pious What an amount of blessedness reals friend. If so, then you owe a debt of What present and future good secu gratitude to God for his mercy to you, and And you the instrument in God's han ă debt of love to those who led you to conveying it to those who enjoy it. Christ; but also a debt of obligation to this is a reason why you should car those that are without. As others cared those who are without. Perhaps you 1 for you, and sought your salvation, you be the means of saving your husbar ought to be concerned for the eternal wel your wife, or your child, or your br fare of those who are perishing, Let me illustrate my subject. You are

or your sister, and making them

throughout eternity. Look at the standing on the sea-shore during a storm. | that has been secured by those "

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by those who hare

been converted to the Christian faith. Do | with compassion on them, because they you see that man there? He is now clothed, fainted, and were scattered abroad, as and in his right mind. He is in the Church sheep having no shepherd.” We are told with you. He sits by your side at the by the evangelist Luke that when the Son Table of the Lord. He sings God's praises of God entered Jerusalem in triumph, he with you. He kneels with you in prayer. | looked down from Olivet upon the devoted He keeps holy day with you. He holds city and wept over it. On another occasweet intercourse with you. He goes forth sion he exclaimed, “ O Jerusalem, Jerusawith you to the work of the Lord. A short lem, which killest the prophets, and stonest time since he was a sot, and a brute. He them that are sent unto thee; how often was a vile blasphemer, and a Sabbath would I have gathered thy children tobreaker. He was lost to all sense of reli gether, as a hen doth gather her brood gion. He feared not God, nor regarded | under her wings, and ye would not!" man. You pitied him. You resolved to What an inimitable scene is that presented visit him. You gained his ear. You per. | by the apostle John in the 11th chapter of suaded him to go with you to the house of his Gospel. The Son of God is bathed in God. He was converted, and thus he was tears. He weeps in sympathy with Martha saved, and himself and family blessed. It and Mary, whose brother Lazarus was is no small matter to rescue people from dead. What a revelation does this afford all the evils of poverty, domestic strife, us of the tender and loving heart of Jesus. bodily affliction, and bitter persecution ; We see how the human nature of Christ but to deliver souls from death, and to be sympathised with the sorrows of the bethe instruments of raising them to heaven, reaved, and how his Divine power was must be infinitely important. May the exerted to deliver them from the cause of thought of this lead you to be more zealous their affliction. Yes, the ministerial life of

in the cause of Christ, and more anxious Christ was one of toil, exertion, and self- about the salvation of souls.

denial. He has left us a beautiful example Allow us to remind you of the example to imitate. It is a perfect copy we have to of our blessed Lord. We are told that study. Let us seek to breathe his pure, Christ has left us an example that we lovely, and benevolent spirit, let us walk in - should tread in his steps. He came into his steps, let us conform to his will—and

this world not only to be a Prophet, Priest, then we shall care for those that are with and King, but that he might teach us how out; we shall seek to do them all the good to live a noble, blessed, and godlike life we can; we shall constantly aim at their upon the earth. By the eye of faith wel salvation. Let not the noble and blessed can discern his footprints on the sands of life of Christ be thrown away upon us. time. These we are to tread in, and we Let not the grand pictures of his person shall be infallibly conducted across the de and work, which the inspired Evangelists sert of life to the land of promise and rest. have painted by their immortal pencils, be We are not only to imitate him in his hu treated by us with neglect. Those who mility, his meekness, his gentleness, his desire to excel in the art of painting are patience, his purity, his devoutness, and his

directed to study the works of the great leavenly-mindedness, but also in his active masters. They are set to copy them, to foodness, his zeal, and his self-denial. We examine them day by day, until they disre told that he " went about doing good.” cern their transcendent beauties, and drink Ie cared for those that were without. The in their divine spirit. If we would be Scribes and Pharisees raised objections to worthy disciples of Jesus Christ, our great iim because of this. They said, “ This Master, we must study his godlike and nan receiveth sinners, and eateth with | blessed life, and we must resemble him by hem.” The Gospels present us some most caring for those that are without. ouching and beautiful pictures of the com We would remind you, further, that the passion and love of Christ towards the religion you profess requires you to display ielpless and miserable. We are told by the conduct we have already pointed out. Matthew that “ Jesus went about all We fear that there are many mistakes made he cities and villages, teaching in their | about the religion of Jesus Christ. Some ynagogues, and preaching the Gospel of appear to think that it consists chiefly in jhe kingdom, and healing every sickness | psalm-singing, and chapel-going, in reading and every disease among the people. But a few pages of Scripture, and in offering up When he saw the multitudes, he was moved a prayer now and then, in adopting an

