we need the Divine support, he drew his 1. This is the secret of a long and lasting illustrations from the many tales of trial ministry. The pastor who studies his that had rëached his ear and touched his Bible and human nature, never u ears out; heart at the hearthstones of his parish- for his materials are inexhaustible. His ioners. Elder A-t had told him of his books may be few; but every day's life of religious griefs and despondency; neigh- one of his people adds a new page to that' bour Van B h ad spoken of his anxie- endless volume--the book of human exties about a wayward son; and good widow perience. How shall a minister of Christ

had her usual dolorous lament over understand that pregnant volume without her bereavement. Miss M h ad told studying it? And where can he study it him all her difficulties in finding her way to BO well as by the firesides and the sick-beds, Christ. For each one of these troubled of his flock? What day over the tombs of souls the pastor had a cheery word of con the dead is as profitable as a day of visitasolation. With each of them he prayed. tion among the homes of the living? If And then he went back to his study, and, our people need our preaching to help them wove all these individual cases (without to live, we as certainly need their lives to making his allusions so personal as to be help us to preach! recognised) into his next Sabbath's sermon. |

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TEMPTATION UNIVERSAL. the sage, the sophist, or the buffoon, the Inno scene of earth, in no condition, are canonist or the statesman, at will. He we exempt from the incursions of tempta spares not spiritual greatness. Paul was tion. If we flee to the desert, and brook buffeted. The most eminent of God's not the sight of our fellow-creatures' face, saints of the Old Testament and the New we bear thither the fiend within ; we can- | --Noah, Abraham, David, Hezekiah, and not build out or bar out the indwelling evil the apostles-have suffered by him. He spirit. The gratings of the monastery can spares not the season of highest spiritual not exclude the wings of the fallen seraph, profiting. Ere you rise from your knees, nor solitude sanctify the unregenerate heart. his suggestions crowd the devout heart. In the garden or the grove, the palace or Ere the sanctuary is quitted, his emissaries, the hermitage, the crowded city or the l as birds of the air, glean away the scat howling wilderness, sin tracks us and self tered seeds of truth from the memory. haunts us. If the poor is tempted to envy | When our Lord himself had been, at his and dishonesty, the rich, as Agur testified, baptism, owned from heaven as the Son of is equally endangered by pride and luxury.

God, he was led away by the spirit to be If the man of ten talents is puffed up with tempted. And how often does some fiery self-confidence and arrogant impiety, the dart glance on the Christian's armour just man of one talent is prone to bury sloth after some season of richest communion fully the portion entrusted to him in the with his God! Descend from the mount earth, and then to quarrel with its holy 1 of Revelation with Moses, and at its foot Giver. The great adversary has in every is an idolatrous' camp dáncing around a scené his snares, and varies his baits for golden calf. Come down, with the en: every variety of condition and character. tranced apostles from the mount of Trans

Each man and child of us has his easily figuration, and the world whom there you besetting sin. The rash and the cautious, encounter are a grief to the Holy One by the young and the old, the rude and the their unbelieving cavils. As John Newton Educated, the visitant of the sanctuary and pithily said, it is the man bringing his di

he open neglecter of it, the profane and vidend from the bank-door who has the the devout, the lover of solitude and so- | most cause to dread the pilferer's hand. ciety, -áll have their snares. Satan can Yes, temptation spared not Christ himself! misquote Scripture, and misinterpret Pro - Rev. W. R. Williams, D.D, idence, and he can preach presumption or lespair, heresy or superstition or infiElelity, as he finds best. He can assume !

NOT IN VAIN! . '' | And she prayed till an answer of peace was 6 I HAVE laboured in vain," a teacher said, I

sent, And her brow was marked with care

And Faith and Hope as a rainbow blent “ I have laboured in vain," and she bowed

O'er the clouds of her earthly care. her head, " ; 'on sen And she rose in joy, and her eye was bright, And bitter and sad were the tears she shed, Her sorrow and grief had fled In that moment of dark despair. " And her soul was calm, and her heart was

light,, " I am weary and worn, and my hands are weak,

For her hands were strong in her Saviour's And my courage is well-nigh gone,

might, . .. For none give heed to the words I speak,

As forth to her work she sped. And in vain for a promise of fruit I seek, Then rise, fellow-teacher, to labour go!

