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I.-1. Researches into the Physical History of Mankind.

By James C. Prichard, M.D.

2. The Natural History of Man; comprising Inquiries

into the Modifying Influences of Physical and Moral

Agencies. By the same.

3. The Natural History of the Human Species, its Typical

Forms, Primæval Distribution, Filiations, and Migra-

tions. By Lieut.-Col. C. Hamilton Smith.

4. On the Results of recent Egyptian Researches, in re-

ference to Asiatic and African Ethnology and the Classi-

fication of Languages. By C. C. J. Bunsen.

5. Sir C. Lyell's Elements of Geology. Chaps. 34 to 40 - 1

II.-1. Toleration Act Amendment Bill. August, 1848.

2. Clergy Relief Bill. March, 1849.

3. Clergy Relief Bill, as amended by the Select Com-

mittee. April, 1849.

4. Clergy Relief Bill. Brought from the Commons,

July, 1849


III.-1. On the Failure of Deep Draining. By Wm. Bullock


2. Mechi's Experience in Drainage.

3. Essays on the Philosophy and Art of Land Drainage.

By Josiah Parkes


IV.-1. Personal Recollections of the Life and Times, with

Extracts from the Correspondence, of Valentine Lord


2. Recollections and Experiences during a Parliamentary

Career, from 1833 to 1848. By John O'Connell,

Esq., M.P.


V.-1. Speech of Sir Robert Peel, Bart., delivered on Friday,

July 6th, 1849, on the State of the Nation.

2. Two Letters to the Right Hon. H. Labouchere, on the

Balance of Trade ascertained from the Market Value

of all Articles Imported as compared with the Market

Value of all Articles Exported during the last Four

Years. By C. N. Newdegate, Esq., M.P.

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