orthodox creed, in an outward profession, your self-love ; but this is not wrong if or attending upon the ordinances of God's you do not regard your own welfare as the house and contributing a trifle towards the supreme motive by which you are influenced. cause of Christ. They forget that it is a God has wisely and graciously linked our Life, a Divine Life, a life of faith, of hope, | duty and privilege together. It would be of love. “Now abideth faith, hope, cha right to perform our duty if there was no rity ; these three; but the greatest of these advantage arising out of it; but consti: is charity," or love. We wish not to un tuted as we are, we need a variety of modervalue psalm-singing, and chapel-going, tives to induce us to perform the work our correct religious views, and external ordi Master has given us to do. It is a fixed nances, and the like; but we must not for | law of the Divine government that we get that these are only means to an end. should ourselves be watered and blessed, They are not to be valued for their own while we are watering and blessing others sakes, but for the sake of the blessed pur We might here ask, Why is it that so many pose for which they have been appointed. | in our Churches make such slow progress The essence of religion consists in love. | in the Divine life? Why is it that they The law says, “ Thou shalt love the Lord | enjoy so little of the privileges of the Gospel? thy God with all thy mind, and with all | Why is it that they are so frequently ha: thy strength; and thy neighbour as thy- rassed with doubts and fears ? Why is it self.” Paul says, “Love is the fulfilling | that they so seldom attain to a scriptural of the law." This law has never, and can and satisfactory assurance that they are the never be repealed. Its Divine claims upon children of God? Why is it that they are every intelligent being can never be re so often troubled with spiritual indigestion, laxed. We speak with reverence and de and expect the minister to supply them no? liberation when we say that the Supreme with strong meat, but with all sorts of Lawgiver could not abrogate it ; nay, we sweets and delicacies ? Why is it that such go further, and say that he himself is persons are drags upon the wheels of the bound by it, and is required to seek, next | Gospel chariot, instead of a power to speed to his own glory, the good of all orders of it on its way through the world ? The an. creatures which he has formed. We may | swer is easy and simple enough. They do ask, But does not the Gospel of Christ de- | not work for Christ, and do not interest liver us from this law ? No; for what does themselves about those that are without. the apostle say, “Do we, then, make void They wish to live a life of ease and selfthe law through faith? God forbid; yea, indulgence. They are spiritual epicures, we establish the law.” It shows us its ex 1 " They are eat-alls and do-nothings." cellency and beauty. It appeals to our con | They are anxious to be saved themselves, science and intelligence, and convinces us | but they do not earnestly and prayerfal. that “ the law is holy, just, and good.” It seek the salvation of others. If you wonia saves us from its penalty, that it may de | be blessed, you must be blessings to others liyar us from the burden of guilt and in | What a luxury there is in doing good! The spire us with hope and confidence, and lead exercise of the benevolent affections is alus from love and gratitude to fulfil the law ways delightful. Those who are the means of benevolence and goodness. And this of saving others from temporal evils are love that our religion requires is not a mere filled with a deep and pure joy. But how feeling or emotion; it does not consist in much deeper and purer is our joy when we the mere excitement of benevolent sym are instrumental in saving souls from death, pathy or compassion. It is an active grace. Then, while we are doing good to others, Those who profess it are stimulated by it we secure the approbation of conscience: to deeds of kindness and self-denial. They This sovereign faculty of our souls, this lead a life of consecration to the glory of voice of heaven within, testifies in our Is God and the good of man. All our pro vour. Then the smile from above rests upes fession is vain and injurious if we do not us. The sunshine of God's favourite bring forth the fruits of faith and love, diates our path. Our Father is please if we do not care for “ those that are with us when we imitate him in doing without.."

We are then“ followers of him as dear chile But we would also remind you that your ren." Besides, our own progress in present and eternal interests will be pro- | Divine life is secured by our caring moted by thinking of others as well as your those that are without. All the graces selves. This, we admit, is an appeal to l the Holy Spirit are called into vigorous

