The Coptic Christian Heritage: History, Faith and Culture

Routledge, 23 okt. 2013 - 296 pagina's

This book offers a comprehensive introduction to the heritage of Coptic Christians. The contributors combine academic expertise with intimate and practical knowledge of the Coptic Orthodox Church and Coptic heritage. The chapters explore historical, cultural, literary and material aspects, including:

  • the history of Christianity in Egypt, from the pre-Christian era to the modern day

  • Coptic religious culture: theology, monasticism, spirituality, liturgy and music
  • the Coptic language, linguistic expressions of the Coptic heritage and literary production in Greek, Coptic and Arabic .
  • material culture and artistic expression of the Copts: from icons, mosaics and frescos to manuscript illuminations, woodwork and textiles.

Students will find The Coptic Christian Heritage an invaluable introduction, whilst scholars will find its breadth provides a helpful context for specialised research.


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PART I Coptic Christian History
PART II Coptic Religious Culture
PART III Coptic Literary Culture
PART IV Coptic Material Culture

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Over de auteur (2013)

Lois M. Farag is Associate Professor of Early Church History at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota. Her books include St. Cyril of Alexandria, A New Testament Exegete (Gorgias Press, 2007) and Balance of the Heart: Desert Spirituality for Twenty-First Century Christians (Cascade Books, 2012).

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