Where the seed of the Word is sown." Wide scatter the precious grain And again with a sorrowful heart she wept,

Though the fruit may never be seen below, For her spirit with grief was stirred,

Be sure that the seed of the Word shali Till the night grew dark, and at last she


Toil on, in faith, and thou soon shalt know, And a silent calm o'er her spirit crept,

" Thy labour is not in vain!” As a whisper of “peace” was heard. And she thought in her dream that the il “FILLED WITH THE HOLY soul took flight

GHOST." To a blessed and bright abode

“FILLED with the Holy Ghost !" She saw a throne of such dazzling light, | Thrice blessed word ! thanks be to God, And harps were ringing, and robes were that ever the tongues of men were taught white

it! It declares not only that the Lord has Made white in a Saviour's blood.

returned to his temple in the human soul, And she saw. such a countless throng but that he has filled the house with his around,

glory-pervaded "every chamber, every As she never had seen before

court, by his manifested presence. Their brows with jewels of light were “That ye might be filled with all the crowned,

fulness of God," is a prayer at which we And sorrow and sighing no place had found,

falter. Is it not too much to ask? Is it For the troubles of time were o'er!

not a sublime flight after the impossible? Then a white-robed maiden came forth and

Let us remember it is not, “ that ye might

contain all the fulness of God.” That · said,

would be more impossible than that your « Joy! joy! for thy trials are past ! chamber should contain all the light of the I am one that thy gentle words have led

sun. But it can be filled with the light of In the narrow pathway of life to tread

the sun,-80 filled that not a particle of I welcome thee home at last!??

unillumined air shall remain within it. And the teacher gazed on the maiden's When,'therefore, the hand of the apostle face

leads you up toward the countenance of She had seen that face on earth,'

your Father, -when you approach to see When with anxious heart, in her wonted

the light which outshines all lights, "the place,

glory of God in the face of Christ Jesus," She had told her charge of a Saviour's grace, put away all thought of containing what And their need of a second birth. ;

the heavens cannot contain; but, humbly Then the teacher smiled, and an angel

| opening thy heart, såy, "Infinite light, fill

this little chamber ! " said, , . "Go forth to thy work again;

Reason says, “ It may be;" Scripture It is not in vain that the seed is shed

says, “It may be ;” but'a ehrinking of the If only one soul to the cross is led;

| heart says, “It cannot be; we can never

be filled with all the fulness of God!'" Thy labour is not in vain!"

When Paul had uttered that prayer, per: And at last she woke, and her knees she haps this same shrinking of heart bad bent,

almost come over him, how does he meet In grateful, childlike prayer

| it? Glancing down at bis wonderful petin

tion, and up at his Almighty King, he | Have you a more comprehensive benevobreaks out, " Now unto Him that is able to lence toward all mankind ? Every year, do exceeding abundantly above all that we do you loss and less accept the service of ask or think, according to the power that loving men as a task, and do you more and worketh in us, unto him be glory in the more accept it with cheerfulness? Do you church by Christ Jesus throughout all find that the currents of your thought and ages, world without end. Amen." Yea, feeling are setting outward instead of inamen, ten thousand thousand times! The ward? Are you beginning to learn that words of this doxology had been holy and you are not to sweep the circuit of life, and blessed in any connection; but they are draw its treasures in to you, to bless you doubly blessed, closely following, as they and gratify you; but that like Christ you do, the prayer, “That ye might be filled are, so far as in you lies, to disseminate with all the fulness of God." Nor should blessings, forgetting your own comforts, we forget that the power which Paul here and living for others--not in a generic way, adores is not some abstract and unmoved so that you shall live for nobody in partipower of Deity, but “the power which cular, but in such a way that you shall have worketh in us." What is this power? The | a special care for all with whom you have Holy Ghost,“ might by his Spirit in the to do, whether parent or child, employer or inner man," -Rev. W. Arthur.

employed, brother or sister, husband or wife, teacher or scholar, companion or friend? Are you more full of the sweet

ness of a true Christian love? In this diHOW IS IT WITH YOU ?

rection you must measure, to know whether Now, how is it with you? Since you you are growing in grace, and in the knowmade a profession of religion, are you ledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus kinder in the various relations of life? Is Christ.--Rev. H. W. Beecher. your life more full of the fruits of love ?!

