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Important to Students,



THE SERIES OF LATIN AND GREEK INTERLINEAR CLASSICS, vuld call the attention of the trade, and to all interested. By the use se valuable works one can easily and delightfully learn as much of Latin reek in one year as would take seven or eight years by the old method ving amongst whole columns of finely italicized definitions to find out, .11, barely the shade of the meaning of a Latin or Greek word. E SALE OF THE INTERLINEARS is constantly increasing, and bookin the vicinity of schools, colleges, etc., will find it to their interest to

stock of these valuable works on hand.' Circulars will be furnished ipplication, which may be distributed among the students in the vicinity, notice that you have the Interlinear works for sale. beral discount, which will be made known upon application, will be al. to those desiring to interest themselves in the sale of these works. Should ot feel disposed to interest yourself, please hand this circular to some sted party who will. Persons having leisure time will find this a profitbusiness, and one which may be pursued without interfering with their ir employment. orders must be accompanied by the cash or postal order, or the goods e sent by express, C. O. D., and express charges for collection added to 11.

LIST OF CATALOGUES. W DESCRIPTIVE CATALOGUE OF ALL OUR VALUABLE EDUCATIONAL PUBLICATIONS. ECIMEN PAGE AND INTERLINEAR CATALOGUE., LUSTRATED BOOKS FOR AGENTS' CATALOGUE. MPLETE CATALOGUE OF ALL THE SCHOOL AND COLLEGE TEXT BOOKS PUBLISHED. 64 Pages, with Teachers' and Retail Prices. This will be valuable o educational book buyers. ITO. 8vo Edition, with Subject Classified List. LUSTRATED CATALOGUE OF PATENTED SPECIALTIES IN STATIONERY IRTICLES. • Remember we make a specialty of the Mailing of Books. Any Books ay desire will be promptly mailed upon receipt of the advertised price. • Information about Books cheerfully given. - Any or all of the above Catalogues mailed, post free, upon application. state WHICH Catalogue you want, when writing to us.

SPECIAL NOTICE. Endorsements of Teachers, Eminent Men of s, and Opinions of the Press, etc., furnished upon application.

Teachers, School Committees, and the Trade generally, may obtain our ations from the leading Booksellers throughout the United States e Dorninion of Canada, or, when not to be had of them, the books will varded on application to the Publishers. CHARLES DE SILVER & SONS, Publishers,



DEC 18 1890

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