[blocks in formation]

It may be there is waiting for the coming of my feet Some gift of such rare blessedness, some joy so strangely sweet,

That my lips can only tremble with the thanks I cannot speak.

O restful, blissful ignorance! 'Tis blessed not to know, It keeps me quiet in those arms which will not let me go, And hushes my soul to rest on the bosom that loves me


So I go on not knowing! I would not if I might; I would rather walk on in the dark with God, than go alone in the light;

I would rather walk with Him by faith, than walk alone by sight.

My heart shrinks back from trials which the future may disclose,

Yet I never had a sorrow, but what the dear Lord chose; So I send the coming tears back, with the whispered word, "He knows."

[blocks in formation]

Lord! at the closing of the year,
We turn our thoughts above,
Longing to render heartfelt thanks,

For all Thy wondrous love.

Throughout the year, we know that Thou
Hast guarded all our ways,
Unnumbered tokens of Thy love

Have crowned our peaceful days.

And though in sinfulness we strayed,
And did deserve Thy wrath;
Thy loving kindness followed us,

And brought us to the path.

And when because of Thy great love,
Afflictions thou didst send,

Thou wast Thyself the comforter,

The "present help" and Friend!


A Christian's Triumph.

So Lord throughout the coming year,

O keep us near Thy side,

Thou knows't we cannot go alone
Be Thou our only guide!



The following lines almost literally embody the last words of that aged Christian, Dr. Richard Hopkins, of Elkridge, Maryland.

"I know not I shall feel as now,
When Death's embrace,

Shall cast its shadow o'er my brow,

My form and face.

"I only know I feel within

The seal of peace

And trust that, undefiled by sin

When life shall cease,

"My soul, now filled with joy and love,
(0, can it be?)

Shall rise from earth to heaven above,

My Lord to see.

A Christian's Triumph.

"My sins were like the billowy tide,
Many and deep;—

I had no light, no hope, no guide,-
I could but weep.

""Twas then, even then, my Saviour's love Pure, full and free;

Bright sunbeam from the courts above

Shone over me.

"And all

my sins were washed away;
The heavens above,

Earth, trees, and flowers on that bright day
Seemed full of love.

"And God is love,' and I am His,

It is no dream,

Come, fellow-travellers, taste of this

Life giving stream.

"I feel no fear, a hero I

Am surely now;

This-this is Death-he draweth nigh,

How cold my brow!



A Christian's Triumph.

"I'm almost home. My Saviour calls,—
The way, the truth-

Down with these old partition walls;
Henceforth immortal youth."

'Twas thus an aged Christian spoke,
While nearing heaven,

When suddenly life's chain was broke,
The last link riven.

Eye hath not seen, ear hath not heard,
The untold bliss,

The convoy bright, the words of cheer,

That then were his.


R. H. H.

William Sessions, Printer, Low Ousegate, York.

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