Our Missions.


others will shortly sail for Hayti, and one more THE SIXTY-NINTH ANNUAL REPORT.

for India, Our readers will, we are sure, be glad to have The Reports of the deputation to the West In. Laid before them a compendium of the very cheer dies, consisting of one of the secretaries, Mr.

ad interesting Report read to the Subscribers Underhill, and the Rev. J. T. Brown, of North. le recent Annual Meeting. Although it might ampton, have given the Committee great satisfac. ve been expected that the bad harvest of last tion, and we do not doubt have been read by many, year, and the great severity of the winter,

in the pages of the Missionary Herald of last Dethe income of the Society, and which indeed cember, with much pleasure. In Trinidad, the as been the case with several of our other great Committee have approved the removal of Mr. ssionary institutions, the subscriptions and Gamble into the town of San Fernando, from

ons have, this year, considerably exceeded which place be can conveniently visit the stations the last. The receipts for general purpose

which lie in the district of Savanna Grande. In this 9005 more than last year. While the total income beautiful island there are now six native churches

Society is £30,468 15s, 4d. The Treasurer containing 272 members, and Mr. Law has lately a balance in hand of £3.299 128. Od.; but this been able to direct some of the Chinese coolies to includes the sum of £1.320 13s. 11d. specialty

$1,320 138. 11d. specially con. the Saviour, as well as the natives of the island. or the China Mission: so that the real Respecting Hayti, the Committee thus report : Us over expenditure is £1.880 88, 11d., the

“The prospects of the mission in Hayti were never vocal expenditure being 629.684 8s. 11d.

more cheering. Since Mr. Underhill's visit, the yine blessing has been granted to congregations have largely increased in numbers, bery in its acquisition of the funds required and conversions are frequent. Fourteen persons, de support of the various missionary stations, rescued from superstition and Romish error, have om what we are about to state, it will be seen

been baptized. Our Bible-readers are most usehas also followed the labours of His ser-. vants with the most gratifying success.

fully employed, and several persons have become

the subjects of Divine grace as the fruit of their mittee begin their Report by some re lowly, prayerful, and zealous toil. The peculiar le changes that have taken place among adaptation of this kind of ageney to the present

condition of the island, is such as to lead to the uy, but their services have been amply wish for its enlargement. Our new agency, that ned by the addition of nine brethren to the

of our Scripture-readers,' says Mr. Webley, is saged. Of these, three have gone to doing wonders for us. On the other hand, the

Africa, and one to Jamaica. Two | changes in progress, the result of the wise action

tributed for the China Mis

Thus the Divine blessing has the Society in its acquis for the support and from what we are ab that God has also followe

The Committee begin the ferences to the changes that hare the missionaries. Two bare ceased to be the Society, but their se

the miss to the ttee besratif the laboo, it will

India, two to Africa, and

of the present enlightened ruler, are most favour. i be admitted to the church. After making every able to evangelizing efforts. Schools are being allowance for the excitement, and for the evils established throughout the land, in towns, villages, which have sprung up side by side with the more. and even hamlets in the mountains. Immigrants ment, we cannot but recognise the band of God in black men-are pouring into the country in consi. this deep and wide-spread anxiety for salvation. derable numbers, from Canada and the United With regard to Africa, the Committee report the States of America. Every project calculated to return of Mr. Saker and Mr. Diboll to their posts, elevate and civilize the people has the attention of accompanied by Mr. Smith and Captain Milbourne. the President. Protestants are found among the It is very pleasant to record the return of this es. members of the Government. Protestant teachers teemed and early pioneer of the African mission to are even allowed to preside over Government his former sphere of labour. It was by Captain schools. In the Jacmel school, the influence of its Milbourne's seamanship, under God's blessing, instructress, a member of the church, has been that our brethren were safely conducted in their such as to lead to the conversion of one of her little boat over the wide Atlantic. assistants, and the reception by acclamation, The following is a portion of the report of the among parents and children, of the Bible and Bible Committee respecting the India Mission. It is so instruction.”

condensed already as to render further condensaThe mission in the Bahamas has continued to tion impossible : enjoy the Divine blessing. One hundred and thirty “ In Backergunge, during the past year the persons have been baptized during the year.