ercise. Our piety becomes more healthy | up, not so much for active service in the and robust. We make more rapid ad. world, as for seats of glory and blessedness vanees towards the stature of a perfect man in heaven. There is, however, another asin Christ Jesus. We are also more esteemed pect in which it is to be viewed. The Church and loved by others. We secure for our is an institution that is intended to influence selves an honourable and enviable position for good those that are without. In the in the Church of Christ; and when life's sermon on the Mount Jesus Christ said to duty is bravely done, we go to receive our his disciples, “ Ye are the lights of the reward in heaven. We cannot rid our world, and the salt of the earth.” And the selves of the impression that those who apostle Paul, in addressing the Philippians, have served their Master most sincerely said, “ Do all things without murmurings and zealously here,—that those who have and disputings; that ye may be blameless put forth the greatest, and the most self and harmless as the sons of God, without redenying efforts for the salvation of those buke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse that are without, will receive the greatest nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the prize, will be the most blessed throughout world, holding forth the word of life.” The eternity. There is nothing arbitrary or ca Church was established to answervarious obpricious in this. It arises out of the very jects. The advancement of God's glory was nature of things, as we say. It cannot be the chief. The sanctification of believers was otherwise unless God would contravene the another; but the conversion of the ungodly very laws under which he has placed us, was not one of the least. We live in a dark and by which he rules the universe. What, and sinful world; the Church is to be as a for instance, must be the unspeakable joy of city set upon a hill, which cannot be hid. those who have been, like Whitfield and we are to shine as lights. We are to be Wesley, the means of the conversion of thou- the instruments under God of bringing sands ! Look at them, as they stand at the others to Christ, and of introducing them right hand of Christ! They are surrounded into the Church. It is by God's people that by those brought to a knowledge of the the Gospel has struck its roots deep in truth by their instrumentality. The Son of almost every soil, and is bringing forth such God looks complacently upon them. From abundant fruit in various countries. It is his gracious lips the thrilling words pro- | by them that the Bible has been translated ceed, "Well done, good and faithful servants, ! into go many different languages and diaenter ye into the joy of your Lord.” Now lects. It is by them that so many noble this unspeakable joy we desire to be yours. Christian societies have been established We wish not to have it all to ourselves. We which are not only a glory to a land, but are anxious that all our people should share a blessing to the world. It is by them that in it. We want you to turn many to missionaries are educated, sent forth, and righteousness, that you may shine as stars sustained, that they may “preach to the in the firmament of heaven for ever and Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ.” ever. Why not then go forth to your duty ? It is by them that Sunday Schools have been Your duty is your privilege, as it must ever | opened for the religious instruction of the be. Let the thought of this inspire you | young. It is by them that millions of with renewed zeal, and lead you to put forth those that were once without have greater efforts for those who are perishing been brought within the Church, and rround you.

have been enlightened, sanctified, and We would remind you that one great ob blest. Let us not suppose that we are ject for which the Christian Church was to sit in our easy chairs, and enjoy ourconstituted, and you converted, is that those selves ; that we are to indulge in luxurious who are without may be cared for, and their quiet, and enjoy the fat and the sweet, and salvation secured. Many seem to look upon never rouse ourselves to labour for Christ the Church of Christ as an hospital, where and souls. No, brethren, we “must work the sick and wounded are to be placed under while it is called day, for the night will medical treatment that they may be restored come when no man can work.” “Whatto health and strength. Others seem to re soever thy hand findeth to do, do it with gard it as a place of refuge, where persons all thy might.” If you are unwilling to may find a shelter and rest from the storms labour for Christ, and for the sake of im. and dangers of life. Some look upon it as mortal souls, you are acting inconsistently a school, where the ignorant and inex with the profession you have made, and are perienced are to be instructed and trained not accomplishing the ends for which the

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Church was constituted. May I make one without ought at once to reflect seriously more appeal to you before I close? Let me upon your present character, position, and remind you of the love of Christ to you. prospects. You ought to be concerned He saw you in your sin, corruption, and about your safety. Others may overlook misery. He pitied you. He came to seek you, and be indifferent to your welfare; and save you when you were lost. He un but be not so foolish and reckless as to dertook to suffer and die for you. He loved neglect the great salvation. The gate of you with an everlasting love, or he would mercy stands wide open for you to enter. not have identified himself with you, and You need not stay without any longer. would not have endured the shame and Christ says, “ Him that cometh unto me, I agony of the cross in your stead. Go, then, will in no wise cast out.” If you refuse to and take your stand around that cross, and come, if you are resolved to live and die in as you gaze upon that suffering Saviour, sin and unbelief, you will be shut out of learn what are your obligations to him, and heaven for ever. You will be exposed for to those that are without. Be moved with ever to the necessary consequences of your pity for those who are perishing, point them transgressions. You will be for ever without to the Lamb of God, urge them by all the light, without peace, without hope, withont constraining and touching motives of the | joy, without purity, without Christ, and Gospel to believe in him, love him, and obey without God. What a doom! Far better

that you had been without life, and that you Let me commend this subject to your had never heard of the Saviour. But we thoughtful consideration. We cannot help | urge you to repair to the Cross. Behold thinking that, though we have very imper the Lamb of God by faith. He can pardon, fectly treated it, that it is a subject of im justify, sanctify, save. He can introduce portance. Our desire is that all our churches you into the Church triumphant. He can may be alive to their responsibilities, may bestow upon you all the blessings of everenjoy still greater prosperity, and constantly lasting life. Destitute as you are of all care for those that are without, and that righteousness, goodness, or merit, trust in the quickening Spirit of our God may in- | the finished work of Christ, build upon the fluence all so powerfully that we may shake foundation which he has laid, lead a life of off our apathy, and go forth to labour in the faith, love, and obedience, and you will be vineyard of our Lord. And you who are saved with an everlasting salvation.



“ IF 'twere but to retire from woe,

To undisturb’d, eternal rest-
How passing sweet to sleep below,

On nature's fair and flow'ry breast !

“But when faith's finger points on high,

From death's decaying, dismal cell, 0, 'tis a privilege to die

To dream of bliss ineffable !

“ In balmy sleep our eyes to close,

When life's last sunshine gilds our even,
And then to wake from long repose,
When dawns the glorious day of heaven!”

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