The Waverley Novels, Volume 4

Oxford University Press, 1912

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Pagina 44 - 1 Horace, Sat. II, lib. 2. The meaning will be best conveyed to the English reader in Pope's imitation :— What's property, dear Swift ? you see it alter From you to me, from me to Peter Walter; Or in a mortgage prove a lawyer's share; Or in a jointure vanish from the heir. Shades, that to Bacon could retreat afford,
Pagina 350 - me her body looked more like a thick cloud than substance. I was so much frightened that my hair stood on end, and my night-clothes fell off. I pulled and pinched your father, who never awoke during the disorder I was in, but at last was much surprised to see me in
Pagina 333 - Long live King Henry ! and so perish all enemies of the gentle Norman men!' CONCLUSION A sun hath set—a star hath risen, O, Geraldine ! since arms of thine Have been the lovely lady's prison.
Pagina 103 - Glendower— And a thousand of his people butchered ; Upon whose dead corpse' there was such misuse, Such beastly, shameless transformation. By these Welshwomen done, as may not be, Without much shame, retold or spoken of.
Pagina 218 - I have weigh'da grain of sand 'Gainst her plight of heart and hand ; I told my true love of the token, How her faith proved light and her word was broken : Again her word and truth she plight, And I believed them again ere night. ' How now, sir knave,
Pagina 350 - From thence we went to the Lady Honor O'Brien's, a lady that went for a maid, but few believed it. She was the youngest daughter of the Earl of Thomond. There we staid three nights—the first of which I was surprised at. being laid in a chamber, where, when about one o'clock, I
Pagina 132 - My friend was much pleased with this day's entertainment, and owned that I had done well to force him out.' 'At Sir Alexander Dick's, from that absence of mind to which every man is at times subject, I told, in a blundering manner, Lady Eglintoune's
Pagina 135 - certify the cause of his delay. At this time Sir John Dalrymple, afterwards Earl of Stair, being in attendance upon William as Secretary of State for Scotland, took advantage of Macdonald's neglecting to take the oath within the time prescribed, and procured from the king a warrant of military execution against that chief and his whole
Pagina 18 - the priests and the bards, were soldiers,—and to settle the order of their descent upon the devoted marches, where they proposed to signalize, by general ravage, their sense of the insult which their prince had received by the rejection, of his suit. CHAPTER III The sands are number'd that make up my life; Here must I stay, and here my life must end. 3 Henry VI,
Pagina xxviii - read—a book in which every incident shall be incredible, yet strictly true—a work recalling recollections with which the ears of this generation once tingled, and which shall be read by our children with an admiration approaching to incredulity. Such shall be the LIFE OF NAPOLEON BUONAPARTE by the AUTHOR OF WAVERLEY.

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