churches have enjoyed rest, have been free from Jamaica has attracted a large portion of the at the invasion of the spoiler, and in several instances tention of the Committee. The Reports of the have added converts to the fold. Scattered over deputation were very satisfactory, and after pro nearly sixty villages, fifteen churches bear testi. longed consideration, their suggestions were mony to the power of Divine grace; four hundred adopted. These recommendations are both com and fifty persons walk in the enjoyment of Chrisparatively inexpensive in character, and will not tian ordinances, rescued from the foulness and sins in the least degree trench on the independence of of idolatry; while a Christian community of about the churches. Encouragement will be given to the two thousand souls has been gathered from among improvement and formation of a native ministry, the heathen, to be trained in the fear of the only assistance rendered to the valuable institution at true and living God. Similarly in Jessore, a nume. Calabar, and a few European brethren will be rous body of Christians is being formed by the encouraged to settle, as pastors of the larger faithful and spiritually blessed labours of the serchurches, which may be capable of supporting vants of Christ, notwithstanding that Romanism these ministers of the Word from their own re. endeavours to turn aside the feet of many, and mul. sources. On the condition of the churches the titudes pass unheeding by the preachers of the Committee say :-" With some drawbacks, chiefly Cross. In Eastern Bengal the missionaries report referable to habits and notions acquired in the that, since the mutiny, hostility to the Gospel, estime of slavery, the deputation report, that the pecially among the Mohammedans, has been more character of the people is such as to evidence the than ever marked, while many persist in wide influence of religious truth. In the churches affirming that it is contrary to the commands of discipline is vigorously maintained. The ministry the Queen to receive the Gospel. On the other of the Word is valued, and a commendable zeal is hand, in Dacca, many English soldiers have been often displayed for the conversion of souls. The added to the Church, a work still more largely dedeputation visited nearly the whole of the seventy. veloped, under the ministry of the brethren Greg. seven churches which have originated with the son and Evans, among the regiments occupying agents of this Society. Over these churches twenty Agra and Muttra in the north-west. In Behar the two European and fourteen native ministers pre missionaries have continued among listening thou. side, having under their care nearly 20,000 mem sands, in the towns and villages, in the crowded bers, and upwards of 2,000 inquirers. The contri avenues of Benares and Patna, to proclaim Christ butions for all purposes amount to £8,000 a-year, and Him crucified, with no other result than & an average of 8s. 2 d. a head for all the members. general assent, more or less loudly expressed, to The ministers are assisted by a body of leaders the truth of the doctrines they hear. One misand deacons, about 700 in number, who manifest sionary plants and another waters: it needs but a strong sense of duty, and a tenacious adhesion the mighty energies of the Holy Spirit, to give to those great principles of scriptural truth main the increase. And this increase is not withheld tained by our denomination."

in the city of Delhi. The remarkable work Shortly after the departure of the deputation, reported last year continues in all its strength meetings for prayer for a devival were held through to go forward, and more than a hundred persons out the churches. These prayers have been won. have in addition been baptized into Christ. ID derfully answered. A movement of unexampled every department of this mission there has been power and extent was commenced, first at a Mora a steady advance. The converts, now numbering vian station, and then extending to all parts of the nearly 250 souls, have been organised into sis island, rolling like a flood from west to east. Great churches under their own native officers. Two numbers were stricken with a sense of sin. Phy. new native chapels have been built and opened, sical efforts, some of a painful character, followed ; and a third is being erected at the expense of s while numbers arose from them filled with ecstatic liberal friend of the Society in Delhi. The labours joy or heavenly peace. The returns of the churches of the brethron have been extended to a number lately sent in to the Annual Meeting of the Jamaica of fresh villages, and from some of them fruit has Baptist Union, which embraces about sixty been gathered. Schools for children, and evening churches, show that previous to this a great im classes for adults, have been formed. Weekly provement had manifested itself in the attention of prayer-meetings have been well kept up, and are the people to Divine things, and in the numbers often conducted by the new converts alone, some of added to the churches. There was a clear whom have actively and successfully sought to increase of nearly seven hundred persons in fellow. bring their fellow-countryinen to Christ. ship. But the fruits of the revival appear in the “In a minor degree only the same good wo vast increase of inquirers. Upwards of 4,000 per has been going on in Agra. Nineteen bave been sons have joined the inquirers' classes, and from these, doubtless, during the present year, many will

baptized on a profession of their faith in Christ and become members of the native churcb. U

these the larger part are converts from heathen-
ism, and inolude about half-a-dozen Sikhs. One |
is a very interesting young man of respectable
family, a Brahmin; another is a Thakur, & head
man of a village ; they were first met with in the
bazaars of Agra. For some months the Thakur
acted as a colporteur, and on one occasion, having
received a number of Gospels and tracts for sale,
he set out entirely of his own accord for big native
village, distant from Agra some 120 or 150 miles.
He not only sold all his books, but preached
Christ to his people, and appears to have
created a great commotion, especially in his
own village. Fourteen wished to return to
Agra with him : but inability hindered all but
four. Several members of the native church
have gone to Calcutta with their regiment,
where they have united themselves with the
church under the care of our venerable brother
Shujaat Ali. But notwithstanding their departure
the native congregation is nearly as large as before.
A great work of grace bas been proceeding among
the European soldiers, in the face of the prejudiced
interruptions of the chaplain of the station. Thirty-
five Europeans, of whom thirty were soldiers, have
been baptized, and thus in this distant land many
whose parents are members of our churches, or
who were brought up in our Sabbath Schools, have
found the Saviour they despised. May they in &
heathen land testify of the grace they have re.

It is with pleasure we add that the interesting station at Chitoura has been re-occupied by Mr. Williams. In Ceylon, the work of grace continues to proceed slowly. Buddhism is a fearful foe to the Gospel, from the apathy and worldliness it produces. The churches, however, contain upwards of four hundred persons rescued from its deadly grasp. Mr. Carter has completed his excellent version of the New Testament, and the Committee have directed 2,000 copies of it to be printed.

fast number, we gave some very interesting particulars of the opening of O

Gospel, and need not farther refer to it. It remains only to say, that the mission in Brittany is pro. ceeding steadily and encouragingly, under the wise and devoted labours of Mr. Jenkins. The closing passage of the Report is as follows-we commend its suggestions to the earnest attention of all our readers :-“God has given an unusual blessing to his word in many parts of the field we occupy. But the experience of the year assures the Committee that they have far from exhausted those resources which the churches possess. There are still large numbers of persons in communion with the churches, and regular attendants at the house of God, who either give nothing, or a sum very disproportionate to their ability and to the claims of the perishing heathen. In many cases, this deficiency is owing to the want of information ; and the Committee desire most ear. nestly to press upon the ministers of the denomination, upon all who enjoy the opportunity of giving instruction in the various congregations and schools, the duty of bringing the subject of Christian missions into more frequent notice, to give it more prominence in their discourses and lessons, and to encourage in every way the perusal of those papers, so easily accessible, which tell of the doings of the Lord's people in heathen lands, and of the displays of Divine grace in the conversion of the souls of men. China and the Indies of the eastern and western hemispheres, Africa and France, the numerous mission-fields of the Christian Church, abound in materials for the most interesting disquisition, calculated to awaken attention, to stir the sympathies of the Christian's heart, and to deepen the pity of the Lord's people for the myriads who are perishing without God, and without hope in the world. The Providence of God invites us forward. He opens all lands to our Christian zeal. The Divine Spirit is being richly given in answer to our prayers. Let us then

abound in the work of the Lord, seeing that our labour is not in vain in the Lord.'



do the work assigned them. As far as their meang Before this Magazine shall have reached

permit, they are all doing their work faithfully lands of its readers, the Annu

and successfully. All that is to be desired is that S readers, the Annual Meetings of our

their means were larger: whether they shall not be national Societies will have been held. At he time we write, we cannot sa

so in the coming year, is for the churches to We write, we cannot say much about the Tebings; though those that have been held have

decide. ven promise of a time of refreshing from the

We inserted in our last number an Appeal, which resence of the Lord.” We are glad to say that

had been issued by the Baptist Missionary Society, il the Societies are able to give good repe

for China. In connection with this object, a meeting The funds both of the Foreign and the Iris!

was held in John Street Chapel (Mr. Noel's) on the the Foreign and the Irish Missions ve the returns of last year an indication,

evening of the 17th instant. The speeches at this O a greater and more general interest

meeting were, some of them, excellent, though the

attendance was not as large as could have been deluct. Still, of course, there is room

sired. From a circular which has been extensively Improvement. Of the two thousand

spread, it will be seen that tae Committee have requested that the evening of the first Monday in May

should be devoted to special prayer for China. We ontribute to any missionary so

trust that the request will be generally responded to. 8 as to our duty to spread the Gospel

Onr readers have already heard of the dreadful hose who know it not. If such a doubt

famine which has broken out in India. According re, let it be banished to the region to the accounts, the famine extends over a tract of It comes. There ought not to be any country occupied by several millions of people; 401, as to the fitness of the Societies to !

and thousands-if not tens of thousands-have

tre above the returns of last ve hope, of a greater al Jeing felt in the Evangelistic operations Societies conduct. Still, of cours for much improvement. baptist churehes of Great Britain, not one-hall, as Te are informed, eontribute to any miser diety. This is not as it ought to be. Su doubt remains as to our duty amongst those who know

not. Itan the Gospel

from which it comes. doubt, either, as to u

loubt, sich it con, let it be


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